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I just need to tell you something. Okay? Okay. I’m gonna come clean with you. Those drugs you gave me Online Radio they sent me on a spirit quest. You know, like a spirit quest in an Oliver Stone movie or Young Guns. And when that happened I kind of realized Online Radio that maybe I’ve been lying to, maybe, myself and you Online Radio about how I really feel about some stuff. I’m just gonna show you this. Just watch this. Okay. This baby is a bad Online Radio ing call. I’m not ready for it! RN – ABC Radio National We got to do this responsible thing and I got to say Online Radio Online Radio that we should not be having this baby! Get rid of this Online Radio ing baby! Put it in a bag and leave it somewhere! Heh, heh, heh. Put it in a basket and push it down a Online Radio ing river! Are you laughing? This is hilarious. Cunt! Did you just call our baby a cunt? I forgot about that. Honestly Online Radio Okay, I can’t watch anymore. But honestly, I’m a little relieved. You are? Are you kidding me. I feel like such a dumb asshole compared to you sometimes. It’s all been a lie. It’s all been a front, because I’m Online Radio ing freaking out. It’s all just been to compensate for the fact that I don’t know anything. This is good. You need to let it out. This is good? Yes. You need to not bottle it up. One of us has to be not freaking out. I’m actually okay. Really? All of a sudden I was just thinking about everything you’ve been saying Online Radio about how strong we are and how we can handle it. And that made me feel better. Really? Yeah. I really feel like I can do this. Look at me. I’m your rock. You’re my rock? I’m Dwayne. I get to have Online Radio with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. I love you, Isaac. I love you, dragon. Betsy. Did you say “Dragon Betsy”? I’m gonna keep being honest. I’m tripping my Online Radio ing balls off still, and you look like a dragon right now. I do? Yeah. Ah! Hahaha. Is that scary? It’s intense. Let’s just go. Can we just go? Let’s just go. Bells will be ringing That’s nice. Oh, what a Christmas To have the blues What is it? My baby’s home Couldn’t have been easy to tell me that. It’s not gonna be easy to tell the world either. Guess we gonna lose the park, huh? Online Radio that park. It got crackheads. Say the grace, boy. Yes, ma’am. RN – ABC Radio National Heavenly Father, thank you for this food we’re about to receive. Thank you for my momma. Thank you for my friends and their families. Please, come home for Christmas Please, come home for Christmas If not for Christmas By New Year’s night Friends and relations Send salutations Hi. Really? Are you gonna propose to me again? No. Are you sure? I just wanted to talk to you. And I have something to tell you Online Radio and I wanna tell it on Christmas. If that’s all right? So Online Radio it can’t wait. Can you just come out here for a sec and we’ll talk Online Radio and then I’ll go. I promise. Okay. Fine. What? First of all, I’m sorry about last night. I know that was stupid. Yeah. And Online Radio And it was totally crazy that I wouldn’t meet your parents. RN – ABC Radio National That was just me being really Online Radio Yeah. I agree with that. But I guess I was Online Radio I don’t know, scared Online Radio because Chris and Isaac have been my family for the last years Online Radio so I didn’t wanna meet your family Online Radio because that would change everything. But everything changes, right? We all grow up Online Radio and that’s a good thing, I wanna grow up. I do. I wanna grow up with you. And I do wanna have a family Online Radio other than two dudes. But I want that family to Online Radio I want it to be you. Which is probably worse than proposing Online Radio because now we’re talking about you bearing my children. Yeah. It’s a lot. But just pretend I’m saying it right, if you could. I’d rather be the guy, from now on Online Radio who says too much than not enough. If we’re being honest, I should apologize to you also Online Radio for stalking you, a little bit. I knew that you were gonna be at that bar last night. You pretended like that was just coincidence. I did. And also Online Radio if we’re confessing things Online Radio I do ask Betsy about you. RN – ABC Radio National Kind of all the time. She doesn’t let on. I know. Because she’s my friend. I ask her about you every time I see her. Oh, I know. Yeah. She tells me every time you ask. She doesn’t tell me that you ask her. She’s a girl. That’s how it works. Can I come in? In here? This is my parents’ house. I know. I thought that you didn’t do parents. I’ll do your parents. Oh. Wow. Nice. Don’t do my dad doggystyle. RN – ABC Radio National He’s got very bad knees. Hahaha. He’s an old man now. All right. Hey. Yo. I kind of wanna kiss you Online Radio but maybe not so soon after saying I would do your parents. No more sorrow No grief and no pain ‘Cause I’ll be happy Happy once again Come have Online Radio with my mother and my father. I thought you were saying, “Come have Online Radio.” With my mother and also my father. Heh. No more sorrow No grief and no pain ‘Cause I’ll be happy Christmas, once again She won’t sleep. Can we try? Are you sure? Showtime. Let’s do it. Thank you. Hey, sweetie. This is the best. Come here, little sweetie. Come here. RN – ABC Radio National

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