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Show us! No, it’s just a comic book. The guy at the store said it was pretty rare and I figured since Bruce was a collector A comic book. You’re one of those guys. What is that supposed to mean? Dude, nothing, buddy. Come on, let me see it. Yeah, come on. Come on, let me see it. He can’t right now because he’s flying the plane. Whoa. What? Sara. Sara, can you please stop screwing around with this guy? Our lives are in his hands. Just relax, okay? She knows what she’s doing. You’re doing fine. See? It’s not that hard. Whoa! Shit! Shit! I think we get the point now. Can you take back the controls, please? No, it’s all right. It’s just a little bit of turbulence. Just pull back slowly. I can’t. Just pull back slowly. No, I can’t. Sara, this isn’t funny anymore. Come on, pull back. I think we’d all be more comfortable with Sara flying the plane. No offense, man. Sara, come on now. Jesus, Sara. God. That was fun. Next time I want to be in front. Are you all right? this shit. Give me this. Hey! Sal, come on. What are you gonna do, punk, huh? Oh, I’m sorry. Is this yours? Ooh, ‘Weird Stories.” Ooh, creepy. Hey, dude, do you mind? Guys, give it back. You want it? Be careful with it. Easy, guys. Be careful. Be careful, it’s a comic book. Sal, just give it back. My God, I’m taking it out of its protective case thing. Oh. Oh my God. Great condition. Sal, you’re so not funny. Stop it. It’s ripping. Come on. Sal, what are you doing? I’m sorry. Oh my God, this looks pretty important to the story. Seriously? Oh. What, are you seven years old reading comics? You know, the next time you try and get us killed I’m wiping my whole ass with it. Okay, Sal, that’s enough. Okay? Just give it back to him. Little kid still reading comics. Give it back to him. Yeah, you want your comic? You want your comic? Take your comic. Come on, Sal. God. It’s okay. What’s that? It’s a bus ticket to Montreal. Montreal? Isn’t that where you’re moving, Sara? Sorry, man. I was gonna tell you. When exactly were you gonna tell me? I don’t know.

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