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Thanks, Lolo. Thank you. The killswitch is there, you accelerate— Alright, we know. I knew I need a permit. Did you? Well, yeah. Hang on. You’re going to be scared. Why? Doing ok? No! What’s the matter? Stop! What? What’s wrong? Stop! Hey, look! Listen! What, you want to go back to the beach? Stop, stop! It’s cool, look! No, it’s not cool! Yeah, it’s cool! No, not cool! But it’s so cool! Stop! Stop! No! I’ll fall off! May I? You’re already there, so yeah. Hello. Hi, how it’s going? Hi, good. Can I talk with you? I’ll leave you two. He’s really good looking, your boyfriend. You came to tell me that? No, I wanted to talk. I can tell something’s bothering you. Very good sense of observation. If you want to talk to me, or have me pass on a message to your father, I can tell him, ok? Tell him he’s an asshole. What happened? It is because of your mom? Is that it? Yeah, it’s because of Mom. Don’t worry, things will get better. And I’m here. You can count on me. Ok? Gotcha! You’re screwing us. It’s up to me, so, take that! Nice! Come on, play! Nice, nice! I can link. By the way, Dad, Any news from Amandine? It’s been a while since you talked about her. I liked that girl. Very funny. Who is she? Amandine, naughty girl Games I’ll grab you in the kitchen— We’re playing! Whose turn is it? Yours! Well then, there. Why didn’t you ask her to come to Corsica? What’s your thing with Amandine? I don’t know. It might make you happy. But Games alright, fine. I’ll ask her. Ah! There’s my driver. I have to go. Don’t leave in the middle of the game! There are things where it’s better not to know the end. Some days, she reminds me too much of her mother. Good. Your turn. I don’t want to play anymore. Ok, then I’m going to call Marion. Seriously? Who’s this ? Who’s this whore? Calm down. And mind your own business. Don’t talk to me like that. I’m not your daughter. You’re not my wife either. Are you sure? What are— I was nice, but it’s over. You’re hurting me! No! It didn’t mean anything, and it won’t happen again. It’s over! Leave me be. It’s been a long time since you gave me a hug. I feel miserable, Dad. Don’t worry, it’ll work out with Mom. I got her on the phone, it’ll be fine. It’s not Mom. Is it my fault? No. Oh Games Oh la la la la Games That’s a tragedy, then. What’s happening, baby? I don’t know if I can tell you. Of course you can tell me! You can tell me anything. You know I often have good advice. So Games What’s happening? Well Games It’s a boy? Yes, or Games ? Yes. So, what’s happening? Nothing’s happening. Not anymore. Then something happened? Yes. You’re in love, is that it? Very. What do you want me to say? Love is beautiful. But it’s nothing serious either. Yeah? It’s serious? But you haven’t done anything serious? Why? I told you not to do it without talking to me. What, Dad, you wanted me to text you? Hey! When did it happen? Well, there Games There when? There! Where, in Corsica? Yes. When? Here, but Games damn! Tell me. Where and when? I’m talking about emotions and you’re asking questions. It’s Marie? One of her friends? No, not Marie’s group. Who then? Who cares? I’m telling you it’s over. What do you mean? It just started and it’s already over? Yes. You slept with a boy who dumped you? Who’s the bastard? He’s a good guy, I swear. Really? A little brat who Games Games my daughter, and dumps her? Yeah, that’s a good guy. He’s not a brat. Oh really, then what? He’s a good guy, a little older. Even if he’s , he’s still a little brat. He’s not twenty. Sorry? He’s a little older. Thirty? You realize that thirty is almost double— Who cares about age! No, I do care! How old is he? Who is this old fart? He was your age and he’s not an old fart. Who is this motherer? You’re bothering me! You’re pissing me off, damn it! I want to know who it is. Tell me exactly who it is! Mom’s right to steer clear of you. You’re a pain in the ass! You don’t care about me! You only think of yourself. ! Not eating? You’re really pathetic. Marie Games Louna, can I come in? Leave me alone, I’m tired! You’re pissing me off! off! Antoine, I have to talk to you. Come on, I need some fresh air. I need to take a walk. I’ll beat the shit out of him. Don’t talk like that. Can you imagine? Louna, my baby? With a -year-old. Imagine for two seconds! You see Games You can’t imagine. Why? Because it’s unimaginable. I’m fuming. Did she say who it was? I’ll find him, don’t worry. Trust me, I’ll find him. If you don’t know who it is, it won’t be easy. Corsica’s big. It’s big, but it’s also small. And you’ll help me. What do you mean? You’ll help me. Ok, but what do you want me to do? Your daughter needs to know. Marie? Forget it. I wouldn’t count on Marie. She’ll never betray her friend. I know her. I’ll go see her, don’t worry. Let’s start from the beginning. Maybe— You know what? One night, you go out with Louna. She likes you. Oh, no. Yeah, she likes you a lot. You can pull it out of her. Nonchalantly. They’re little girls, not strategists. It’ll pay off, believe me. You do that in front of everyone? I’m alone. You know what I mean. “You know what I mean,

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