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Tonight? Oh, yeah, that’d be great. Where? Anyway, this is where I saw him. He was kinda rolling around on the gr, scratching his back. He was adorable. Yeah, he does do that. Are you sure it was him? After he took off I found this. Oh, my God. No, that was him. purring He thinks he’s so smart. All right, game on. EMMA: Damn kids. I have to go now. Will I see you tonight? Your place, :. It’s a date. You look so handsome in that sweater vest But a bathing suit would suit you best When you’re on vacation Ooh Socko, heck no I don’t think so I just wanna be with you tomorrow And the next day and the next day after Oh, hey, I just wanna say You’re looking very fine today and every day Made a wish and hoped it would come true Okay, so that’s a double-shot macchiato. Would you like anything else? Ooh! How about a snack? You know what? I would like a snack. I shall have one of those chocolate-coconut cookies. I’m on it. What about you? You’re a soy chai latte sort of person, right? Exactly! Yeah. How did you know? I don’t know. Just a hunch. You just, you know I don’t know. Something about you. You have a great smile. Okay, I’ll go get that. This guy is amazing. Monty’s letting me hire him for the gofer position. Does something about him seem familiar, like his haircut or smell? Smell? Yeah. I don’t know. All I know is that he’s worth about ten of those lame- temps they sent over last month. He just seems so positive. I know, right? Usually, you hate that. I know. But in him, it just seems so Natural. Exactly, yup. Oh, dude, by the way, he came in with one of these flyer thingies. Yeah, you put the work number on there. Did he have any info? Maybe. Honestly I wasn’t paying attention because I was thinking to myself, I don’t know, Emma is like an idiot savant. You’ve accidentally created the best man bait ever. He was wrestling with other dogs in the park. Was he hurt? Oh, no, no. He was having a great time, and then he ran with the other dogs into the trees. I really miss him. Oh, he misses you too. He’s a dog. How could he not? chuckles I was reading this article. It said that dogs can sense human emotion better than any other animals, even better than some people, and it said that we exaggerate one side of our face when we feel something. I think it’s the right side of the face It’s the left side. Are you sure? Yeah, I’m sure. Trust me. Somehow I already do. Oh, green light. Oh. Oh, my I don’t know why. I’m so sorry. I don’t know why I was being so familiar because I don’t normally do that. I just can’t help but think like we’ve met before. I know what you mean. It’s so nice to meet you. Oh. chuckles sniffing Hey, not now. You didn’t have to walk me all the way home. Oh, no, I like walking. Oh, hey, Carl. Um, this is Sam. Hi, Sam. Sam saw Summit at the park. And this is Carl. He’s a contractor. He’s the one who Who left the door open. Oh, I know Carl. I was going to say the one who helped me with the flyers. Oh, shoot. Flyers, :. We were gonna do flyers. Oh, hi, Diego. AJAX: Well, hello. Carl, I’m so sorry. I forgot about the flyers,

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