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Don’t say that to Mie. I know. So you play, too. I don’t see the connection. Get Sanami to see us play. She doesn’t matter. And nor does my daughter! Why? Is it Nori’s daughter you should be concemed with? Get your own daughter back. She’s in university. She doesn’t care about me. Are you sure? So at her wedding a stranger will stand as father of the bride. He’ll get teary-eyed at her speech. More power to him. I guess so. Aw, man! ‘One Ball, One Spirit’… That’s a surprise. I thought he’d have wanted to forget baseball. He always loved the game more an anyone. He was desperate to be a starter. Remember him going into rd year? Yeah. Even in a scrimmage… he’d ground to the infield and slide into first… even though he was out by a mile. Like it was Koshien and he was the last hitter. Anyway, let’s forgive the clown and take him to Koshien with us. He can sit in the stands. He never made the starting line-up. We’ll let him sit on the bench. Yeah! Hey, wait a minute! Don’t count me in this. Look at this! You were always fat. It’s a different kind of fat now. We need you to catch for Nao. It’s plaque-stopping that concems me, not back-stopping. Your jokes have sure gotten old. That was bad! No, it wasn’t. It was! Here’s your grilled-chicken platter. Here we go! Thanks, Yama. Not at all! Their chicken’s great! You’re not really that concemed with cholesterol, are you. This restaurant is one of my clients. Look… do you want someone else catching for me? Hugging me on the mound? You’re still full of yourself. The bank keeps me busy. You’re got days off, right? I don’t have a job. On days off… I manage a Little League team. You’re still in baseball? Who’s more important, us or some kids? As it happens, my son’s on the team. Is he living your dream? No. He’s lousy at baseball. I haven’t started him once. Why don’t you? If I don’t use the players right, the other parents complain. I don’t want them talking about ‘the manager’s son’. He understands that. Give up managing, then Yeah, but… he loves baseball, and he really tries hard. He’s in Grade this year… so I want to see it through till the end. So he leams that even fat people can succeed if they try. So he’s fat, is he? Right field! Hustle! Yeah, I know. That must be him. For sure. Thank you.. Take a break! What do you want? To see the fond dad. And make fun of me? This is Nori’s daughter. I’m sorry about my father. No, don’t do that! You happy now? Come and play. Don’t make me the bad guy here! You know better than anyone how stubbom he is. With less ego, he’d be great at sales. Yep… hey! You’re not roping me into this. Everybody! Gather round! Hurry up! What’s he doing? Don’t look at me. I was the guy who wore number on your manager’s high-school team. A big hand! You were the pitcher? You got it. And he was the catcher. He was fat then, too. They figured he’d be best at stopping wild pitches. We called him ‘Yama-pooh’. Here’s one more! But… he had great timing. He batted clean-up for us. You want to see him hit? Who wants to? Captain! Catch for me. Me? Lend me your glove. Don’t embarrass me in front of these kids! Then hit the damn ball. Thanks. I haven’t hit in years! That’s a strike! Oh, come on! Time out. Keep your elbow down. Ball! Yay! What are you crying about?! He still hits to the same field. And you still have your control. That’s really something. Mr. Sakamachi… what’s driving you now, ambition or nostalgia? Neither. I’m focused… on an objective. Play ball! Strike! Saitama Regionals, Game Out! Run, ya bum! Come on, Oide! Listen up! The Masters rules say that only s and over can play… from the th inning on. Right! What’s with you young people today?! Why is a public school for brainiacs beating us in baseball?! Show some pride, Kawagoe! Watch! Ready! Play ball! The tournament rules say… that from the th inning on, players must be at least . Allpitchers must be at least , and are limited to two innings. Hit it, Mr. Sakamachi! Out! Nice bunt. Games are called after minutes. Teams are in principle allowed between and players… and to fulfill everyone ‘s dream… all players must appear in every game. The Masters Koshien is baseball for everyone. Well done! Today we’ve moved one step closer to Koshien. To be Prefectural champions we need three more wins. From the Masters Koshien office, I’d like to introduce a young lady… What’s that for? Ms. Mie Tozawa. Don’t say too much. I’m Mie Tozawa, from Kobe University. Congratulations on yourfirst win. I have one announcement to make. After the competition at Koshien Stadium… we play catch on the field. You can play catch at Koshien with your nearest and dearest. This also applies to teams who don’t reach the finals. We’re going to make it! Sakamachi, you must want it bad, considering why you guys didn’t go. OK! Mr. Yanagida! A toast! Right! Everyone! To our next victory. We’re going to Koshien! Cheers! Here’s more beer. Shochu and ice, right? So who hustled the most? That’d be me. ‘Best error’, you mean! What?! That was just a bad bounce! Mie! Stop that and sit down. Shochu? On the rocks. Didn’t you say your

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