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What are you doing? It’s not how fairytales end. But, this one does, This one does, It has to. What do you mean? What do you mean ! I mean, Your kind and mine kind. We don’t belong together. I have to say goodbye No, Way. To Annie. Syracuse. Hey, Buddy, Well, I am your buddy am I. Yeah…You are. You are my sobriety buddy Where were you last night. I needed you. You fell of the wagon? -..Big time.. Circus of fools. I was turning around the big tub. I’m back in saw-dust now. And it takes like shit. You know what my problem is, Buddy? You can’t take good luck. Ten out of then, Sherlock. Misery is easy, Syracuse. Happiness you have to work at. Why didn’t the tree say that? The tree is not going to tell you anything. What a bout the girl? Ah.. She’s gone. And Annie? She’s getting out today. I am taking her home with me. After that, There is no..Choices, Is there buddy. No. Why are you crying? I am not, Yes, You are I can tell. Maybe because you are back in the road again. You are home. Where is Ondine? Ondine…

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