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See who? I think she went down there. She said she was gonna have my baby. No, man, you can’t be up game RETCHING Get downstairs. Use the bathroom downstairs. Get down there. AJ: Okay, I need you to go over to the window and open it. Okay, I see it. I see it. I see it. Okay. All right, it’s open. Climb out. I’m sorry, what? You heard me. I said climb out. Uh, AJ, I’m two stories up. Look we’re here now. So own it. Ain’t nobody say nothing to me about getting out of a window two stories up. Ben, get on that damn ledge. I’m two stories up, James! You heard me! Get on that ledge. Now. They got a Gucci toilet, James. BEN EXHALES DEEPLY Come on, Ben. Okay. Okay. Hey, guys? I’m in between two lamps and a hard place. I’m just gonna game I’m just gonna try to reach for it. Okay? No, no! Guys! Lost balance! SCREAMING Oh! God! Stupid game DEEP GROWL KISSING SCREAMING GROWLS GROANS Excuse me, sir. Can I offer you a lamb burger? Stop! James! Get back! Get back! Lamb burger? Ye . I ain’t never had one of them. Let me see. Help! James! SCREAMING Oh, my God! This has got a Spanish kick to it. What kind of cheese is that? Manchego cheese. Manchego? BEN: Leave me alone! Help! You didn’t cook these, did you? Get your ass back! SCREAMING Ben, what’s going on? Get back! Gator got my foot! Get off! Get off my ankle! Leave me alone! I don’t wanna die like this! I don’t care! You can keep it! MUSIC STOPS APPLAUSE GRUNTING AJ: Hey, Ben, you okay? Are you, okay? Confirm. BEN: Shut the hell up, AJ! You couldn’t tell me that he had a alligator? Well, I dropped the ball on that. I won’t lie to you. A alligator! Did Marcus bite you? Can I offer you a drink? Oh game No. BEN: Wait. Maya, I need more time! A gator got my shoe. Yes. Yes, I would actually love to have a drink. Fantastic. Do you like tequila? Ye . All right. What’s going on? BEN: Hold on, James. Okay. Okay, AJ, I’m headed in the office right now. Wait, wait! What? What? He got a alligator in here? No. It’s gator-free from here on out. There’s an audio alarm system. Well, when were you gonna tell me that? You don’t think that’s need-to-know information, AJ? No one’s perfect! All right, just get to the desk quietly. Stop playing. This is serious. Okay. Going to the desk now. Oh! He got a black panther! METAL CLANGING Jesus! Quietly, Ben GRUNTS MAN: The alarm system is picking up some audio in Pope’s office. Check it out. Copy. James? Ben set off the alarm. You’re gonna have to run interference. East hallway. He’s traveling towards you. Okay. Okay. Hydrangeas. SNIFFING He’s got hydrangeas. SNORTING AND SNIFFLING Okay, AJ. I’m at the computer. Guide me through it. Okay, there’s a seven-digit code that he inputted himself, so I don’t know it. But I use my own personal code on there, as well. Because, you know, why not? You really are a criminal, aren’t you, AJ? What’s the code? Open bracket, O, closed bracket, space, open bracket, O, closed bracket. Wait a minute. Wait, are they game Titties, yep. What now, AJ? Now, plug in that flash drive I gave you and open the file on it. All right, I got it. The rest takes care of itself. Thank you, my darling. My pleasure. So tell me about this tequila. Is it rare? One of the rarest on the market. Impossible to purchase. Salud. GRUNTS AJ: Okay, moments away, guys. Look, you guys need to hurry up. I ain’t gonna keep knocking people out all night. Okay, it’s done. Did you know game JAMES: Maya, let’s roll. Oh, I gotta go. Mmm. Thank you. Okay. My hand. I gotta go. High five. Here you go. BEN: This has got to be one of the worst goddamn days. Alligators, hydrangeas, swords all over the place. Where your shoe? It’s a long story, James. The man got a damn alligator. You look silly! This look better, James? Huh? Is that better, now? Hey, guys, did you get it? Yes. I’m a professional! Okay, we gotta go. Officers. Interesting look. Interesting home. In my country game Cut the act. Yes. The party is this way. I insist. Okay. Have a drink. Rémy? Dom? I got this from Peru. Illegal in the States, but it can keep you up all night. If you know what I mean. JAMES: No. We’re not thirsty. I’m not thirsty. CHUCKLES Look at that. Class is still in session. Hmm? When are you going to let Ben make his own mistakes, James? Yes, that’s right. I know your names. Does that surprise you? Perhaps the bigger question is, why are the Atlanta police crashing my party? Well, we thought that you might have a problem with theft. Now that you mention it, I did have an embezzlement issue this week. Don’t remember reporting it, though. I’m guessing that you found the culprit. Hmm? Oh, you douchebag. I think you know who took from me. And if I don’t get some answers soon, a few of my city official friends in Atlanta won’t be too happy to learn that one of their benefactors is being harassed. In his own home, no less. What, you gonna snitch on us? Do you think we care? It is true that one of you might just receive a reprimand. But what if one of you is still on his probationary period? That particular officer, he could be eliminated. Just like that. BEN: Wait, wait, wait. I don’t think we need to ruin anybody’s careers here. Especially with the unemployment rate being so high amongst blacks now. Tranquilo. I’m sorry, what? Listen, all I know is that I’m a victim of a hacker who stole from me. I don’t even want to have him arrested. I just want to figure out how he got in, so I can prevent it from happening again. I’m worried that my charities are vulnerable. So, if you are not here to help, why did you come? I heard you had a Gucci toilet. I think we’re done here. My men will show you out. And the next time you want to come to one of my parties, just ask. Your parties suck. POPE: What went wrong? Now, I’m feeding these people sliders, and having conversations I don’t want to be having? Take it easy. I’m not going to shoot you. This is just a prop to make my point. We are multi-national now. Any mistakes will be way too costly. Hmm? No more annoying conversations. No more excuses. Just get the job done. Sorry, Antonio. Definitely kill them.

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