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You can’t go up. I’ve re-let the room. Did he have any possessions? Possessions? They’re out the back. Can I see them? Possible. MILLER: Is this his wife? I don’t know. Did he have any friends? Never saw anybody except old Marx. Marx? They used to pick up their old-age pension together. Can you make a description of him? LANDLORD: Old. Thin. Long white hair. Always wears a grey scarf. Herr Marx? May I sit down? I’d like to talk to you about your friend, Salomon Tauber. He’s dead. Yes, I know. Are you an . are you an official? No. Not from the authorities? The police? I’m a journalist. Peter Miller. Before your friend took his life, he set down his experiences at Riga Concentration Camp. A diary. You were at Riga, too? MARX: Auschwitz. In the diary, your friend wrote about an SS officer named Roschmann. Captain Eduard Roschmann. I want to find out anything I can about him. Maybe even he’s still alive. Something. Roschmann is still alive. How do you know? Salomon saw him. Yes, I read that. That was in . That was three weeks ago. Here in Hamburg. Are you sure? He saw him coming out of the opera with some friends. Why didn’t he go to the police? He did. He reported it. But the police said he had no evidence. That’s why he killed himself. You see, he’d come up against the Odessa. The Odessa? He should have been like me. All I care about is getting a boat to Israel, that’s all I want. Odessa? I don’t know what you’re talking about. Come on, Karl. It’s a secret organisation of some sort, ja? How much have you heard about it? Just stories, whispers, rumours. Leave it alone, Peter, please. Where is the diary? I’ve got it safe. I want it back. What’s the matter? Suddenly you’re sorry you gave it to me? I gave you that diary because I thought it might make a human interest story, but not to start an investigation. You gave me the diary because you were moved by it, and you thought I’d be moved by it too. I am. It’s police property. You don’t want me to follow it up? You don’t want me to go after Eduard Roschmann? Monika, we are busy.

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