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That’s a little too much information for me. CORI: And they keep coming back. Why? Because I have taste. I’m not gonna do this with you. No. Reason why is because I’m not game What are you doing? Baby game Baby, just help me up. I’m not intimidated by you. I’m a cop. Real badge. Authentic. What you gonna do is respect it. Also respect the fact that you are my employee! Your employee? That’s right. Don’t you step game Look, cop. What you need to do, is you need to step the hell back and let me create the wedding of your dreams! What I’m gonna do is step up! No! I’m sick of this ! SCREAMS Ben game BEN GROANING So, I guess we’ll go with my vision now. Get out of my house, Cori! ANGELA: Look, just let Cori do her job, which is to plan the wedding. Cori’s job should be to show a little respect. I specifically told Cori, I said, “No hydrangeas.” And what does she show up here with? Hydrangeas! I keep forgetting that you’re the bride. Why does nobody want to show me respect! That’s what I wanna know, Ang. Oh, I respect you. Well, obviously not, because we’re sitting here talking about my passion and game Wow! I respect that. I do. A lot. Practice run for the wedding night? Ye . I mean, we’re here. I’m taking you into custody. And we’re going downtown. Well, I like that. Because of the play on words. Uh-huh. Ye . What are you game What is that? What you trying to do? No, stop. Don’t do that. No, no. Stop that. Stop. You have the right to stay silent game You have the right to “remain” silent game You have the right to remain silent. Anything game Let me stop you right here, babe. Just for a second. Because I want you to Mirandize me. I want you to Mirandize the hell out of me. But first, what I need to do, I need to go in that bathroom, and wash all this Atlanta crime off my butt. Now, when I’m done, I’mma come out clean and give myself to the law. Take me. Handcuff me to the bed. Mmm-hmm. All right. Babe, put that baton down because if you break it, I’mma have to pay for it. Whoo. What is going on in my stomach? I gotta get in the bathroom. SIGHS Okay. Hey, sis. Everything okay? I need you to do something for me, for the wedding. Look, if this is about me not bringing a date game That’s not what I’m calling you about. I was wondering, did you get me a gift for the wedding yet? Sound like you want a favor. BEN GRUNTS SIGHS Ben really wants to go to Miami. He told me you wouldn’t take him. Oh, hell, no. Are you crazy? James, it would mean so much to him. I don’t care what it’d mean to him. Look, is this about him, or is this about you getting him out of your hair for a few days? BEN: Ang! A little bit of both. No can do, sis. Look, you get the dwarf a sedative. He’s not going with me. This is way too important. But, James, he just wants to prove himself. The answer is no. CALL DISCONNECTS Uh game Hello? CHUCKLES This girl crazy. Now, why would you want me to take this little flea to Miami? To show what kind of a idiot he game DOORBELL RINGING Baby? Baby? Ye ? The door. Someone’s at the door. All right. They’ll go away, Ang. RINGING CONTINUES No, they’re not. They’re not going away. SIGHS I learned my lesson. I didn’t break in. I see that, James. At least, not this time. What are you wearing? Talking about “what am I wearing?” It’s called a kimono, James. They make them for men. That’s your problem. You need to expand your horizons. All right, well, just please don’t bring this bull to Miami with us. Well, I won’t bring game Wait a minute, hold on. “Miami,” James? I’m going? You taking me to Miami? I’m leaving in five minutes. If you’re going, you better hurry up. Come here, man. All right. No. It’s too soon. Baby steps. I’m okay with that. I knew you were gonna change your mind. Because when we were talking, you looked at me, you were like game And I was like, “He’s thinking about it.” You were mulling it over. God damn, I’m pumped up. Oh! Okay, this is a little awkward, babe. Uh game James wants me to go away with him for a couple days on official police business. WHISPERING I don’t wanna go. I don’t. But James needs me. ANGELA: Okay, ye . BEN: Okay? Baby, do what you need to do. Really? Ye . Just make sure you’re back in time to make me Mrs. Black Hammer. What? Yes! Stop it. Of course! I can’t wait to get back. Because, as soon as I get here, you and I, we are gonna marry the hell out of each other. We’re gonna marry our asses off. CHUCKLING Okay. Okay? Okay? Give me three. KISSING NOISILY I love you. I love you. All right. You! Hey, what can I say? You just game Miami! Oh. Hurry up! I’m hurrying. Don’t think I’m not grateful. Mmm-hmm. But why did you change your mind? Ben is never gonna make Detective. And everybody on the force knows this. But he thinks if he makes this Miami run with me, that he’ll prove us all wrong. So, I’m taking him, so he can see for himself. Because I don’t wanna hear him complaining for the rest of my life that I never gave him a chance. You never know, he may surprise you. I doubt it. He’s done it before. Beginner’s luck. Oh. Okay. You’ll be careful, right? Don’t worry. I’ll have your little man-child back here safe and sound. Oh, he’s all man. BEN: Hey, Ang? Ye , babe? BEN: You know where my thong is? The silver, or the gold? BEN: I’m looking for the silver one. Check my top-right drawer. Wow. Don’t mix up our thongs again, please. I’m out. BEN: Oh, I got them. They were in my panty drawer, not yours. Thank you. ANGELA: You’re welcome! Whoo! James! Look at this, man! James, do you see this? This is Miami! This is the ! Remember, this ain’t no vacation. First thing we gonna do is go by Miami PD. Let them know we here. Okay. You can’t just slide into somebody’s backyard, start doing police work without letting them know you in town. If that’s the case, then we gotta stop somewhere, so I can change. Why? What’s the reason? This is just wrong. If linen is wrong, then I don’t wanna be right, James. You look like you’re in a damn cult. Does Tommy B ama run a cult? If so, good, and where can I sign up? James, let me tell you something. If we’re gonna be a team, you gotta

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