RSN Carnival 2

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Don’t go anywhere. Alright? Strange river, isn’t it? Half one color, half another. The story of these rivers is the story of two lovers. There was a man named Kabul and a woman named Sindhu. Kabul lived on top of a mountain. And on another mountain, far away, lived Sindhu. They belonged to two enemy tribes. Really? Kabul loved to play the flute. His melodies had a mesmerizing quality. When Sindhu used to listen to his flute Games she would often hum a tune to it. And when Kabul heard her sing, he just fell in love with her. And then, you know Games as the days passed, their longing grew Games their passion smoldering in the dark of the night. Then what happened? Then Kabul decided he was going to end the enmity. He sent his messenger to propose to Sindhu. Is that so? But the man who was sent with the message of friendship Games his body was sent back in pieces. A flame of hatred was rekindled. And blood spilled from both sides. With sorrow, Kabul began to play his flute. His music was so sad, so sad that Sindhu started crying. She wept and wept until she became a river of tears and leaped off her mountain. Flowing down the grassy slopes, she became the green river, the Indus. This river? Yes. When Kabul saw this, he jumped from his mountain. And in this valley stained with blood, he himself became a river of blood. The Kabul. After miles and miles of separation Games the lovers finally meet at this junction. Games our fearless leader, Ghorzang Khan. He has always helped us in our time of need. He is that iron fist who will save us from these troubles Games Sher Khan? Yes? Who called you back there? That was an emergency. Sher Khan, I am asking who was calling. It was my elder brother. Your elder brother? We need someone fearless to remove these people. Someone who will win the war for us. One lion is enough to scare the jackals away. And that fearless lion is Ghorzang Khan! Time has come to Games These corrupt people cannot solve our problems. We need someone who will win our war. One lion is enough to scare the jackals away.

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