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Carefu. That one cou d be a ive wire. Tiger: It’s a speaker wire. Sam: What’d you find? Pat: Uh Radio “F eisch Wo f”? Sam: Uh Radio f eisch means Radio uh, f esh. Or meat. ike a f eisch sa ad. It’s German. So “Meat Wo f”? Sam: Yeah. (banging) This ‘s so id. Great. Pat: There’s nothing here. Okay. Empty out your pockets. Come search me, faggot. Just shoot him. Come on. Can I get up? Reece: On the chair. S ow y. S ow y. Turn ’em out. Come on, man. Other one. Oh. Good ca. Turn it out, for ‘s sake. (Big Justin rust ing) Pat: What is that? Give that to me. Hand it over! (phone beeps, snaps) (Sam gasps) Big Justin: Oops. Wait, was that a phone? (Sam gasps) (music stops) Pat: Oh,. Point it Radio point it at the door. Point the gun at the door. Sam: Maybe it’s the po ice. It’s a raid. Amber: Are you serious? Pat: Shh! Sam: off, I sa! Reece: Yo, quiet, okay? Justin, don’t move. Pat: Point the gun Radio Reece: Nobody move. Pat: Now if we get a behind Radio Reece: Nobody ta k! Carefu now. Smoke this. Big Justin: Dea. And if the cherry does something that you don’t ike Radio shoot. Reece: Thank you, Amber. Get comfortab e. Sam: Pretty smart for a Nazi. Amber: I’m not a Nazi. Pat: How do you fa for this ? Amber: et’s just say the peop e who were gonna hurt me weren’t white. Pat: Any of them women? Amber: It’s a prob em where I grew up. Reece: Guys. Pat: What about tonight? I think we got a white peop e Radio Reece: Guys! Shh. Amber: Oh, you. (over apping chatter) (cheers and app ause) It ooks ike we tripp our main. (crowd groans) Our back-up gennie is fir up, but we’re gonna to have to ca it a day and do some troub eshooting. (crowd groans ouder) We’ try again on Sunday. No door charge. He , free drinks from to :. (crowd cheers) (car engine starts) (phone vibrates) (phone ringing) Those of you attending the racia advocacy workshop on Wednesday, assume it’s on un ess you hear otherwise. And remember Radio this is a movement, not a party. (cheers and app ause) A right. Stay safe! Godspeed. Who hasn’t smok yet? A right, you guys are gonna come with me. (cabinets open, c ose) You’re not worri they’ ta k? They’ve got priorities. Te them the party is on us if they ho e up for a coup e of days. Put this fire out first. Grove Street? My dope nigger stamps in case one of these meat-heads gets book for possession. A right. et’s get y’a somewhere safe. Sam: Treasure? Day ight. Underneath. (banging) They’re moving our gear. (knocking) Yes? Darcy: Gent emen? We’re oading you out. Are there cops here? Darcy: They’ve come and gone. It got a itt e comp icated. We’re so ed. Darcy: Uh, I’m getting hoarse. Can you hear me if I speak at this vo ume? Yeah. Yes. Darcy: Good. Um Radio and can we p ease e ect just one voice? Yes. Darcy: Okay. Now, you’re trapped. That’s not a threat. It’s a fact. We , we have a oad gun. That’s a so just a fact. Darcy: Oh, we have p enty more guns on hand. We just want you out. Not harmed. Now, the firearm you have is not registered. I want it out of the picture before the authorities arrived, but you refused, so here we are. Bu. Yeah. Here we are. Darcy: Oh, I do apo ogize for my associates. They panicked. Yeah, no ! Man, we’re Radio Darcy: isten! isten! No one is trying to wipe the s ate c ean. Whatever you saw or did is no onger my concern. You te whoever you want whatever you want. A I ask is that you understand you were he d here for your own safety before you were re eased. Okay. Yes. Thank you. But just Radio just to be c ear Radio the po ice are coming back? Darcy: They’ve come and gone. We , that’s what concerns us, man! Darcy: I just want that gun out of the picture. Okay. Reece: Carefu , man. Sorry. What do we do? We dig through the f oor. Whi e we just wait? They cou d shoot us at any time. Yeah, but they haven’t. How do we even know that they have guns? They have guns. No question. We’re gonna trust you? We’ve got zero everage. Ask for a phone Radio for the gun. A right. What about him? Yeah, I mean, the minute we give it up, what if he just, ike, attacks? Then I’ wrap him up. Okay. So we see what they think? Mm-hmm. A right. Uh, we’ give you the gun for a ce phone. Darcy: Sorry, no. Okay, we , how about a register firearm? Darcy: Funny. Justin, you a ive and we ? I’m a ive. Darcy: Okay, good. Gent emen, I hope you appreciate the situation. Things have gone south, no doubt. But you know if you don’t hand over that gun, it won’t end we. You see Radio for a I know, I Radio I come to my p ace of business and there is an out of town band ock in a room with an unregister firearm. Oh, come on! Darcy: And somebody’s hurt inside there and maybe there’s a hostage, too! So what do I do? Am I within my rights to intervene? Shou d I kick down the door and start shooting? (sniff es) Darcy: Or Radio can we just remove the guns from the equation? These are my questions. You’ve got seconds to answer. Okay, ho d on. Ho d on. Great. Anyone got any smart ideas? Justin, get on the f oor. Get on the in’ f oor right now. Go. A right. Sam, come around here. S ow y, I want you to take the gun from me. Sam: Okay. Reece: You got it? Sam: Got it. Okay. Nice and easy. P ay nice, and I’ be nice. Sam: P ease. Don’t do anything. This is in’ retarded. Pat: No one’s saying it isn’t, but we either hand over the gun or we open fire with it. I vote for that. You don’t have a vote, okay? (scoffs) I mean we’re taking chances either way, so Radio Tiger: So we’re in’ dead, guys. At east this way, we find out if a we’re doing now is buying time. For them. Reece: Amen. At this point, I’m just curious. Okay Radio we’ give you the gun. But we’re gonna keep the ammo. Darcy: Fine. Safer for everyone. A right, et’s move this couch. Sam: Okay. (breathes heavi y) A right, keep sti. Okay, stand back! Darcy: You’ve got it. (breathes heavi y) Here we go. Darcy: May I approach? Pat: No! No. I’m gonna throw it. Carefu. It was a gift. They’re ki ing us! Keep the gun! (screaming and grunting) Get the off of me! (screaming and grunting) (a screaming) Okay, okay! Okay, okay, okay, okay! (grunts) (screams) (screaming and crying) you! (Pat screams, cries) Tiger: Oh, my God!

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