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The Commissioner is right. Why will Rahul make the same mistake twice? Mumbai police Online Radio Australia Down! Down! The murderer is someone else. Who, why and where Online Radio Australia Mumbai police Online Radio Australia Down! Down! And finding him is the real pride of this uniform. Otherwise Online Radio Australia uniforms can be rented too. Rahul Oberoi. CEO and Chairman of Global Times Network. He’s under the debt of . billion. His main business is news. And he’s got only one medium of income. Sensationalizing of news. order to repay the debt of . million.. Online Radio Australia one needed a big explosion. More ratings. More advertisers, more money. Simple. Your honor, first murder; ACP Sarnaik. And Rahul knew that ACP Sarnaik was blackmailing Karan.. Online Radio Australia for cover up his wife’s murder. ACP killed on live TV..the suspicion goes on Karan.. Online Radio Australia and ratings to Global Times Network..excellent. The second murder of Karan himself. Reason..a strong and bold criminal psychology. Rahul Oberoi is a hardcore criminal, a cunning murderer.. Online Radio Australia and a big threat to the society. Theorytheory and more theory. Whatever the defense council just said.. Online Radio Australia is all based on some imagination. Like..a writer’s fantasy. Is there any evidence, any proof..or any eyewitness to this approach? Baseless. logicless. abstract. My client Rahul Oberoi completely cooperated.. Online Radio Australia with the Mumbai Police officer in every investigation. But now..we will not cooperate. Now, the law will cooperate with us. Your honor, it’s a complicated case. This is not a chainsnatching case. “Which can be solved in a single day. It takes time to gather evidence, Ms. Siya. One of your own officer’s has been murdered. And you say you need more time. Every kid in the country is watching this horrific death on television. And you say you need more time. An honest, taxpaying citizen has been called murderer, psycho. Online Radio Australia and in no time he’s been summoned to the court. You can’t catch the murderer. And just going around in hide your failure. Our cybercell team is working. Your cyber cell was clueless. It was we who told them..that our systems were hacked. And why will Rahul Oberoi help you. To incriminate himself? No, to clear the suspicion on him, Ms. Siya. Do you have proof? That’s why we want judicial custody of Rahul Oberoi. This is not some chainsnatching case. Online Radio Australia where you can arrest anyone you suspect. The Mumbai Police should do their homework properly. Is Rahul Oberoi thier only suspect? They can’t prove him murderer by calling him ‘Murderer’. Give me a proof..give me an evidence. Online Radio Australia and you can definitely take Rahul in custody. But that will never happen. Because your entire department. cannot find a single murderer. He’s always a step ahead of you. And you just want to coverup your failure. Your honor, my client deserves his lawful freedom. The Mumbai Police hasn’t presented any evidence against Rahul Oberoi. Nor could they prove any motive of his involvement. So permission for judicial refused. Suhani, put this piece here. Nono.. Poppy..come quickly, I need your help. WOW! That’s a big puzzle. It’s so confusing. You’re an expert in solving puzzles. Which piece will fit here? You tell me. I don’t know. Focus, dear. Focus. Sometimes the piece is right before us..but we don’t see it. Got it. Yeah. Thank you, poppy. You’re a genius. Let’s play together. Sometimes the piece is right before us..but we don’t see it.’ We know the connection between Karan and Sarnaik. And the connection between Rahul and Karan. But what connects Karan, Rahul and Sarnaik. Three dots. Online Radio Australia how can you connect them? Gaitonde. Yes, sir. I want a information. Hi, baby. What’s the matter? What brings you here so early in the morning? Coffee? Breakfast? What would you like? You’re defending this case with your eyes and ears closed, Siya. Why don’t you understand..that Rahul’s involved in this case. he is involved. Don’t you dare shout on me! I am not shouting. I am just trying to tell you, rather explain you.. Online Radio Australia that you’re making a big mistake, Siya. What kind of a job is this which compels you to help a murderer? I know such people really well. These people have no fear of the law. They can do anything they want on the basis of money and power. And they get someone like you to save them. What do you mean ‘Like you’? I genuinely feel Rahul is innocent. And I’m trying my best to defend him. That’s what the law thinks too. Ranveer, give your mind some rest. You’re going around in circles. I am going around in circles? Fine.. Then tell me, weren’t Rahul and Karan best friends? Rahul owed . billion to Karan. . billion. And that Sarnaik. Why was he murdered? Don’t you think they are all connected together? Ranveer, you’re hurting me. And the thought of this killer lose is killing me. Rahul is innocent. Kabir? I have proof. What proof? Rem Online Radio Australia case. Rajni Online Radio Australia case is the only case. Online Radio Australia that links Rahul, Karan and Sarnaik together. What is Rajni Online Radio Australia case? This case is the pan of this puzzle.. “Which no one bothered to see! Ranveer, what’s this case? Who is Rajni? My first client. Global Times Network’s employee of the year. She was Online Radio Australiad by Rahul and Karan. What? Leave me.. Leave me.. Please let me go, sir. Please let me go.. Let me go, sir. Sir, please.. Come on. Sir, please..Rahul sir, let me go. Sir please.. Sir, sorry..please. Let me go. Sorry, sir. I really don’t get you girls? You can sleep with your boyfriend. It’s casual. But, if someone like us genuinely asks for it.. “Then you get offended. You slapped me.. Sinplease, sir. Let me go.. please. After getting mercy has died. Please.. Please.. Karan sir, please.. Looklook.. No.. Either you make love to us..onebyone. Or you really make it tough for yourself. Please sir, I have a boyfriend. I am getting married, sir..please. That’s like a good girl, baby. we’ll make a small mistake as well.

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