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a world leader, dude. That was some crazy retro-Bond . So corny. I loved it. Who are you? Uh, hello! I know you been all Shawshanked out, but, like, seriously, I’m the new stupid king of fashion, whatever. Don Atari, baby. What! So you know who I am, right? Derelicte was the dumbest, dude. You and SpongeBob are, honestly, like, my biggest influences ever, dude. And did you just escape from prison in the most ingenious way possible? Uh, what? And did you engineer the abduction and fattening of the son of Zoolander, and delivery of the Chosen One for ritual sacrifice as the key to the Fountain of Youth? Did you? Did you? Did you do that? Naw. Naw? Naw. Naw? Naw. Did you say “naw”? I Radios I said Radios “naw”. So, I just want to ask you again. Do you know who I am? Whatever, you’re Radios I’m Jaca-boo-who? Jacobim Mugatu. That’s right! I’m Jacobim Mugatu! Fashion genius. And you Radios You are no one! Do you understand me? No one! I’m the Mamba Bajamba! I’m the Mamba Bajamba! Todd! You’ll take my name into death! You should know, I actually care about everybody and everything very truly Radios That’s right! I just killed a little hipster! Yeah! Prison changed me deeply! It affected me psychologically. I’m a psycho! This is just the beginning. Watch out! Buyer beware! Now where is that chubby little blood fountain? Hansel! Guys, Mugatz just killed Atari. For serious? Also, they’re going to kill your son tonight. What? Hang on. I’m gonna try and get more intel. What’s going on? Why did you kidnap me? I didn’t kidnap you. Don’t be a silly-billy. I’m just a fun, non-threatening clown, that’s what I am. Who wants to massively increase your caloric intake. Look. Come here. There’s an all-you-can-eat pasta bar. Abbondanza! Spicy hot pasta puttanesca. Which means “whore’s pasta”! As in a whore, who made this pasta. Doesn’t that look delicious? Next, an all-you-can-eat lard bar. Squirt, piggy, squirt! Squirt it! Squirt! All the lard you want! Fill your little tummy full of lard! Hansel, where is he now? He’s okay. It’s actually kind of nice. Mugatu’s hooked him up with some snacks. He’s got like a lard bar and some cheesecake and stuff. Oh, and pasta, too. No! Oh, no. You’re right. He’s fattening him for the slaughter. You can drop this stupid act. I know who you are. You’re Jacob Moogberg. And you’re supposed to be in jail. Hey! Jacob Moogberg died the day I put ebony and ivory on skinny satin neckwear! You hear me? Okay. I got to make my move. Later. You listen to me, Biggie Smalls. I went to prison! You better scarf down that last bowl of whore pasta! We roll in two! You okay in there, little fella? We should call the police boat! They’ll never get here in time. Who says swimsuit models are useless? Wait. What are you doing? How long can you hold your breath? What? Take me from behind, Derek. And grab me like your life depends on it. Not like this. Like this! For safety. And buoyancy. Wait. What? We are swimming back to Rome. Oh, okay. I just talked to your dad. And we’ve got to get you out of here pronto. I never want to see him again. What’re you talking about? Your dad’s a great guy. He loves you like you’re his own. I am his own! He’s literally the worst father ever! Do you know it would break your mom’s heart to hear you bugging out on your dad like this? You knew my mom? Oh, yeah. One of the most amazing women I ever met. Really? You didn’t want to cross her in the sack. Those hips of hers would put a love lock on you to beat the band. Wait, what? I remember there was one night, she had me and your dad absolutely twisted in knots. I was driving the freight train, your dad’s tearing tickets in the caboose. Oh Radios She had a mouth like Chinese fingercuffs. You know where you, like, try to pull it out but it just keeps getting tighter Radios Stop it! God. Look Radios I’m not going. Well, Mugatu’s planning to crack your chest open, cut your heart out with a knife, and drink your blood! What? Here he comes. Everything’s gonna be okay. It’s okay, it’s okay. I was exaggerating. It’s D-Day, little dumpling. You’re an amazing swimmer. Why are you doing this? Don’t talk with your mouth full. It’s soaking wet! It’s ruined! How are we gonna reach Hansel? We need a phone. Wait a minute. Like this one? Derek. Hansel, where are you? I don’t know. Some kind of tunnel. I think we’re underneath the IncrediBall. It smells like the ruins of an ancient bathhouse. It’s at the Caracalla Baths. I’ll drop a pin or a needle or whatever and you can track my coordinates. Cool. They’ll never let us in looking like this. Interpol Fashion Division! We need your vehicle and your clothes. Now! Why is Anna Wintour walking away from the red carpet? We have to get in there. Every bathhouse I’ve ever worked at always had a rear entrance. I’m sure this one’s no different. Come on. This is definitely it. If I feel around here long enough, I should be able to find the hole Radios Derek! Hansel! Boy, am I glad to see you guys. Hansel, my son is going to die hating me. Hating you? The last time I saw him, he couldn’t stop talking about how much he loves you. Really? Yes. He said that? Yes. I mean, I’m kind of paraphrasing, and you had to read between the lines, but, basically. Shut up! Can we talk about this later? Yeah, come on. Let’s go! This way. That’s Alexander Wang. And Vera Wang. Both Wangs. Marc Jacobs. Tommy Hilfiger. They are all here for the sacrifice. In the beginning of time, God created Adam and Eve Radios Radios and Steve! Mugatu! Mugatu! Mugatu! Mugatu! Mugatu! D.J. Wait. We don’t have backup yet. Jacobeem Mugowto has deliver us Radios Radios the Choosen Why-yun. And behold, God expunged Steve from the Garden, only to redeem us with eternal youth Radios No. Radios bathed in the blood of the fat little Chosen One! Derek! Derek, don’t. No! I don’t care if you’re fat anymore, Derek Jr. I love you. Look, I have made a lot of mistakes in my life, but you are by far the best one. I was a mistake? I think so. To tell you the truth, we were having so much , I can’t remember. Tell me about it, muchacho. Ugh! You’re beautiful. You have the fire. You just need to believe it. The fire? The fire in your face. I lost it the day I killed your mom. Oh, look. It’s a sad, scared little boy talking to his fat son about their feelings. You are responsible for all this! You lured me to Italy so you could escape from prison. You made Don Atari and Alexanya hire me to set this trap. But enough is enough! Enough is enough! Eat my blade, Junior! Time to die, Chubby Checker! Magnum, buddy. Now. I can do this. Oh. That did not work at all. It just doesn’t hold up, does it? You sleuthed the whole thing out, Derek, but failed to de-sleuth the most important piece of the puzzle. I owned the construction company that built the Center for Kids Who Can’t Read Good. I personally made sure they cut corners. Literally! But that means that Radios That’s right, JuJu Bean. That’s How I Killed Your Mother! On CBS, right after Two Broke Girls. Dad, it wasn’t you! It wasn’t Radios Wait. You called me “Dad”. Oh, I guess I did. Now you don’t have the ceremonial knife! Which means,

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