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There is a gunpowder merchant in Temple Lane; an accident must befall him. Away! Away! Run. Run. As Your Majesty wishes. We let my mother die, Lord Cecil. My mother. An anointed Queen. The death of a few hundred, a few thousand mere men, are they more significant than that? As Majesty wishes. His Majesty wishes you to speak! I have reports of armed men in the Midlands, armed men north of London too. I hear rumor that Catholic exiles will land on our coast. The destruction of Parliament will be their signal to attack. How, Your Majesty will we defend ourselves? We will raise an army. Form where will we raise this army, when all who could give you arms and men will be dead? This letter is vague. We will tell Parliament, no man could see the true meaning of this letter, save our King. In the nick of time, only hours before Parliament was assembled, The King searched the cellars. The King found the gunpowder. The King saved the lives of you all. Parliament would be grateful, Your Majesty. How grateful? Three hundred thousand pounds? Tell them all is well. When next we we meet, the King will be dead. What is your name? John Johnson. I think not. Some will call this this plot, daring, brave. I will say, his plan was to be elsewhere when the fuse was burning. Elsewhere when the powder exploded. Because he did not wish to see the bloodshed, to smell the burning flesh, to hear the screams of the dying. Take this coward away. You’re despised, sir. Fawkes is taken! What? We must flee. They died for this. Mister Fawkes. What implement does he use? Thumb screw. I told him to take care and not to crush his hand. That is merciful. He must be able to sign his confession. Of course. Our birds have flown, Your Majesty. We pursue them. We will have them all. Our birds have flown; that is extraordinary. But what I find even more extraordinary, barrels of powder, beneath this Parliament, in a room leased out to Thomas Percy a notorious enemy of the King, and yet you knew nothing. It was the enormity of the undertaking. The complete disregard for human life. No mind could anticipated such a thing. No? Even you, Your Majesty. With your intellect. Even you did not envision it. I need you Lords Cecil, But I do not love you. Remember that. We must make haste. To where? We ride on London. Is the King dead? It was agreed that we ride on London. Is the king is dead? Yes. And Parliament is destroyed? Yes. Then why haven’t bonfires burnt throughout the land? I know not why. They’re a sign of rejoicing, of deliverance from evil, therefor your plot has failed. It may yet succeed. We have horses and arms and men. They are ill prepared. If you ride with us, we will win. If we ride with you, we will die. If you die you will go directly to heaven for you do God’s work. I envy your faith. I beg you, ride. No. Then damn you! Damn you all! You find his pain distressing? He would have destroyed my children. His cries are like music to my ears. Thomas Percy must not be taken alive. He will say we promised the Catholics toleration. And that of course is a lie. The gunpowder is sodden. Useless. Thomas. I am Sir Richard Walsh, the High Sheriff of Worcestershire In the name of the King will you surrender yourself to me? Forgive me. For the last time, do you surrender? Stand by me. All you who will, that we shall die together. We did not seek power.We did not seek advantage. We did not even seek equality, we sought only toleration, and even that was denied us! We intend to die here, sword in hand. For God, and the Catholic faith! Be upstanding before The King! Have you chosen yet? Your lover? I have not. Then I will visit your new bed tonight. This prospect no longer appeals to me. Forgive mm. Be seated. I here the confession of Guido Fawkes. A Catholic, who was found amidst four dozen barrels of gunpowder, beneath this very spot. A confession, signed of his own free will which proves beyond doubt, the guilt, of those whom we have tried. Had this attempt succeeded, we would all be dead. This plot failed only through the great wisdom invested in me by Almighty God. Lord Monteagle, stand. Order! Order! Lord Monteagle received a vague letter, he brought it to me, and all of those around me advised me to ignore it, I saw in it, a warning of powder. These conspirators will be executed in the appropriate manner. To the scaffold they will be drawn, for they are not fit to walk the earth. They will be drawn backwards at the tail of a horse, for that would represent their backward nature. They will be drawn upside down, for God made the head of a man the supreme part of his body. Yet these traitors have abused God’s work! Thew will be hanged by the neck between heaven and earth, for they are fit for neither. Robert Winter. Sir Everard Digby. John Grant. Tom Bates. Thomas Winter. Ambrose Rokewood. And last but not least, Guy Fawkes. They will have their private parts cut off, for they are not fit to have children. We will have their hearts cut out for in there, they conceived this treason. They will have their heads cut off, for in there, they developed what their hearts conceived. Their bodies will be quartered and they will be hung aloft, to be devoured by the birds of the air, and their heads will be set upon pikes and they will be left there as a reminder to all of our people, of the consequences of gunpowder, treason and plots. There have been allegations, that I once promised Thomas Percy toleration of the Catholic faith, and that I broke my promise, That is a lie! I have never promised toleration, nor will I ever do so. For what this plot has shown, is that Catholicism must never be tolerated. It is evil! And I tell you, it will be destroyed. Ruthlessly. Order! Order! There is a motion before this Parliament, to vote the King, , pounds. All those in favour say “Aye” Aye! All those against say “Nay.” The”Aye’s” have it. God save The King! God save The King! God save The King! God save The King!! God save The King! The good news is all we have to do is fix your gyro and you should be fine. Gyros. Lunch, anybody? Lunch! What time is it? The time is :am and seconds. :?! And seconds.

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