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tackle the issue. I’ll pull it out of her. I’ll bring back information. She won’t know what it’s about. Ok? We’ll do it tomorrow morning. That settles it, let’s go. Come, let’s go. Stop drinking. You’re putting yourself in a ridiculous state. It’s ridiculous. Come on. Antoine, it’s not him. I feel it. Yes, it’s him. I swear, I have a feeling Games It’s him! No, it’s not him. It’s him! Look at him Games He’s not a horny guy who s girls Games too young for him. ! You ed my daughter? You ed my daughter? What are you doing? You’re crazy! Stop! I Games I don’t girls! I’m ! , ? Yes, . I don’t like girls, I’m ! See? You couldn’t say that before? He’s , it’s not him. It was you who told me it was the DJ. It was you who told me it was the DJ. Come on, come on. It was you who told me Games It doesn’t matter. Stop being stupid. You told me it was the DJ. No, that’s not true. So I invented it? I said maybe. No Games I said maybe! I asked you, and you said, “It’s the DJ.” Calm down. You said, “It’s the DJ.” You’re crazy. You’re all wrong. I asked you twenty times who it was. You said, “It’s the DJ.” I said “maybe.” I didn’t Games You didn’t say “maybe.” I said, “Are you sure?” You said yes, the DJ. “It’s the DJ, it’s the DJ.” You repeated it. Stop! Stop! You’re completely drunk, and you’re all wrong. ! Stupid bullshit! You’re completely sick. Yeah, that’s it. It’s me who’s sick. You went there with that? Shh. What? What? Stop. Stop, stop. er! It’s Loukoum. No, no. Hey. What are you doing here? I wanted to apologize for last night. I was being awful. It’s fine. No, I wasn’t respectful to you. I swear, I regret it. It happens to everyone. It’s ok. Sorry. Yeah Games It’s ok. I’m coming. Have you seen Loukoum? Oh, . Loukoum? Who’s Loukoum? My dog. He’s always around. He would never miss his breakfast. I can’t find him anywhere. If we see him, we’ll bring him back. Yes Games Oh, you have boars? They destroyed your garden. They were in mine too. We’ll start a hunt. Sure. I fenced it and it’s useless. See you later. No, but really Games Killing poor animals Games You’re deplorable people. What are you talking about? What’s she talking about? Fine then. Marie! Marie! It’s nonstop. It’s one or the other. What? When it’s not one, it’s the other. I didn’t say come in. Don’t talk to me like that. How should I talk to you? Like a daughter to her father. The father my best friend? Stop Games I didn’t your friend. That’s not what happened. Sorry. You made love to her, is that it? What do you want me to say? That I’m not proud of it? Yes. That I feel guilty? That I’m sorry? Yes, I’m sorry. Please— Do you ever think about me? I think about you all the time, Marie. And about Mom too? Mom, leave her be. I’m divorced. It’s for you that I’m sorry. I’m sorry, Marie Games But look at you, you’re pathetic! You try to be the cool dad, but you’re worse than Antoine. Marie, please Games I Games Don’t even touch me. you! Antoine! Stop Games You’re going to be working with your friend. The dogs will track the boars. Ok. I’m up there with Ange. Sounds good. Let’s go. Ibiza Games What? Ibiza Games Why did I piss her off? I’m going to lose her Games I swear Games Behaving like shit, I’ll lose her. I yell Games I yell because she wants to go partying in Ibiza. And I want to bang the crêpe girl. I’m a shitty person. We’re all the same. No Games Yes. No, you, you’re clear. Yes. You’re clear, honest. If you have something to say, you say it. You see how I am. I’m incapable of Games I’m incapable, I’m not honest. You haven’t been very clear. You’re not well behaved. This is true. You must see that. It’s true you were on the edge. But I know you. It doesn’t make you an asshole. No. No. Antoine, I assure you, we all have darker sides. No. When you got divorced Games When you got divorced, I knew very well. With Virginie, you would have fights. You were unhappy. But you said things. It was clear, proper. I’m not clear. I want to be like you. One has to say things. Yes. That’s what I mean. But I don’t say them, you do. Sometimes I try to say things but I can’t, you know? It’s the people who hold the most in with whom we have the most trouble. Sometimes, we try to share something burdening us and the person, he has other things to do, he has his own problems. Understand? Antoine. Me, sometimes I want Games to confide everything but I feel like you’re caught up in other things. It’s normal. We lug around our Games That is to say, we’re all the same. We have moments of weakness. And we regret it afterwards. Antoine Games There it is! Antoine Games Antoine, it’s me. Ah, damn. I know. Antoine Games I’m sorry. Hey! Hold it! Hold it! Hold it! I swear I didn’t want to! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop, please! Please, stop! Stop, stop. Antoine, stop! Antoine Games What? Next time, you tell me Games What? I don’t know why you beat the disc jockey. But if you have a problem Games You tell me, eh? For the memory of your father. We’ll deal with it. Where’s your friend? I don’t know, he cleared out. How’s he getting back? He’ll manage. It’s weird, they’re not answering.

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