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to her. I’m afraid something terrible happened. And I’m afraid I may have had something to do with it. What is it you think you did that makes you think this? sigh I took her out on a date. Did something happen on that date you want to tell me about? No, sir. Dean Games I’m ‘Dean’ to you, please. The answer is no, Dean Caudwell. Nothing happened that I would like to tell you about. Did you impregnate this young lady, Marcus? What?! No! You sure? Absolutely sure. She wasn’t pregnant as far as you know? No. You didn’t force yourself on Olivia Hutton? No, sir. I did not force myself on her. She came and visited you in your hospital room, did she not? Uh, yes. Yes, she did, Dean. According to a member of the hospital staff, something occurred between the two of you at the hospital, something sordid occurred that was observed and duly noted. Yet you say you didn’t force yourself on her. I had just had my appendix taken out! That doesn’t answer my question. No sir, I did not. I’ve never used force on anyone in my life. I’ve never had to. “You didn’t have to.” May I ask what that means? No. No, you can’t. Dean Caudwell, this is very hard for me to talk about. But I do think that whatever happened in the privacy of my hospital room was strictly between Olivia and myself. Perhaps and perhaps not. Especially in light of the circumstances. Why? Olivia Hutton had a nervous breakdown, Marcus. She had to be taken away in an ambulance. exhales I really don’t know what goes into a nervous breakdown. You lose control over yourself and your emotions, like an infant. You have to be hospitalized and cared for like an infant until you recover, if you ever do recover. The college took a chance with Olivia Hutton. We knew her mental history, the relapses, the electroshock treatments. But her father is a Cleveland surgeon and a distinguished alumnus at Winesburg, and so we took her in at Dr. Hutton’s request. Things didn’t work out well for any of us. They especially didn’t work out for Olivia. She is where? At a hospital specializing in psychiatric care. exhales She can’t possibly be pregnant, too. Time will tell. It’s not me. What was reported to us about your conduct at the hospital suggests it could be, Marcus. I don’t care what it suggests. inhales Dean Caudwell, I will not be condemned on the basis of no evidence. Sir, I resent once again your portrayal of me. I did not have ual intercourse with Olivia Hutton. I have never had ual intercourse with anyone. Nobody in this world could possibly be pregnant because of me. It is impossible! Marcus, it is possible– Oh, you it is! (Wentz) To what do we owe this outbreak of moral laxity? To what do we owe this shameful fall from grace, and from Winesburg tradition? A drunken brawl outside The Owl this weekend. Two students suspended for cheating on their mathematics mid-term examination. Let there be no mistake, as God looks scornfully down upon this assembly today, he regards a community that has lost its way. (Wentz) God’s all-encompassing vision will from this day forward find ample

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