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” he says. Hey, want to tone it down a little? Or what? Or you’ll see what! Really Games You’re happy? Proud of yourself? What’s the matter? Your father instructed me to find the er who put his hands on you. Why didn’t you say anything? It would all be settled. What are you talking about? You’ve got no balls. You’re scared of Dad. I’m afraid of your father? Give me my swimsuit. I think a sausage got locked in the car. Is it good? Yeah. Everything ok? Do you like the house? It’s fine. And how do you like Corsica? I don’t know who it is. Huh? The guy who you’re looking for. But if you really want to know, she has a cell phone. Only you can do this. No! She knows I’ll tell you everything. No, you go out with her one evening Games If necessary, you take a little booze. You earn her trust. She loves you. I’ll take care of Marie. Marie’s already going out tonight. ! I don’t understand. How do you let her go out every night? Shit. Calm down, it’s the holidays. I’m cool. There’s cool and there’s cool. I’m normal cool. Hi. Hi. Hello. Doing ok? Can you watch my stuff? Of course, baby. We’re going to play paddleball. Sure, sweetie. Thank you. Done. Coming? What are you doing? Stop. Don’t stoop to that. Eh, what do I care. No, Antoine, don’t do it. I’m going to that asshole. Stop. There are photos, messages Games Stop, stop. Shit! There’s a code. Of course there’s a code. That’s normal. Son of a . Her birthday. Or yours, or her mother’s, or her dog’s Games Damn, that’s not it! Have a little respect. Her mother’s birthday, you’re right. Enter two wrong codes Games You’ll lock the phone and burn bridges with your daughter. Shit. Damn it Games Come on, let it go. Oh, you! What would you do if it were your daughter? I wouldn’t be looking in her phone, not my ex, not my daughter, not anyone. It’s not right. Holy shit Games Ok, tonight, we’ll go have a drink, and I’ll fix it. There. Games I don’t know what I would do without you. Stop Games It’s good you’re here. Thank you. What? It’s shocking no one sees we’re a couple. Because we’re not a couple. That’s why. But assume. What do you believe? That people think I’m your uncle, or your father? They see we’re together. Whatever. Here, look. Even on Facebook, no on cares. What are you doing putting it on Facebook? Are you crazy? How do you delete it? Give me that. Delete it. You can’t put that on Facebook. You’re deranged. Louna, delete it. No, that’s all I have left of you. You want to get me in deep shit? You’d prefer I tell the truth? I didn’t say that. Your father tried to get into your phone. Seriously? Without the code, we’d be in trouble. He’s stupid. My code is too easy. I’m being serious. I’m not joking. He made up his mind kill the guy who touched you. And this guy Games It’s you. Ah! If I weren’t and I weren’t Dad’s daughter, then could you love me? That’s not the issue. No, I need to know. Is it my fault we can’t be together? Or someone else’s fault? Well Games It’s not your fault. It’s a real mess. That’s just how it is. We shouldn’t have. Louna Games We’ll say that nothing happened. Ok? I’m almost an adult. I’ll wait. You’ll always be your father’s daughter. My best friend’s daughter. It sucks to miss the chance to be happy. It sucks, but that’s how it is. Life is for doing things you remember on your deathbed. He was there, the er! I missed him! You’re shooting in the garden? You’re crazy! It’s dangerous! They started it, those bastards! The fence is useless? They ate it! They don’t care, they respect nothing! I’m going up to my room. How was the evening? Great. You should have come. It would have changed your mind. Good night. Good night. Good night, darling. Well, then? So? It’s ok. Drop your weapon. It’s alright, I’m a master. Master of what? Look at you. Spill it. The evening. In my opinion, she’s seething at you. Listen, with the state I found her in this morning, there’s a guy. Not really. If there is one, he’s not . She told me she told you that to get your attention. Marie did the same thing when we divorced. Don’t compare it! I’m not getting divorced! But things aren’t so strong either Games Yes, good. Fine. Did you tell you who it is? No. But you asked? Yes. What kind? Lots, lots of questions. Stop hurrying me! I asked Games I asked her questions, But I couldn’t let her catch on to me. Three hours and you couldn’t extract the slightest thing. One small clue. A clue? What, isn’t there anything Games Anything coming back to you? A small clue, small Games Well, if you’re on the trail, who are you betting on? I would say Games Wait, I mean Games I dunno— The DJ, maybe? The DJ! that motherer! No, wait. I didn’t say it was the DJ. I said, “You can ask the DJ.” Damn it, these motherers! They think they’re musicians, they put on music. The girls are fascinated, it’s so easy to— er! It’s him, it’s the DJ. I’m going to kill him. Antoine I didn’t say it was him Games You’re right. It’s him. That guy isn’t . Sure, he’s . No, that guy, he’s Games , tops, I’m telling you. Antoine Games Tomorrow morning, I’ll get your daughter one-on-one. I see clearly how to

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