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I get to see you only at this place. Is it for your grand daughter ? Yes it is for my Granddaughter’s birthday. You had told that you will introduce me to your wife. She is not feeling well, so does not come out so much. Okay, I will come see you both when I come near your house. Were you not able to sleep?, what happened ? I got that bad dream again. Do not take any stress, if you get afraid of anything just remember my face. I will get even more scared then. Gautham, you are bleeding! Now ?! Gautham, can I ask you for something ? Anything for you. I had told you once. My family left our native before I was even born. We had a bootha temple there My grandpa took all temple’s gold and left the home. We have not visited the temple after that and the Bootha-radhane rituals are not happening there. Bootha- aradhane means the rituals from Mangalore right ? where they dress up and dance for the deity? I know you do not believe all these things.. my grandparents and parents have died after leaving our native. Last time we lost our baby. I almost lost you too. Tell me what should I do ? We shall return all temple’s gold and start worshiping bootha again. What if that bootha is behind all the deaths in the family. I do not want to take any chance. When should we leave ? If it makes you happy, yes. We have a train tomorrow at pm. I have already booked tickets. Did you know already that I will agree? I knew. wait a minute. It is like the lotus on your hand. what is your native place’s name ? Kamaruttu. Can we leave now ? Why are you in hurry Paanchali . keen for your first night ? We cannot hang out together anymore, you will get busy with all family stuff. shut up Paandu tell me the truth, did you really like her or she forced you to marry her ? there is no difference between a suicide and murder, both gives you death! Pandu, I do not have my car for to days. Where are you going for your honeymoon ? Ooty, why ? Are you not ashamed of coming with a couple on their honeymoon ? chill Paanchali,chill .. Either stop calling her Paanchali or stop calling me Paandu. Paachali was Paandu’s daughter in law. Then Shall I call you in names? After reaching Ooty, do you have any plans or going to stick with us there too ? I have some other work bro! What is it? I have got some lead on a article I was working on. I am going to investigate on that. Is it about that nameless writer Games Anushku ? You guys would be busy in resort right, so I will take your car. If we have to roam somewhere? Don’t worry, you will not come out of your bedroom at all. Do you think you gonna see him here. Yes, I hope. If he has not left that place. I am taking the Bootha ornaments trunk. You have go by boat from here. Can you take us to the other side ? What man? What happened ?! Will you take us ? You stay here, I will go talk. Come lets go All my bags are there. Oh is it, okay .. Why are you late ? Did you face any problem on the way ? Road was not good and a tree had fallen on the road. I tried calling you, but network was not there. Here mobile phone does not work Anna. They had put a big tower there. It got hit by lightning years back. What’s your name ? Rafeek. Where is your house ? It is very close, If I roll twice I will go right inside my home. What is the way to Kamaruttu house ? If you go by jeep it takes half an hour. But the road is horrible. If we go straight we will get Kamaruttu-Perla junction. We have to take Kamaruttu road from there, you will see couple of houses on the way. The biggest house you see among them would be the Kamaruttu house. We usually go there by walk. Even now I will leave you in jeep and return by walk. You talk a lot. Do one thing, give me the jeep key, I will take the jeep. You dont have to walk back. I am used to walk. It is not a problem. The road is really bad for you to drive. Should I give you any extra money ? I am not a money minded guy. People are more important to me. Go safely. you gave just . How much more time is it going to take? You can sleep if you are sleepy. Person beside the driver should never sleep. Oh is it. Then what were you doing so far ? I was just thinking with my eyes closed. I was able to hear your thoughts loudly.(snoring). What the hell is wrong with you? I saw someone on the road. Where ? Right there . I would have seen it if someone was there. Why do you always distract me while driving ? See now, tire is stuck. What were you thinking ? Sorry, tell me what you saw ? Not sure, I might have seen a dog or cat. The house should be near, Would you be able to walk ? Lets keep the bag here itself, We can collect them later. I see a bridge there. Do not worry, I am here with you. Gautham, what is that ? Should be some hunters . It is locked. I will go get the keys, wait here. Is the house clean and ready ? This should be the bedroom. Surprisingly, electricity is working. Lights are not working in the hall. It is a really big house. I should have got that small bag at least. I cannot sleep without taking bath. Shall I go get the bags ? Indu, you are not supposed to do all those works. Tap was not working.

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