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I don’t want to hope for… Rod. Mia, I’m useless here in the Philippines. Hey. Don’t tell me that. You’re not like that before. You’re a fighter. That’s why I married you… and decided to raise a family because we are both fighters. You can do it. You can really do it. Okay? Okay? Okay, Okay.- Rod? Meeting is over. I talked to Basty already. Are you okay? No. Let It pass. It’s okay. Maybe the job that Basty is giving is not really meant for you. Maybe you’re really meant to go to Vancouver: That’s the problem. How about Vancouver? Why? Lacks like we are not going to Vancouver anymore… Basty’s offer is really good! Mia, I’ll head the finance division in his company! Really? Really? I told you, you can do it, you just don’t believe in yourself. Mia, do you have anymore appointments after five? Try to cancel it. Why? Mia, we have to celebrate, we have our lives back! Why are there so many foods? Who’s got a birthday? Today is better than any other birthday… believe me it’s one of the best days of our lives. Delicious! Thank you babe. Dad please… so Dad, if you go back to work… we won’t be able to taste your dishes, we’ll be sad. Of course not. So now that Papa’s going back to work… dues that mean Mom is going to stay at heme again? Of course! New that Daddy’s going back to work eh… Mommy can go do what she does best, right? Are you not happy that I have a job again? Are you serious in what you said a while ago? About what? That… that when you go back to work… I’ll stop working in the insurance company. Mia, what do you get cut of that insurance agency? Are you not happy just being here at home? Just being a wife and a mother. Being with the children everytime. I just thought you learned something from what happened to us. Especially from me. Rod for the record… I am a good wife… and I know that I am a good mother also… but it doesn’t mean that I cannot be an excellent professional. Just one friend… just one… you’re … such an idiot. You’re OA. That’s two you only said one. You know Aids… my wife doesn’t really appreciate all my efforts for her.

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