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Well Games Maybe they don’t have any signal. Marie Games What? I’m sorry. You can. Really, it’s not his fault. I wanted you to know. A little bit, though. No, it’s me. You know, he’s the adult. We’re at a party. See you later, M & L You have arrived at your destination. Thanks! Bye, Theo. See you, girls. Rest well! Ciao! Bye, Louna. What happened? Nothing. We were waiting for you. I have a very important appointment Games with my flower garden. Oh, well. Poor Father John. It’s not much. We’re a poor abbey. It’ll be just fine. Thank you. Is there a reason why you speak so many languages? Yes, well, now, it’s rather like the Catholic Foreign Legion around here. The brothers come from all parts of the world to do their studies. I see. Well, now, I must go back to work. If you need anything at all, just ask for Brother Timothy. Thank you. By any chance Games would you have any American gum to spare? Sorry. American gum is such a nice bad habit of mine, but it’s hard to find sometimes. See you later, then. Bye. John. John. Why do you want me? Well, Brother Martino, here I am back in the tower with all the booty, and I even bought some batteries for Brother Agostino’s radio, which he doesn’t hide too well. And I also managed Games to procure a Pope’s skull just like the one in Brother Orsini’s office. Which Pope is yours? Why, Pope Paul VIII, of course. That’s impossible. The one in Brother Orsini’s office is the skull of Pope Paul VIII. So what’s your problem? How can there be two skulls of the same pope? Why, bless you. It’s perfectly simple. The pope skull in Brother Orsini’s office belonged to Pope Paul VIII when he was an -year-old man. And mine is of Pope Paul VIII when he was only . Oh, I see. Brother Martino. Sometimes you are as slow as you are short. Come in. Brother Terrell, I cooked your meal. What’s the score? to . The Germans are good. They cheat. A brother shouldn’t say things like that. I’m dying. I can say what I want. Time to eat. I’m not hungry. Keep reading. The Lord’s kindness is everlasting to those who fear Him. He pardons all your iniquities. He heals all your ills. Now back to the good stuff. Brother Terrell? Brother Terrell? What’s wrong? I thought you were Games I’m sorry, Brother Terrell. I have to go. I have to go. We’ll finish later. I’m the one dying. What is he in such a snit about? Well, well, well, our visitor from America. Hello again. Taking a stroll, are you? Yes. This is my friend Antonia. Hello. Bongiorno. I rather adopted her a long time ago, or perhaps she adopted me. I’m not quite sure which. Anyway, we’ve become good friends. The farmers around here call these Devil’s Touch flowers. You see this mark? This right there? The farmers claim these have been touched by the Devil. Oh, they’re a very superstitious lot. But I am fond of one of their sayings. The Devil can touch you and leave his mark Games just so long as he doesn’t steal your soul. Quite true, don’t you think? What are you checking on there? Poor child. She knows things. Before they happen. She seems to know. It’s a terrible burden. She just told me someone’s going to die today. Incredible. What is the connection? “The light of God is with you.” “The light of God protects you.” “The light of God shall destroy Satan.” Blind. Father Orsini. Ah, dear boy. God won’t hear you if you try so hard. You must be patient. If God won’t hear me, then he must be saying I’m no longer needed in His work. God doesn’t fire his servants, John. Come. Sit down. You’ve been carrying a dark burden since you came. Don’t you think it would help to share that load with me or one of the brothers? I just want to know that I can serve some worthy purpose on this earth. Other than disappointing those who think I have all the answers to their problems. We all have that problem, John. God has the answers, but even He disappoints us at times. What is really bothering you? I can’t continue my visits with Brother Terrell. He gives everyone a hard time. Don’t take it personally. It’s not that. I’m just starting to care about him. It hurts too much to watch him die. That is unfortunately part of our calling. It’s a constant struggle with the joys and pains of life and death. You can’t be a priest and not deal with death. It’s a conclusion I seem to keep reaching. Look at it this way. When you’ve hit bottom spiritually, as you have Games there’s no place to go but up. When your faith has grown feeble, that is precisely when it will grow strong again. It will get better, John. Just give your stay with us a little more time. And continue your visits with Brother Terrell. I think it’s important for you to deal with whatever it is that has placed you in this conflict. I’ll try. May the Lord bless and keep you. May His face shine upon you and be gracious to you. May He look upon you with kindness and His peace be with you. May the almighty God be with you, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Dig in. Brother Superior, did Brother Timothy tell you? Brother Timothy tells me many things. The Lord has blessed him with the tireless gift of gab.

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