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No, just a c uster-. There is sti b ades and fangs for the visitors, but we are getting ean on time. Now, if you have to shoot, shoot once. If more than once, keep it a tight grouping ’cause you’ be digging the s ugs out yourse f. As for Danie and Amber, they can Radio What did we forget? There’s a river on two sides. The quarry’s on another. We can para e the main road back, go for he p. We , how do we get past the door? I know something you don’t. Sam: Good. What? I know where we keep Radio (both scream) Too s ow. (a screaming) (screams) (grunts) (grunting, gasping) (dog barking) (a scream) Shou d we go? Now? We have the gun. I guess. Yes. Sam: Yes! Give me two. (breathes heavi y) (a scream) Easy! Not her! (man speaking German) Don’t fire! C ark: Fass! Fass! Fass! (dog grow s) (screams) (dog snar s) Sam: Go! Sam! (Sam screams) Sam! We’re never getting out.. (tape unwinding) (breathes heavi y) (dog barking) You know, I’m ucky. I guess at east they were gonna shoot me. (dog whimpering) Three’ do, gent emen. The fourth can disappear. It’s time to start the c ean-up. I’m gonna ne a push broom. This is suppos to have happen a ready. Time to sprint. A : Yes, sir. Darcy: We done. Thank him. Near y got away from me. Us. Shou dn’t we be panicking? I’m hungry. I can’t die here with you. So don’t. You know, fee free just to Radio Hey, I want the rest of your pep ta k. Oh, no. It no onger app ies. Oh, come on. I’m curious. It was paintba ing Radio you were cowering Radio Yeah, Rick Si va. We were getting s aughter by these egit Iraq vets. It tota y app ies. Fu camo, thousand-do ar automatic paintba guns. They knew rea war and they p ay rea war. Tactics, hand signa s, f anking. Just wip us a out. So Rick gets f up and says, ” it.” Didn’t care about getting shot. Didn’t care about taking cover. It was hope ess, man. So the ast match, the whist e b ows, and he just tears out there, fu jackass, in Radio in sneakers and cut-offs and he Radio wipes out their who e team. Doesn’t stop. Just keeps running and aughing and shooting Radio unti they’re a dead. Pretend dead. And we’re up against rea guns. Yeah. Either way, we can’t p ay rea war. et’s pretend. For you. We’re just mopping up tonight. You a ready earn these. Maybe push Nea , depending on the mess, to start ooking for a new house band. We’ve rea y gotta get back to a routine. You think Cowcatcher’s gonna ta k? I’m more worri about their habits. Rea y have to stay away from that nigger dope. There’s a bad batch doing the rounds. (van buzzes) (engine starts) We’re good to go. We’re set. Darcy: This a hinges on nothing having happen here. Now, et’s be c ear. C ark: This shou d keep him a ive for another hour. I wou d consider it a persona favor if he dies with meat in his teeth. Come on. Come on. (dog whimpers) Bite command is “fass.” It’s a you’ need. Disregard. Just shoot who is eft. They don’t have to be account for. Forensics is no onger a concern. We ca this in ate, a is for naught. You guys got any gauge? Not in the office. Try the bar. How many shots you have eft? Ky e: Three. So you have one extra. No she s. Jonathan: Behind the bar. Better get started. (microphone feedback) ! (dog barks) Jonathan: Easy! Easy! Easy! (dog whimpers) No buckshot! Gabe: What’s happening? Dog freaked. And turn this off! I tried! It’s not coming from our mixer. Go! We got this. And don’t te Darcy. Or C ark. We going? Yeah. Hey! Pat: Down there, you dip- fashion punk c own motherers! Turn around! Pat: Shazbot! What? What Radio Who is that? Odin himse f. (grunts, screams) (microphone feedback stops) (screams) Give me the shotgun. No, I got the shotgun. Then you go down this ho e. Three shots? Yeah. You hear me fire twice, you come down no matter what. This is a trap. Yeah, no. You wanna go te Darcy? He’s gonna be pissed. Watch my back. this. Get Gabe, man! We ne two down here and one up there. Who’s got the nine? I think A an does, but I’m not sure Radio (Amber screams) Oh, ! B ock it! Amber: Pat! He’s got three shots eft!. Gabe! (power washer) Pat: Amber! Yeah? Uh Radio never mind! Amber: Two shots eft! Nice in’ try! (grunts) Go yourse f!.. Oh, ! Amber: Pat! One shot eft!. Zero. Oh, ! (both grunting) Get off of me! Got him. Tota y. F abbergast that motherer. If I had any idea Radio Amber: Anymore dogs? Peop e? No. Not here. They’re Radio up the road. I don’t want to go to jai. Does anyone know how to hotwire a car? No. I’d stay off the road anyway. (chain dragging) Are you gonna shoot me? Where’s Werm? We sent him home Radio Stay quiet ti we’re out. (distant gunshot) (dog barking) It’s the residents. (distant gunshot) What are they doing? Something you don’t want to see. We can ca the cops when we get to the orchard. Did you see them die? Two. Not the third. I think I’m going. You can ca the cops when you get there. If you disappear, I’ find you. I wi. I promise. You shou d go, too. Just hedge our bets. You got three rounds Radio and I’ve seen you pump a shotgun. (sighs) Fair enough. Do you be ieve him? Shh. (dog barking) (barking continues) (C ark speaking German) Nimm futter! Nimm futter! (dog grow s) C ark: Nimm futter! Nimm futter! Nimm futter! A an: Jesus. Nimm futter! A an: That ought to be enough. C ark: ass es! ass es! ass es! (dog barks) So ist’s brav. Aus. Aus. Wipe it down! (car engine starts) Do you think they’d eave the engine on? C ark: Yeah. It’ run the gauge down too. et’s ca this in. Aus. Aus. You got the dog? I got the dog. Tie him up. Give me your gun. I don’t have one. I’ shoot you either way if you don’t hand me one. Throw it. (dog barking) They’re making it our fau t. You were trespassing. Pat: It ooks fishy to me. The c oth is to make it sea. I wou dn’t do it ike that. They got my gun. Shut up. C ark: isten Radio (chain dragging) So we’re doing that? Why e se wou d we wa k up here? Pat: I don’t know. And I was gonna Radio ruin the crime scene. Oh. I thought we’d eave a new one. This Radio is a nightmare. For us a. Te me those stupid words are his ast. Do you have a phone? It’s funny. You were so scary at night. (grunts) We ne the po ice. (TV p ays) Tad on radio: Okay, I’m the Ain’t Rights from Washington,

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