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D.C. Sam on radio: Uh, technica y, we’re from Ar ington. Tad on radio: Nice. Uh, and this is for Seaside HCFM. (chain dragging) Reece on radio: Yeah, if we can afford it. Tad on radio: Yeah, no, I rea y dig the ana ogue sty e. Uh, which brings me to the fact that you guys are hard to find. (chain dragging) (guns c icking) I know what it is. What what is? My desert is and band. Te somebody who gives a. (rock music p ays) d When the sky is gray d d And the moon is hate d d I’ be down to get you d d Roots of earth wi shake d d Sinister purpose d d Knockin’ at your door d d Come and take my hand d d Burn away the goodness d d You and I remain d d Did you see the ast war? d d We , here I am again d d Sinister purpose d d Knockin’ at your door d d Come and take my hand d d I can set you free d d Make you rich and wise d d We can ive forever d d ook into my eyes d d Sinister purpose d d Knockin’ at your door d d Come and take my hand d d Mm-mm-mm-mm d d Mm-mm-mm-mm d d Mm-mm-mm-mm d (punk music p ays) d You can’t disappear anymore d d I see your face urking outside the window d d You say you’re a trife, I’m a bore d d You touch yourse f, Put your face in the pi ow d d But the funny thing about you is d d You remember to eave it behind d d And the funny thing about me is d d I’m a member of the Right Brigade d d Makes no difference to me what side you choose d d What side wi ose d d A there is to perceive is what I want d d And I know how to get it d d But the funny thing about you is d d You remember to eave it behind d d And the funny thing about me is d d I’m a member of the Right d d Right Brigade d d Right Brigade d (dramatic score p aying) The etter is written in tar. It cou d’ve been dropp off a boat. There’s a ighthouse, so it cou d have been thrown c ose to and. We’ve confirm there’s a ot of b ood on the paper. We know that someone’s name starts with a P. I think a chi d wrote it Radio Radio man is misspe ed, and it says mom and dad, right? What about this us, it was Radio Radio is it f-o-o-. foo us? I think it’s an f, as in far. Doesn’t it? Us far. Oh right. Took us far away. ets say you ne he p and write a etter. What wou d you write first? Where you are. Or who took you. Yes. A man, right? A man nam Radio Yes, a chi d wou d write naimed, with an i. Wait, so it spe s Radio Jehova Radio wi Radio save Radio us. Jehova wi save us. Jehova’s Witnesses. ets ook at chi dren who’ve been report missing in the ast years. I’ ask around. Do you rea ize how many chi dren have vanish in the ast years? Two. Both times, the press ran wi d. But there hasn’t been a P. No Jehova’s Witness. Nothing. We thanks, Car. Hey guys. This thing’s a bit of a time waster. I us seven different co ors for the scan, and it came up short. Even show nothing on the infrared. It didn’t work? We then I thought, what cou d have wash out the etters? Can we take a ook? I end up using a sma mixture of sodiumh Radio Thank you. What does it say? autrupvang. Sounds ike a ocation. There is a autrupvang in Ba erup. “There were more kids here.” We don’t have any chi dren, who have gone missing. Any abuse victims? A few unfortunate y. We think the chi d might have been a Jehova’s Witness. Trygve? Sorry? I had a Jehova-chi d in one of my c asses. His name was Trygve. But I don’t think there’s anything there. He seem ike a happy boy. Do you remember when he was enro ed? One moment. Trygve Ho t eft schoo in the first grade. Parents’ wishes. Parents’ wishes? Can I take a ook? Says here the chi dren didn’t show up for c asses one morning. The parents say the chi dren have been sent to Austra ia for a re igious awakening. I don’t know what these peop e are thinking. I’m just trying to understand what’s going on. The kids drop out of schoo one day to go to Austra ia. They don’t return and the schoo never fo ows up? You don’t have to put it ike that. How e se shou d I put it? We act in accordance with the ru es. Chi dren. You said chi dren. So there’s more than one. Pou Ho t,.b Radio Must be Trygve’s o der brother. Pou ? Pou Ho t? You found your P. Now ets find Pou and his brother. They’re fine. They’re both fine. They just switch schoo s. They think it’s hi arious we found their bott e after a these years. Yes. Can I see? No. I’ te mom and dad that you have a magazine. You’re a ow to ook at pictures. Not with short hair gir s. Wearing makeup. Are you sure, you are a owed? No Radio We. ook at the moon on these be ts and shoes. Hey. He o? He o. He o. Do you want a ride? Um, no. We’re fine. We’ Radio just wa k. But it is so far. Um, we’re are us to it. What if it starts raining? Yeah, that’s fine. Are you sure you don’t want to? We’ be home in two minutes. I thought you had to eave. Yes. But I eft something in church, and I thought I wou d Radio Radio say goodbye to mom and dad before I eft. Are you sure, you don’t want a ride? You can sit in the front, if you want. Do you want to sit in the front? Okay. No! No! Sit down. et me go! Sit down. Stop! I want to get out! Stop! Thanks Radio Thanks. You’re we come. He’s going to ki our chi dren! T, r, y, g, v, e. Trygve. I have a isting for the parents. Christian Ho t, Ba erup Municipa ity. Oh, he Radio He was found dead in his b with his wife. They swa ow six months’ supp y of s eeping pi s. Theory is that it was a re igious ritua. Jehova’s Witnesses don’t have any suicide ritua s. They don’t have ritua s at a. They just sit around Radio and chat. It’s the pigs! It’s the pigs! Sett e down! off! Get out. Sit down. No. Go sit down. What the are you doing? Go sit down. Sit. Don’t touch me. Be ca m. Sit down. What’s going on? Don’t ta k to them, Trygve. Hey, we just want to ta k. Trygve? We want to ta k about a etter from your o der brother that we found. I don’t know what you’re ta king about. I don’t have an o der brother. We know you have a brother. My o der brother eft. He what? He eft! I don’t know him. I don’t where the he is. Now off! We’ wait. Assad? Can I see the etter. He o. Oh God. It’s you, Christian. The door was open. Who e se wou d it be? We I don’t know. It’s good to see you. It’s so annoying. I hate to sit a one, knowing

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