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Then, crossing the street, the accident happened. Yes, when we crossed. I hesitated, then stopped. I saw a bus approaching, and Ricardo was already on the street. He believed he had time to cross before the bus would pass. But there was a car coming, and he was killed almost instantly. I accompanied him to the hospital, but before arriving was already dead. Only then I noticed that the clothes were exchanged. We forgot to exchange the documents and wallets. Then I had a terrible temptation. What if I switched identity? And I decided to do it. I removed the ring and put it in the hands of Daniel, who was unmarried. And said that I was Daniel. I don’t believe it. I’m sorry to say I don’t believe. How is it possible? What proof do you have? What proof do I have? Yes, what proof do you have? Two seconds of reflection, Vanda, only two seconds of quiet and reflection and you’ll see that there’s proof of who I am. There is even an objective proof, easy a proof, how can I say particular. A particular proof? There are intimate things that reveal that I am Ricardo. Something that can prove that we are husband and wife. And at least to her, my wife, I can prove. Vanda, your husband is dead. Hello? Yes, how are you, Mrs. Noémia? I think so. One moment, I’ll tell her. Mrs. Noémia on the phone. Hello, Noémia? So, how is your marriage to Ricardo? It’s a very complicated marriage Something that seemed so simple. So far the judge has not decided yet. What a nuisance. They like to complicate things. We solve our things naturally. Speaking of marriage, I have news. Rachel is getting married. As you know, he was convicted. And the rest could not be different; But the court was lenient and suspended the sentence for reasons which I need not repeat. It’s expected that the defendant corresponds to the indulgence now that he will resume his married life with the woman who never stopped being his wife. Ma’am? Mrs. Noémia on the phone. Tell her I’m coming. Tell the driver I no longer need the car. If he wants to leave, he can leave. Take that picture there. It has been over one year since the graveyard scene. What good has done my volunteer humiliation? You continue to despise me. No, I can’t stand your insults anymore. There is no life without you. You kill me, Vanda. Goodbye. I forgive you for all the wrong you did to me. Goodbye. Do you like me? What? Do you like me? If I like you? Do you doubt it? I remembered What? To ask it. So you can also remember the answer. I know you love me. See how you know the answer I know you like me for six months. Don’t say that, Angélica. Don’t be bad. It’s the truth. From the beginning, two or three years ago, we loved each other for six months and fought for another six. And I’m to blame alone for our fights? No, of course not. I also am guilty. At the end we always agree: We both get tired And then we take a vacation from each other. You don’t know what impression it gives me now. It gives an impression now? Just now that I love you, and, when I love, it’s forever, even if from past experience I know that in six months

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