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“Emergency cash”? From every country. I think I’d better take all of it. Check it out. “Thank you, Carmen!” We’ll see them again. Just like they said. So, this time we’re supposed to believe them. Let’s stop worrying about the children. They still wear diapers. Only one is in diapers and only at night. It’s not that unusual, okay? This is why I never wanted to go on another mission. Are you blaming me for this? An hour ago, you seemed pretty happy to be back in the game. An hour ago, I was not a prisoner of war. Okay, we’re a little rusty, that’s all. This is one way to find out who’s behind all this. If I can just get the pressure right. She’s still got it. How did you do that? Hey, hey, hey, what about me? Remember when we could sense danger a mile away? Those were the days. Yeah. Sweetheart! Clever. Okay, okay, come on, come on. All right. Yeah, yeah, fine. Very clever. “Virtual room.” Let’s go. Where are we? You gotta give him points for imagination. Fifteen minutes to escape. With your reputations, I was expecting something a little more impressive. Finally, we can eat! So, you are Floop. You watch my show! No, my son does. He does? Wonderful! Carmen and Juni. But not your daughter. Carmen, isn’t it? And Juni? Your children will be joining us soon. Careful! I snap my fingers, and my fingers snap you. Where are the OSS agents you’ve taken? Twelve years ago, they were part of a research team for the OSS attempting to create a synthetic intelligence, a compendium of spy knowledge, if you will. Research since destroyed. If the OSS destroyed its research, it was for a reason. We all have our reasons. There was someone else on that research team. Someone else who could rebuild it. Isn’t that right, Mr. Cortez? Felix. I think he’s gonna be a best-seller. And just in time for the holiday rush. I will never, ever build anything for you. Thank you for joining us. “How To Be A Spy.” Author unknown. “A good spy uses…” Testing! One, two… Gosh! You’re too close! “A good spy uses his head.” Got that? It’s the first one in the book. Gross! What do you see? You. Very funny. Focus your eyes closer on the glasses themselves. Whoa! Maps and readouts. That’s the computer screen. It’s a database of some kind. The wedding from the story, it was theirs. They should’ve told us about this stuff. Yeah? What about Diego and Renaldo and all your make-believe friends? Should Mom and Dad know about that? What about all the days you skip school? Want them to know about that? That’s my business. Carmen? I don’t have a key. Go knock it against something. “A good spy has no fear.” Sorry, Juni! Guess you can’t be a spy! “A good spy puts himself…” Herself. “…in the mind-set of the opponent.” Mind-set. That’s exactly what we’ll do. I think it’s up to us. You with me? With you what? Find the OSS, like Felix said. Okay. Then, let’s go. Hi! I’m Ms. Gradenko. We work for your parents. “We”? I can understand if you don’t trust me. You were a baby when we first met. Remember me now? Sorry. I have a key. You see? We’re all on the same side. We’re here to protect you.

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