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dad was on the baseball team? Yes. What was your last name? Tozawa. How long ago? years. years? So that would be ? With Mr. Sakamachi. ‘Matsukawa’. My fatherwas Norio Matsukawa. Norio Matsukawa?! I should have said earlier. I knowwhat happened. Wait… Sakamachi! Yes? What’s Matsukawa’s daughter doing here? He died in the tsunami last year. That’s why she came to see me. Hold on… So we’re all here… because of Norio Matsukawa? Why didn’t you say?! I’m sorry. It’s not his fault. Say what you like to me. I wouldn’t be here if I’d known! Mr. Yanagida! I’m sorry if something tragic has happened… but this is different! He got our head coach fired! What about that, huh?! So… he got the team manager pregnant with this girl? What are you talking about?! She had an abortion. Yeah, you’re right. And he leaned on that prep-school guy for the money to pay for it. You’re drunk. He raped our team manager! That was a lie! No, it wasn’t! Did he belong at a school with a championship team? After three years he wasn’t a starter. He was desperate. Then he went out and got into a fight! Hey! Smarten up. Don’t talk to her. Kill yourself and talk to him. What’s wrong with just telling the truth?! That thing about rape was a lie. He was with her when he got into that fight. I think there was a good reason behind it. It’s all right. Now I know everything you didn’t tell me. It’s all right! I’m sorry. I didn’t know anything about what he did. I thought it’d be all right. I feel . All this time you’ve all been thinking… ‘she’s that jerk’s daughter.’ We’re not thinking that. I don’t knowwhat to think. He was never around… so I don’t know how to interact with people his age. I always wanted to think the best of him. But… you didn’t tell me the most important thing. I’m sure you meant well… but was that fair? I apologize for keeping quiet about that. I’m sorry. It’s all right. Just go out and play baseball. Forget about me and my father. Wait… What? Are you going home? I don’t know. It’s too late to get back to Kobe. I’ve got room at my place. So you can rape Nori’s daughter? Watch your mouth, you kid! I just don’t want you going home thinking that way… about your father. Come on. Nori! Nori! Is Yuko your girlfriend? Impossible! No one had any idea. Of course not. The manager’s off limits to players. I’m sorry. Hit me if you want. I’m not that . Why did you hit that guy? Captain… you had your eye on Yuko too, didn’t you. Go after her. Yuko’s a really nice girl. Really nice. Yeah, I’ll bet! It’s all over between us. Then you quit… Go see her. Hearwhat she has to say. About what? I’m sorry. I’m really sorry! Just don’t hate Yuko over this. Please, Captain! No one hates Yuko. No? It’s you we hate! So you should. Did you know… she’d quit school? She did? If you’re going to run away, at least run away with her. Don’t be such a coward! Remember this till you die. And never play baseball ever again. Here’s some coffee. And sugar. You never played catch with your dad? There was no baseball gear at our house. I see. The only thing to do with baseball was those cards. Hey, Dad… What does ‘One Ball, One Ghost’ mean? It says ‘One Ball, One Spirit’! Your handwriting’s terrible! It means to put all you’ve got into every play, and never slack off. Why would you read that as ‘ghost’? I read a lot of horror comics then. But that was the only time… I ever saw my father really, really laugh. When he and my mother broke up, he put on a fake smile for me. My daughter thinks I used her mother as nothing but a caregiver. She may have a point. My wife had to care for my father when he went senile. As a reporter, I was never home. I’d always wanted a job that would connect me with baseball. And after university, I finally got one. She was wom out. I was too caught up in work to notice that. When I found out she’d had an affair… …I couldn’t accept it. I said some nasty things to her, in front of our daughter. But the actual divorce… …only came after my dad died. I’d decided to quit reporting. I switched to work with regular hours, but he died right after that. It was too late. My wife asked for the divorce, but my daughter doesn’t know that. She thinks I abandoned her mother when she wasn’t needed any more. And your daughter went with her mother? She was in elementary school. I failed her. I disqualified myself as herfather. Did you talk to her then? Of course I did. I apologized forwhat I’d done to her mother. But Sanami didn’t choose me. You made her choose? You can’t do that! If you didn’t make a choice, she wouldn’t understand. She wouldn’t have any idea howyou felt. She’s the one who’d feel abandoned. That wasn’t fair. You’re not going to the game tomorrow? There’s no point going to every game. It might be better if I didn’t. Why? No special reason. Mie, phone. Who is it? A woman calling about Kawagoe Academy. Hello? Mie Tozawa speaking. Myname is Yuko Tachihara. I was the baseball team manager… at Kawagoe Academy. Can you come to the game tomorrow? Mie? I’m Yuko Tachihara. That was my maiden name. I’m Mie Tozawa. That’s my name now.

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