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anything Nothing happened. What? Your father is my best friend. And you’re a minor. You understand that? Yes, but we’re in love. No, we’re not in love. I don’t love you. It’s normal that you don’t accept it. I saw it in your eyes yesterday. Louna, ! It’s not true, honestly! Making a point, I can understand. With effort, but I understand. Ibiza, I don’t understand. I don’t care if you love dancing. Yes, and you’re with that who could never stand me. Yes. Well, listen to me carefully. Tomorrow, : pm. Figari. There’s a plane. I’ll pick you up. She hung up. Damn Games but, Lolo. Am I right or am I wrong? Listen Games Ibiza, it stinks. I love that I don’t know what to do anymore. Listen, Antoine. I wanted to tell you Games That I— You really are my friend. Where do you think you’re going, like this? What’s it to you? Calm down and take it down a notch. You think you can go out every night? I don’t think so. I’m sure of it. No. Louna isn’t going out. Antoine isn’t going out. I’m not going out, and neither are you. You don’t need to. You have everything at home. What’s that supposed to mean? By the way— If you’re looking for your boxers, the ones I gave you for Father’s Day, they’re in my room. I’m going. Good night, Dad. You’re letting her go out again? She didn’t come home late. You’re not even going out in your dreams. I’m good here. What are you doing here? I want to sleep with you. No, go back to your room. Go! Dad! Shh! Please, stop. Shh, shh! Stop. Shh! You can stay, but don’t touch me. You promise? Hey! Promise. Ok. Stop. Hey! What? Get up, Marie’s coming. Marie’s coming. It was so nice. So nice? I didn’t touch you. To sleep together. That’s what it’s like to be a couple. We’re not a couple. Get to your room. But I’m in my room. No, you’re in my room. Now go to your room. We have to announce our love to the family. But Games I don’t love you. That’s not how it felt on the beach. I beg you, please— Go to your room! If you don’t tell me you love me, I’m not leaving. She’s opening the door Games She’s coming up the stairs Games Stop, stop. I love you. What? I love you, I love you. You’re sure? Yes. Say it again. I love you. I love you, ok. I love you too. Go! Games I need to talk to you. I’m tired. I really need to talk to you. I don’t want to listen. It’s about your dad. Shut up! I’m in love with him. Whore! What don’t you understand about “shut up”? Let me explain. Explain what? You’re a slut and he’s a pervert. I’m aware. But we’re in love! Shut up! Do you understand or not? Shut up! Why are you doing this? Because I love you. ‘s sake. Damn, what are you doing here? I’m sleeping. Can’t you see? Why aren’t you in your bedroom? Why are you asking so many questions? This isn’t possible, this isn’t possible at all! What? What? What? Your daughter is speaking disrespectfully to me. When I say disrespectful, she talks to me like a dog. She talked to you about what sort of things Games No sort of things! She’s disrespectful to me! There are two solutions: You set her straight or I do, but it won’t be the same. No, no, no! I’ll take care of it. It’s true she’s difficult. I think she’s on her period. No. If Louna was talking to you like that, I’d put her in her place. You understand? Yes, yes. Give me two minutes to find the right time. The best time is now. Now. You want eggs? What’s with Marie? Any idea? Has Mom called you? I can’t tell you that. Oh, Louna! Yes, but I don’t have to tell you. What did she say to you? Nothing. She talked a little about your stuff. What stuff? About your separation, finally Games That’s new. We’re not separated! We’re on a break! A break during the holidays? She talked to you about the separation? I dunno. She’s looking at neighborhoods to put me in a good high school. What’s this school bullshit? She thought, after Games I have no idea. She’s planning to move? It’s your business, don’t take me hostage over it! Am I dreaming? How can you do this to me? Still, what’s this business? It’s not true! Yeah, Dad. I won’t lie to you. What’s this collusion between you two? I’m in the middle. I’m not against you, it’s a relationship that has always. Listen, I’m sorry Games Listen to me carefully. You know what she told me? Antoine, listen. Marion wants to move. That’s super Games Are you stupid or something? No, that’s super Games It’s super serious. Of course it’s serious! Why does she want to move? I’m going to punch something if she doesn’t answer this time. That’s all you told him? There are other things, but it’s better if you do it. This is euros an hour? Oh, no! Half hour. You think I’m a pinzutu? Come on, please, Dad! Yes! Your mother wouldn’t do that. Thanks, Dad. We don’t take cards. Fine. I know the type. Thank you. The girl has a boating permit? Nope. And do you have one? Nope. No permit, no jet-ski. That sucks! That’s how it is. Lolo! Yeah? You have a permit. Yes. Don’t you want to take her? Well, no, I wanted to paddle alone. You know the full moon, Dad, when I was with Laurent Games At the same time, if the sea is beautiful, it’s the time to jet-ski. I’ll take you. You can thank Lolo

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