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You’re playing with fire here! No one else has a more sacred obligation than those who make the law. If you’re even considering violating orders Games Ship following right behind us. Power weapons. No, no, no, no! It’s taking over control! Shields are dropping. Moordenaarr. Lexxa. The ship is mine now. Your trespass gives me right to vaporize you. Anyone else having an objection to me running my ship again? Good to have you back! Though Games If you’re gonna say I shouldn’t have done that Games I disagreed with his methods but he was very useful when things went sour. Why is this blasphemer here? Put that away, Jaro. Prak’s still here Games I figured he’d have betrayed you all once I was gone. I practice the rule religiously Games “never turn your back on a Bree.” Look, if you specify an exact temperature Games Games colder, colder. Mind if I sit Games or are you going to tell me to go, as always? Suit yourself. Stay out of my head. What? I don’t need a Betazoid listening to my my thoughts. You still don’t know Games genetic defect, not telepathic. Good. I can do other things. Stay out of my head. Why you are so angry all the time? Wouldn’t this make you angry? But you were a Borg. I was Games the Voyager found me and they took it all away. They taught me individuality and I got back to Earth. Section found me and they convinced me to join a program to help those that had survived assimilation. What they actually wanted was this Games I have become a weapon Games and they have made sure I stay that way. I have offered to help. You assume I want your help. I like the power, I don’t need you. Enough. I don’t know what started this. They butchered five billion of my race. This mission depends on each of us Games so end this now Games or I will. Stay! We’re meeting Games this’ll be quick. Everyone has access to the datafeed. Borrada is responsible for what happened to the planets. And what does that have to do with us? Our mission: we take care of him. What does that mean? We all know what that means. We go in Games take care of the problem. A recognized leader of a whole world and we just stroll in and assassinate him. Starfleet’s prime directive won’t let them interfere, so they have to find someone else Games Games that’s how they operate. C’mon! Games They think of us as criminals and now they want our help? This is a bad idea. Spoken like a true coward. I said enough Games The planets Borrada attacked Games they were the major source of dilithium. Are all of you crazy? Neural damage from Cardassian torture. You’re talking about Dilithium Games Borrada is destroying entire planets. What happens when he targets a planet like Bajor? Cardassia? Earth? Does it matter who wants him dead? Lexxa’s right Games he needs to be stopped. Can’t argue with that. Just get me to him. You have to ask. Not very talkative today. we didn’t exercise in class today. Hypothetical: would we sacrifice ourselves to save others? and what did you say? I don’t know if I could do it. Always be true to yourself and the rest will follow. I wondered when you would call. Wow, that was amazing! Isn’t it always? No Games well, yes..but what I do..projection.. Games a fully tactile holographic transmission across a hundred light-years Games If I didn’t know better, I’d swear I was actually here. When are you going to join me here, so we can do this without photons and forcefields and holo-matter? My place is on the Jupiter Station Games as is yours. Was I’ve always fought for you.. Games but you stealing Starfleet’s only mobile holographic transmitter didn’t exactly help your cause. What cause? My work killed someone and got me banned from Starfleet Games Games and ostracized by the scientific community. Nothing I do will ever change the past You can start by returning the emitter Games at least then we can exchange more than photons. That emitter will always stay in my possession. You are the great Lewis Zimmerman Games creator of the emergency hologram Games If I joined you, it would ruin your career Games you know that. I do Games but I don’t like it. So Games are we going to do a full test of the tactile response of my projection? Soon Games I need your help with the other matrix.. it’s degrading much faster than I can repair it. You still keeping up that facade? Do they suspect? I don’t think so Games but I have been getting some strange looks lately. Come back to Jupiter Station Games I’ll chance it, we’ll fix it together. No, I can’t do that. Then what do you want me to do? I can’t help you of you insist on staying with these people. Pleeease, Lewis Games just help me Games I can’t lose it Games not again. Very well, send me the data and be careful.. one tragedy’s enough. Make sure I have the data at : tomorrow morning. I’ll see to it crisply, Sir. Anne Games speak to no one about this! Yes. Sir. Admiral Games no! What does it mean Games this? It’s a trigger Games set to cause the turbo lift to fail Games You would have fallen to your death. Use an assassin to find an assassin Games She’s quite useful. It’s good that you hired T’Leah when you did. Leave it to a Vulcan to state the obvious. Admiral Games no! Who was he? That’s for them to try to determine. Curious, there is no security level above yours. There wasn’t Games I may know someone who can help us. You’ve been a naughty girl. At it again, Shree? Damn you! You’ve been busy. Don’t know how any of that’s your business. T’Lea Games this is Shree. Why all the urgency? I had a problem that could use your hacking skills Games I need to know what is happening Games and I need to know why. Those are some pretty powerful people. I may need to double my usual fee. Our intel is limited Games this is his stronghold.. it’s ultra fortified Games defenses Games there’s weapons everywhere. Doesn’t look very welcoming. We don’t need a welcome. We aren’t sure if these are engineering tunnels Games maybe air vents? sewer ducts? Sewer Games .with our luck. How do we know that any of these will lead to our objective? Daug will send the Dragonflies in to confirm. Now we take out Borrada and

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