Radio Maria No Te Hau

Radio Maria French Polynesia 93.8 FM internet Australia Listen Live Radios Quality and uninterrupted publication.

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Where ! It’s okay. Give her to me Come here. Here Annie, Come here. What? It was here, I swear. I swear… Stop it ! Listen to me.. Look at me little girl, Don’t make me bite! Did you move it, Annie? Selkies way, is the way to go.. He digs it out, And she doesn’t stay for seven years then she goes. Tell me, Where did you move it, Before they hurt somebody. Okay? I don’t want you to go.. If you tell me where you moved it, I promise I’ll stay. How long? As long as you want… I find a job on a fishing boat, Anything. Just tell me… Cross your hart? Cross my hart.. The lobster-pot The lobster-pot? What lobster-pot? There for storage. Show us. Right there. Show us.. Give it. It is full of water. He is not an Selkie? Is he. No, He isn’t But you still are. It was vacuumed. Always. Help.. I..Can’t..Swim.. Help. So, He couldn’t breathe under water.? No, He couldn’t. Does that mean he drowned? Don’t you worry about it my love. That’s it, Boys, Over here. Good, We are gone. Is this not an AA meeting? I don’t know. The ting is father, She’s up on the front of the judge. Next week. And? She is a non-national. And? This is an confession, Father We are not talking gossip here? I’m still an oak I where what did you call it? An ash. An ash. Well.. Her solicitor said that, she will be departed, If she doesn’t become a national. So, She has to apply to the Department Of Justice. Yea… ..Or.. She.. Gets.. Married..Ah. So, Who is going to marry her , Syracuse? It is not there is a Q? Father.. I can’t marry her. No, You are a tree. Exactly… And I threw the Selk coat in the water. And I told a lie a bout that too. It wasn’t a real lie was it. Because I wanted her to stay forever. She’s staying forever ? Yeah, Haven’t you heard they getting married, Next week to make her nati

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