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Okay. Love you too. Your mom says good luck and she sends you a kiss. You guys have a great time at the fair. You too. Bye, dad. Love you. Love you. Bye, Barry. Are you crying? Maybe. Barry, would you Radio All right, you guys have fun. No flying, Robo-Dog. Understood. Please take care of Tyler. Do not worry, Tom. I will. Bye, dad. Good luck at the summit. Bye, Tom. I miss Tom already. Really? See you in a few days. It’s so sad. Are you crying? Yes. Why? Since everyone else is crying, I thought I was supposed to cry too. No, we’re supposed to be excited, because we’re going on a new adventure, right, Barry? Right. Do you even know where we’re supposed to be driving? Robo-Dog, directions to the science fair. Calculating now. Make an immediate U-turn. Oh, that’s right. Went the wrong way. Bye, dad. Oh, Barry. How’s it going? Is it supposed to look like this? If you add a little paint, I’m sure it’ll be just fine. Okay. Good luck. Thanks. Hey, Tyler! I got us road supplies. I got us hats and sunglasses, and I got us all kinds of snacks. I got circus peanuts, honey-roasted peanuts, boiled peanuts, regular peanuts. Oh, great. I’m allergic to peanuts. Oh. I also got mustard. This is gonna be great. Oh, this is good. Yep. What are you doing? Singing along. Should I be doing this too? Sure. Tyler, I like this song. May I download it for my MP player? Of course. Thank you, Robo-Dog. Hello? Anybody? Oh hey, how’d it turn out? I don’t know, what do you think? It looks good. Yeah? Yeah. Who’s it for? My daughter, Mira. It’s her sixth birthday today and she loves to play tea party with her toys. Oh, I love it. It’s a very nice gift. I hope so. I never know what she wants. Love and attention. That’s what all girls want. I’ll remember that. Of course cupcakes and puppies help too. What do I owe you? This is embarrassing. My computer’s not working. Mind if I take a look? Oh no, you don’t have to. I’ve had several people look at it before and no one has been able to Radio There you go. Fix it. Shouldn’t give you anymore troubles. How’d you do that? Oh me and computers, we have an understanding. Here you go. Thank you very much. She’s gonna love it. I hope so. I got it. Whoa. Thank you. No problem. Is that your science project? No, it’s just my dog. Thank goodness. There’s no way we would’ve beaten something as cool as him. Never doubt yourself. Besides, there are plenty of categories. He’s right. We just need to add some oomph to that volcano. What do you say we go inside and knock their socks off? Yeah! Why would they want to knock anyone’s socks off? It’s just a figure of speech. You don’t take it literally. Oh I have. When I was working on my solar-powered toaster, I hit a live wire and knocked myself out. When I woke up, my socks were off, but my shoes were on. Strange, huh? No stranger than any of your other stories. Come on. Mr. Melch. Mr. Melch. My dad here? I believe he is referring to you, Barry. Oh, that’s right. How might I help you? Oh my goodness, a talking dog. How extraordinary! Is he your project? No, he’s just my dog, sir. What a lovely addition to the competition. Mr. Melch, it’s such a pleasure having you here. No problem. The board and I were wondering if you might say a few words of encouragement to the students to officially kick off the competition? I love encouraging others with my words. That would be great. This I gotta see. Me too. Right this way, Mr. Melch. Good luck, Barry. Thanks. Just allow me to make your introduction. Good evening, everyone. Good evening, and welcome to the th annual state science fair. It is so wonderful to see so many great projects out there. This has been our biggest year yet. Now to kick off the festivities, it is my pleasure to introduce to you one of our sponsors, and the creator of Melch-Andise Enterprises, Mr. Barry Melch. Barry. Barry, that’s you. Mr. Melch. Oh, oh, yeah. Mr. Melch. Good evening. I can’t watch this. It is truly an honor to be here with you today at this wonderful competition. Seeing all of you here with your projects is truly inspiring. But getting here was not an easy road. There were several bumps along the way. But I kept on going. I finally found a place for myself in the world of science so that I could be before you today. I hope that all of you continue to be motivated and inspired in this field, because you are the future that I look forward to being a part of. Thank you. Tyler, did Barry just say something moving and inspirational? Yeah. I am not sure my processors are allowing me to compute that. And now, to officially kick off the science fair, we have the largest mint candy and diet cola display ever seen indoors. I might remind you, you’re all in the splash zone. Mr. Melch, would you do us the honors of pulling the string? I’d be glad to. And now, on the count of three. One, two, three! Sure that’s not supposed to happen. Barry, help me evacuate these people! This all looks very familiar. Barry! Oh, yeah, got it! Everyone remain calm. Please be safe and slow down. Do not panic. Please stop running. I said stop! Okay, follow me in an orderly fashion and I will get you to the nearest exit.

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