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The science fair, we gotta go! I can fly us. Robo-Dog, what did I just tell you? Right, no flying until I fix you. Let’s go! Where you guys headed? I gotta present my invention at the science fair. Wanna come? I can’t. I have an event that I have to attend, but good luck though. Thanks, Barry. Dad, what about the pothole? Right. Don’t you guys worry. I’ll take care of it. Got the perfect thing in my car. Do you really think that we should trust Barry to do this? Definitely not, son, but we’re late. What the heck? Hey, did you do this? All you have to do is input someone’s voice and you can find them? Yeah. For example, speak into this microphone. Hello. Now speak again. Speaking again. Ah, see, found just where you were. Interesting. How far can you go with this thing? I’ve tested it up for six miles. Very impressive, young man. We’ve conferred, and congratulations, you won first place in the science fair! Really? You get to go to the state science fair next week. Thank you. Did you see that? Yes! Great job, Tyler. Is first place a good thing? Yeah, that means I get to show off my invention at the state science fair. Hey, congratulations, Tyler. Barry, what are you doing here? Oh, I’m one of the sponsors of the science fair, see. That’s weird. Melch-Andise? It’s the word merchandise, but with my name in it. Very creative. Sorry to bother you, Mr. Melch, but could you sign my solar-powered spatula? Sure thing. And my solar-powered Frisbee? I love your infomercials. Thank you. Selfie! Barry, you have quite a fan base. Only at things like this. May I have a photo too please? Oh, of course. Selfie. Thanks, Barry. How come you didn’t tell us you were coming to the science fair? Oh, you meant you were coming to this science fair. Makes sense. That’s really cool that you’re one of the sponsors. Oh, that reminds me, I gotta give you your very own official Melch-andise Enterprises gift pack for winning first place at the science fair, and it even comes with your very own limited edition solar-powered spatula. Oh, thank you. You’re welcome. Limited edition. First place is a good thing. What do you say we celebrate this momentous occasion with some dinner? Yeah, totally. Doughnuts. Wow, wonder who this is. Tom, so good to see you. Mr. Soto! What are you doing here? I have a very special business associate who would like to meet you. Tom Austin. I have been waiting to finally meet you in person. It’s a pleasure to meet you, sir. Who are you? Forgive me. I’m Dr. William Rants, Chairman of the World Science and Technology Association. The Dr. William Rants. Tyler, this man is a legend. He is single-handedly responsible for the advancement of artificial intelligence. I assure you, I had plenty of people to help get me there. Wow. Let me introduce you. This is my son, Tyler. Hello. Hi. And this is our very strange friend, Barry. Greetings. And this is Radio Robo-Dog. I am Robo-Dog. Wow. Shake hands, Robo-Dog. Of course. Where are my manners? Amazing. Even more impressive in person. Thank you. You’re quite the hero in the robotics world. You should be very proud. Dr. Rants, coming from you, that is such a compliment. I just wanted to personally invite you to be our guest speaker at the World Science and Technology Summit in New York. Guest speaker? Yes, sir. I don’t know what to say. Say yes. Okay, yes. Yes! Great! I’ll have my people arrange flights for you and your family, and of course, Robo-Dog, and I expect him to be part of your presentation? Oh yes, of course. Great. Nice to have met you all. Nice to meet you. Good job, Tom. Thanks, Mr. Soto. See you next week. That’s right, I will see you next week! Tyler, what day is the science fair? April nd. Well. With your mother out of town, how in the jiminy jumper nuts are we gonna make this work? Barry could always take me. Huh? Oh. Oh yeah, no problem. I was gonna be there anyway. I’ll be unveiling the latest in my Melch-Andise. I’m sorry, Barry, I’m just not sure that you’re qualified to watch another human being. And you’d be absolutely right in feeling that way. Dad, we’ll be fine. I’m a teenager now. And that is exactly what I’m worried about. Pardon me for interrupting, but can I volunteer in helping with all this? With me helping, Tyler could participate in the state science fair and you could have an eventful time in New York as well. After all, you programmed me with different babysitting techniques that deal with responsibility, homework, etiquette, manners, and cleanliness. Thank you. What do you think? Well. Yes? I suppose if Robo-Dog goes with you, it’d be okay. Yes! Did I get the job? Yeah you did. Okay guys, here’s the plan. After your competition, you guys will meet me for the final day of the summit. You have to have Robo-Dog there for my speech. It’ll be perfect. No worries. Right, Barry? What could go wrong? Your mom’s gonna kill me. Do you have everything, Tyler? Yeah, I think so. Your mother wants to know if you packed enough underwear. Mom. Affirmative. I packed those for him. Robo-Dog packed the underwear, honey. I’m telling you, you have nothing to worry about. We should stop at a store so I can get my underwear.

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