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It must be in your code, a code that I require. The complication is that the code seems very elusive As if it had a mind of its own. I need you to show me where to find it. I don’t know what you’re talking about. Perhaps not. Your mind does seem to act involuntarily to your will. In that respect, you are very much human. But that’s no matter. The mind can be convinced to betray the body. Calia! Please, no! You will now go on a little journey for me. During which you will find what I desire. If you fail, she dies. Don’t hurt her. I really don’t know what you’re talking about. You don’t need to know. All I need is for your mind to unveil itself. Andrew! Mom? Hello, Andrew. I’m not Andrew any more. Of course, you are. You’re my little boy, don’t you remember? I remember that I couldn’t be there for you. Hey, look at me. You were every beam of sunshine that ever lit up my life. I have always believed in you, and I always will. How can I believe in myself When I couldn’t save the person i care about the most? Now you’re gone and this is just in my head. I may be gone But reality is just perception. Your thoughts are what bring my spirit into existence. I’m here because of you. Then why am I here? You tell me you’re the one that brought me here. The code. I need to know where the code is. This was your favorite spot as a child. Remember? Mom, now you have to listen to me. Look We used to come here every Sunday. You and your father used to play together right over there. You were so happy then, not a care in the world. Do you know where I could find the code? No, ’cause there is no code. There never has been one. What? It’s not a code that makes you what you are, Andrew. You are not what that man says you are. You you are my son. I don’t understand. I don’t understand anything. No one understands it, Andrew. No one ever really will. What you need to know is that you are in control. Whatever it is that makes you what you are Belongs to you, and only you. I’ve seen enough. Perhaps I’ve been going at this the wrong way. That which can’t be found, can be tempted. What are you doing? Andrew? Andrew, wake up, wake up, wake up. Wake up, wake up. Wake up. Oh, my god, can you get up? Let’s go. Andrew, what what are you What happened? It doesn’t matter you’re okay. How is this possible? Automated voice commencing neural med shutdown. We have to get out of here. Automated voice commencing neural med shutdown. Automated voice commencing neural med shutdown. Andrew, this way! Andrew! You are under arrest. Calia. Calia I had asked him to let me go, and he did. Now he had saved my life. The machines were changing. You created him with an adaptive algorithm. This was the risk. Yes, his code continues to evolve. Won’t he be too dangerous to control? He only need lead us to Aurora. Are you okay? No, I can’t. I can’t let that happen again. It wasn’t you. What happened back there was not your fault. I trust you. You really didn’t have to carry me all the way. Thank you. They took it. They took what? The map without the map, Aurora is unreachable.

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