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But now I know I never will. “I bear no hatred nor bitterness towards the German people. “Peoples are not evil. Only individuals are evil. “If, after my death, this diary should be found and read, “will some kind friend please say Kaddish for me?” SIGI: Still awake? Yeah. Are you all right? No. I have a job to do. You don’t even know if this Roschmann’s still alive. But if he were, say, hiding out someplace, and I found him, that would be worth your investment, ja? Dead Jews don’t sell papers. Herr Hoffmann, these people that Roschmann killed weren’t Russians or Poles, they were Germans. German Jews. But still Germans. Tragic. It’s a sick world, isn’t it? These are the best we can get on Lady Bird Johnson. And you think that’s why I should give you a commission? Because the victims of Riga were German Jews? Yes. People don’t want to know, Peter. It’s a dead duck. Not to me it isn’t. Take my advice. Drop it. But, Peter, why? Why do you want to do this suddenly? It’s over. Nobody wants these dreadful trials any more. It upsets people. People shouldn’t be upset by the truth. What is the truth? What do you young people really know? You were too young to understand what it was like. I’ll go and make the coffee. Mother, what was it like for you? For me? We lived in Perfallstrasse then. You were about that size. There were bombings every night. One night, we left the cellar and the whole street was gone. There were firebombs everywhere. All I tried . All I tried to do was to hide your eyes, so you couldn’t see people burning like torches. When your father came back on leave, it took him three days to find us, because we’d moved. We’d moved in with a family on the other side of town, in Altona. You probably remember that. What was my father like? Was he something like me? He . He was always very sure of himself. Maybe he was a little more secure. Well then, I’ll tell you something. Father would have been the first person to say, “Go ahead.” I don’t like the press. It won’t be any trouble. It’s just a sort of story, human interest, you know?

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