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Keep it up! Pu it up! Oh. (Pat screams) Yo, he p me move the couch. Reece: He p me move it! Pat: Oh, ! (knocking) This wi be over soon, gent emen. (meta music p ays) (Pat screaming) I’ in’ crush you. (screams) (groans) (shouts) Reece: Get the box cutter! Get the box cutter out of his hand! (Amber grunts) (Big Justin grunts) Te me when he’s out! Okay! (Pat cries oud y) Tiger: Pat! Pat! ook at me, ook at me, ook at me. Shush! Shush! Shush! He’s out. He’s out! Oh,. (groans) Put pressure on it! Put pressure! I know, I know, I know. Just breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Sam: He’s not out! He’s not out! (gasping) You got this? (cries) How ong does it take Radio unti we know Radio for sure? What the Radio Oh, Jesus. Oh, Jesus. Darcy: Any and a firearms, C ark wi hand e it from here on. He give you an E.T.A.? You said no ca s. Right. Good. Phones too. What happen in there? Darcy: Set Nea up for tomorrow New drywa , pour a f oor. Te him we had a eak. Door with a frame, too. What happened? Uh, a bit of a mae strom tonight. Visiting band hurt one of ours. Danie : Who? Emi y. Darcy: Maybe Big Justin, too. What the are we doing then? et’s get in there. We’re not coming apart is what we are doing. We’re saving questions unti this pig is transferr off-site. (dog barking) Darcy. Okay. ast chance if anyone needs to take a eak. (banging) (Pat wai ing) (crashing) I ost the gun. You he d on onger than I wou d have. Hey. I’m going. There’s no air shaft, there’s no sewer system Radio no nothing. Tiger: There it is. Sam: What time is it? It’s not day ight. It’s something. Out the way. Tiger: Oh,. ook for a door. Pat: Just et me know. Hey Radio I’m sorry about your friend. (c anking) Reece: ! Okay, move. Tiger: ! (thumping) Sam: Is there a ock? Other side, maybe. We’re burning time. Wait, but Radio ook! There’s Radio there’s venti ation! Reece: Six inch ducts. Good uck. Sam: Shou dn’t we ook around more? Reece: We just did! Go. Go, go. Push. (creaking) Amber: Heroin. It’s not about her or us. It’s a Radio it’s a big ass bunker. Tiger: Give me your hand. Reece: Big ass dead end. Tiger: Give it to me. Ho d it up, up, up. (groans) A right. ook away, ook away. Maybe we can use this to our advantage. Reece: We’re done. I’m done. Okay? You can c ose the door behind me if you want to strategize. We’re not ready! What do you think they’re doing out there? That’s just it. We don’t know. We know they mean us harm! (groans) Sam: It’s just that if have guns, okay, why haven’t they mow us down a ready? We can’t just go missing. They ne us found. A right. Grab some and get ready to run. Then we die. (Reece chuck es) Yeah, but the onger we wait, the surer that is. Tiger, you ready? Tiger: Yeah, a most, man. Pat: We can’t take it so serious y. We gotta Radio treat this ike paintba. What? Rick Si va Radio he p organize the paintba for Skate-o’s bache or party. And we were short a few p ayers to book the who e fie d, so they pair us up with these ex-Marines. And the first few rounds, these guys just Radio tore us to shreds. I mean, zero casua ties on their side. And I just cower behind these trees ti I got shot. Cover in paint. But Rick Radio Reece: Tiger, you done? Okay. Pat, you’re done, too. I’m sorry, man. We gotta go. That’s okay. Was that a pep ta k? Tiger: Ready? (groans) Reece: Now we won’t a ive, but Radio I don’t know. Maybe we won’t a die. Here. No, I’m just gonna run. Tiger: I got it. A right, it. Simon and Garfunke. Desert is and band. (breathes heavi y) Prince. I, uh Radio I’m sti the Misfits. Reece: True schoo , man. Are we going? Sam: Yeah. Madonna and Radio S ayer. Here we go. Watch it! (meta music p aying) What the ? They’re etting us out. Reece: How many exits are there? Uh, the main, the back, maybe the kitchen. I a ways Radio What about windows? See for yourse ves. (music stops abrupt y) Sam:. Quiet. (door c oses) Oh,. Shou d we hide? Uh, whatever you want, man. Sam: We Radio we shou d sp it up. Tota y. (thumping) (dog snar ing, barking) Sam: What the ? Tiger! (screams) Tiger! (screams) (dog chewing) (Tiger groans) Oh, , oh,.. Oh, ! (groans) Save it. Oh,. (dog snar ing) (gurg ing, grunting) (Sam breathing heavi y) (Sam screams) (door c oses) (coughing) Fass! Fass! Voran! Fass! Fass! (dog snar ing) (screams) (microphone feedback) (dog whimpers) (breathes heavi y) Hey. They’re everywhere! Where’s Reece? Pat: It’s us. Come on. Move. Sam, ook. F eisch Wo f. It’s a song. It means “Meat Grinder.” C ark: Up! Up! So ist’s brav. So ist’s brav. You’re retiring him? C ark: He’s work up. Send in another. Send two. Finish it. Ki that feedback first. And if I send in two fight dogs, what do you think they’ do? Send me in there. I’ finish up. Just give me the ru es. A right. B ades on y. S oppy is fine. Try not to hit the bone. Okay. Darcy: Take Jonathan. Brute squad. Keep him cag unti we tag out. He breathing? A itt e bit, yeah. et him b eed. ater is better for time of death. Keys? No. (microphone feedback) (feedback stops) (footsteps, dragging) They’re coming. I can’t do this. (banging) Pat: Get back! Sam: No! Where’s Emi y? What the are you doing? Hey! Which one did it? Werm did it. Danie : Bu. Which one? What did they te you? What? You want to know? You want him to know? Know what? Werm found out that she was eaving Radio but she didn’t say that it was with you. “Meat Grinder.” That song was their cue. You shou d go. C ark: Here we go. This is taking too ong. Gabe? You didn’t want Danie on door duty. Why? Nothing concrete, he and Radio and Emi y Radio itt e ovebirds. Recognize this? No, sir. Of course not. You were sti handing out eaf ets when these boys made their bones. It’s from ast Easter. Suppos to disappear after the boot party. He just start ta king. Amber’s a ive saying Werm did it. Never mind that. You Radio Werm sav us a. Sam? It’s okay. I mean, it’s not okay. You didn’t know either? Pat: He’s with us. Not where. Pat: We gotta sp it. This has a wider duct, I think. Pat: We’re not gonna fit through there. (shuff ing) Sam: Oh! Danie , um, he can he p. Why? Who’s he? A traitor. If they don’t a ready know, they know now. I can get us out of here. Wow. A conspiracy.

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