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Give me the receipt. You write the acknowledgement, I’ll pay. I’m writing it, you pay it first. Why do you look so angry, Phaneesh? Try paying rupees fine early morning. You will know. Even a no parking board wasn’t placed there. Honest people are not valued at all. IT employees can never make The kind of money police and thieves make. I’m planning to pull off a crime, and settle down peacefully. You could join me if you want. Sir! A policeman is looking for you. I haven’t even planned yet, Are they here already? Phaneesh!? Hello! Hi! Anagha! Cyber lntelligence Bureau I don’t know why I have been summoned here. Were you suspended from college, for leaking principal’s private pictures online? I had a problem with my Head of Department I didn’t know that HOD had an affair with principal. You have taken money from Ling Basaiah Nandimutt’s bank account and transferred it to yours. There’s no case against you, Because he hasn’t filed a complaint. Taking money from your dad’s purse is not a crime. Ling Basaiah is my father, hence he didn’t press charges. But, he pressed me well at home. IRCTC? There was a bug in their algorithm lnfact they didn’t know that their website was hacked until I told them about it. I’m not doing all this now. I’m a changed man. Why am I being arrested now? You are not being arrested. We are investigating a case .Need your help on that. Never knew the mistakes I did, would turn out to be my qualification. Sorry! Come! Sorry! I have an appointment to meet the Chief Minister. Are you Ms.Anagha? Yes! Delhi Intelligence has ordered the local police force to support you. But I can’t do it without details. I don’t have time, make it quick. Sure Sir! I’ll quickly run you through the case. In , Indian Government, Collected the names, addresses, photographs “Fingerprints of all the fingers, Iris from the eye, from all its citizens . To give everybody an unique identity through the SUDHAR program The main intention was to quash fake IDs And also, I know what SUDHAR is, please proceed. Everybody knows about it. I’m sure you know. Just telling it, so you don’t find it difficult to analyze the damage and losses from this case. Loss? Analyze? What do you mean? I shall explain! We collect all the details needed to identify a person, and keep them in a file. The file is given a number, And it’s called the SUDHAR number. As on July , we have issued, over crore SUDHAR numbers. When compared to other countries, We rank highest in terms of issuing this unique identity. Unfortunately, all the files have been stolen. What? Are you serious? This is the biggest data theft in the world. Sir! It’s time for the meeting with ministers Cancel that meeting, Don’t let anybody come inside. Leave! Do you know the money government has spent to collect details from everybody? What do you mean by its stolen? When I say it’s stolen, it’s not like we don’t have those files with us. Then? Data theft means These files are called Data. It is stored in a computer just like in a rack like this. The hacker has taken a copy of all the files and has stored it somewhere. Now, since both the informations are same .We can’t differentiate between original and duplicate. The information in your hand, and the one in the rack are the same. How could they steal it from such a secured infrastructure? They don’t have to physically go and steal it. They can sit in a room and still steal data. The room could be in a different city, or even a different country. How will people believe that somebody from somewhere has stolen their identity? These days, we book food and movies online, Our money transactions are also online. We book cinema tickets online When our life is on internet. It’s not surprising that crime has moved to internet too. What’s the risk if he has the information? How’s it a problem? We are at a % risk. Global economy is % online now. After demonetization, it will move to a % On the internet, we are not people. We are just information Let’s take my example, my name, age, my email id, which school did I go to . .Which college did I go to,

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