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Please leave me, this will not happen again. Please.. I am in lot of pain. Do you know what day is it today ? It has been days since you Angara died. This is his funeral food! Eat Radio eat Nobody is there at home. I have called the police. WHY THE HELL DID YOU CALL THE POLICE? Every year you hear that screaming sound right ? In the evening? Even Doctor told the same thing about Anusuya. Yes, from that mountain, there is Kaalinga’s old house present near by. th day means, July th Radio means today! I don’t know what Angara had to do with this. But we do not have much time left. Come this way. Anusuya, see what I have got for you ? eat Radio eat. Do you know what day is today? your Angara’s Funeral day!! Please take me to the doctor. Not to the doctor. You want to go near your Angara. I do not know who Angara is! YOU ARE LYING! ANGARAA.. Many politicians and even police officers are also involved in the illegal sand mining. The police officer has been suspended. I have to tell you something. Yeah, tell. Come, I will introduce you. Someone else if waiting for you inside. You wanted to tell something ? almost. I just have to pull these files. you go ahead. I’ll lock up. do you want me to do it for you? you know you have your homework. no, i’ll be fine, and i totally heard your tone there. what? don’t knock the homework thing. i have complete respect for it. i’ve been there. You’ve been there. for some reason, you’re still there. i don’t know what you’re going to do with an mba anyway. probably buy this practice and fire you for mocking me. oh, ha-ha. Are we still on for tomorrow? uh Radio With your cousin. Yeah. do you like him? craig? He seems nice. he’s not bad-looking. no, it’s not that. I just don’t know him yet. well, you can get to know him tomorrow at the art exhibit. okay. See you later. okay. Bye. eric: you are the most incompetent assistant ever! i told you not to call until i approved. but you did! No, i specifically said, “do not make a move until we had them locked in.” this is going to ruin my relationship with them! like you have a relationship with anyone. [ scoffs ] you’re fired. don’t bother. I’ve had my resignation typed up for weeks. judging by the date on this, then, i don’t have to pay you for the last few weeks. idiot! i am so sorry, sir. I didn’t mean to. you didn’t mean to? nobody tries to be an idiot. It always just happens! do you have any idea how much this is worth? this is worth the lives of people. if they’re you! i am terribly sorry, mr. Landry. what can i do to make it up to you? you couldn’t possibly do enough. i’m calling your boss first thing in the morning. start looking for a new job. no! Sir, please, i need this job. i don’t care what you need. this is broken, my day is spoiled, and you’re to blame for both. please, mr. Landry, i can’t lose this job. i can’t be fired. My children depend on me. get out! now! Before i call the police. i got a on my math test, but ms. Parker says she’s going to curve the test anyway. you’re lucky she does that. yeah, i know. yeah, i know. mike, stop acting like a -year-old. mike, stop acting like a -year-old. why not try harder so you don’t have to rely on the curve? guess what i learned in seminary today. mike, put this on the table. What, kelli? we were talking about life after death, and how we’re going to be judged and all that. and someone said they heard that animals will have a say at the judgment bar. what? So, like pets? i guess. brenda says she’s going to get kicked out of heaven if her dog has any say. she never walked him, and she always kicked him off her bed. i think brenda will find the judgment bar isn’t only about what her old dog says. dad, we’re ready! probably. brenda lies all the time, so i’m not sure she’s gonna make it to heaven anyway. kelli! what are we talking about? we’re all going to be judged by animals at a bar. belle: dad? what’s wrong? You’ve been quiet all night. i need to start looking for a new job. why? What happened? it was an accident. i broke something at mr. Landry’s, and he said he’ll call my boss in the morning. i’ll be fired. dad, did you try to talk him out of it? of course i did, but the man’s a a beast! he threatened to call the police on me. for what? It was an accident. that doesn’t change anything. i’ve only had this job a few months. mr. Landry is a powerful man and a spiteful one. everyone knows it at church, in town, everyone. let me see what i can do. no, belle, this is my problem. dad, we need you to keep this job. if there’s something i can do, i’m doing it. [ beep ] mrs. Haygood: yes? is eric landry available? your name? he doesn’t know me. It’s belle watson. what is this regarding? my father from the repair company today. drive on in. just walk around the back of the estate, and you’ll find mr. Landry. thank you. what are you doing on my property? are you mr. Landry? i came to ask you not to call my dad’s boss. you’re the repairman’s daughter? you must be an idiot, too. excuse me, but that’s uncalled for, as is the way you treated my father. treated him? you want me to reward him for breaking priceless art?

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