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Who are you? I know who you are. You found me in the Ether? No. No, you found me. You’re the anonymous proxy? The last one in the chain. You kept me safe. They hired me to lead them to you. I led them away. You’ve seen my record. You know how I hide. The algorithm is brilliant. Really. I know how bad you want to disappear. You erase records… but you can’t erase memories. I can. No. We can hack this out, like it didn’t happen. You can disappear. We can. No. It’s different now. Why did you make it look like it was me? We’re together. His record’s gone. You have no idea who this Cyrus Frear was? He worked for you. You recommended him. I did? Yes. He made it look like I did. The girl? Where is she? Who is she? Aren’t you going to look? Look at me. I’m sorry. No way to warn you without him knowing. The only way to find him was to let him find you. You got to work on your timing. Cut it close. So we found you. Your life. That was the beginning. Anyone I was with. He didn’t want me like that. So no one else could have me either. Don’t suppose you’re going to tell me how you do it. How you disappear. It’s there for anyone to see if you know where to look. You have my record already. They do. I gave it to all of you. The algorithm. Breaks my life up into fractions of seconds and randomly stores them in the records of everyone else. But if you try to find that split second of me, it would go by without you knowing. You have to have the algorithm to put my entire life back together. If you want to look back. Any charges, I’ll make it all go away before you do. You invade my privacy, it’s nothing. I try to get it back, it’s a crime. Don’t you get it? The more you try to hide, the more attention you attract. Why is it so important that nobody knows you? You get rid of other people’s secrets. What’s yours? Does there have to be one? Everyone has something to hide. That’s what you do. What you look for every day of your life. Why you’ll never understand. It could be good, he’s organizing a conference next year here in Rome, I could do it myself, if you put in a good word. I’m already busy tonight. With him, like always? Yes. I gotta find him a different girl every night. He’s obsessed. Thanks to you all, good night. Sir, good evening! Good evening. Ms. Lagarde said Italy lacks credibility in the announced measures, isn’t that a rejection? No one’s rejecting anyone, let’s be serious. The opposition says Italy is on the brink of default. I think it’s wrong to think Italy is in a severe financial crisis, consumer spending hasn’t decreased at all and our lifestyle is that of an affluent country. We’re not on the brink of any abyss. Thank you. Keep up the good work. Goodnight, Your Holiness. Darling, the committee will go on late, don’t wait up. Yes, I’m a little tired, but don’t worry, I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye. You can drop me here. Good evening, Mr. Malgradi. Hi Faisal, any news on your son? Not yet. I’m sorry. For your trouble… Thank you. Have a good night. Shut up, you’re upsetting my girlfriend. Listen… How about this signature? We gotta go, Aureliano! You’re wasting my time just for a signature! Give me that, Mirco. What are you doing? How about this signature? Yes! Don’t cry! Yes or no? Yes, I’ll sign! I’ll sign, I’ll sign! Good man. See? That didn’t take much. Don’t do it. No! C’mon! C’mon, c’mon! Let’s go! Why all these people? The first nightclub rounds are done, now they’re going again. Move, think we’re on vacation? C’mon, let’s move! Evenin’, Scab. I said don’t call me that. So? What are we doing here? Tell Samurai even the guy at Traiano says he’ll sell. My work’s almost done, you gotta have me meet him. You can tell me. You? Who the are you? If my dad hadn’t got you votes, you’d still be robbin’ old ladies. Your father reasoned with people. I’m not my father. I know. In fact, you’ve got more balls than brains. Tell Samurai I got more contracts in two months than Dad in two years. Okay? Bye, Scab! Roach? He’s inside. This town’s all changed, the traffic, the buildings… Even this place, what is it? What was here before?

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