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I don’t want you to get hurt. Oh, please. Please understand. Everything I’m saying, I’m saying for your own good. Good night. (WHISPERING) Good night, honey. Hey, Robert, lunch break! Hey, you look pale as a ghost. Robert? I’m almost there. What? I’m almost there. Daddy? Daddy, come out here! Yes, hi, Dr. Carroll. No, no, I’m fine, thank you. I was calling about Robert. He’s been a bit tired lately. Feverish, delirious. He’s quite ill. It’s all right, Robert. It’s all right. Just rest. Yes, thank you, Doctor. What did the doctor say? He’s coming over. That would be great, Dr. Carroll, thank you. I certainly appreciate that. He said not to worry. There’s a bit of influenza going around this summer. Lots of people have come down with it. A big, strong boy like Robert, he should have no problems pulling through this at all. When’s he coming? He’ll be here this afternoon. Don’t you worry. Oh, blast it. Oh, I forgot all about it. It’s Friday. What? What’s wrong? Well, Tommy Berke is shipping us that mermaid that we ordered. – Mermaid? – Yes, yes, yes, you remember. I told you all about it. The stuffed mermaid. It’ll be at the Brewster shipping office today. Well . Well, we got the show tomorrow and the weekend’s here . I think I should stay with Robert until the doctor comes. – Well, I could . – Could, you, honey? I know it would mean that you wouldn’t be getting back until late tonight. No, no, I mean, I could, you know . I know. I know you want to be here with Robert. But just in case anything should happen, and I don’t think anything will happen. But just in case something should happen, I think it would be better if I were here with him. Good. Good, you better hurry. Drive carefully, take a sweater with you, it’ll be cold tonight. Robert, you just rest. I’ll be back soon, all right? Daddy will take care of you. (GROANING) (GROANING) Doctor, boy’s a bit ripe. Yeah, I figure three, maybe four days. I’ll know closer when I get him on the slab. What’s the quick and dirty? Well, you can take your pick. Multiple lethal stab wounds.

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