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In the present life, it’s still early to tell at years old. And you are not the goblin’s bride. You’re not falling for it. My life’s been full of lots of misery and hardships, but I like my life too. I received a lot of love from my mom. I now have an umbrella. And it’s nice to have met you. It was nice. It’s in past tense. You also have grudges. You haven’t answered whether you see it or not. Do you see it or not? My mom said this. A person needs to recognize where he’s supposed to lay down before stretching out his legs and know when it’s time to leave. You understand what I mean, right? I don’t. It means we’re only until here. I will be going this way. Goodbye. ♬ Through the endless daydream I saw you on the way back ♬ ♬ There I walk with you in my arms ♬ ♬ Through the blurry darkness was veiling on the twilight ♬ ♬ We’ve been far away from my fears ♬ ♬ Somewhere I will see you with the days like a blossom ♬ ♬ Blooming all around you so bright ♬ That’s pretty cool. Wow. That’s pretty cool. Uncle, you looked like a painting just now. What about the uncle down the hall? Not yet.- Well, he must be working overtime. Uncle. You see, I might become a grim reaper like the uncle down the hall. If you open the last room in hallway of life, there is death, isn’t it? And the one to greet you is the uncle down the hall. Wake up. There’s no chance with you. I don’t like to say this but in order to become a grim reaper you need to commit a big sin Games Big sin? What? How did you know? Heol! Daebak! Awesome Is he really a murderer? Wow! You can never know with a person’s face. Not that. How did you know he is a grim reaper? Uncle, don’t you feel like your question is a bit late? That time, when you were depressed and you were creating clouds and whatnot in the living room. When the uncle down the hall came in, I was so nervous. But then that uncle didn’t change his expression. What’s wrong with him?- And with me in there you just said yourselves about grim reaper and stuff. Grim Reaper who’s saying all sorts of things in front of the kid. I hope you don’t find the grim reaper’s ability laughable. Was that all? His face is all white and such red lips and wears all black clothes. I thought it was some celebrity. Then I will be going then. You. How did you know I was a grim reaper? If you do this, then how could I not know? A person who was there is now here! Please be careful! Both of you are so uncontrollable. I got caught because of you. Goblin who talks about others. Look at how you look, if it’s because of me. Grim Reaper who might be a murderer in his past life! You, it’s not like you haven’t killed a single ant and not punished! Tsk. He must be so hurt. What should we do? Don’t you see that I’m not all that inclined either? A big sin? Unfilial, disloyal, immodest, unrestricted, unvirtuous. Let’s not go there. It won’t be that. Yeah. It’s not. Why? Why are you here? A responsible action. The effort of the better person, most would call it apology. I was too much earlier. I’m sorry. Among these, what is not? Unfilial? – Get out. I was also too much just now. I thought you would laugh. Get out. What’s so important about the past life? It’s not important to me what you did or what you were in the past life. Really?- Yeah. Because whatever you were, it’s unchanging how I don’t like you. I can’t laugh. Even when they first met, I thought Uncle would kick out the uncle down the hall. But on the contrary they are cozily getting along well. One person is miserable from forgetting the past life and one person is miserable for not forgetting the past life. Among those two existence they are relying on each other. We are just people who are shortly passing in their long life. I see. But you already knew too? Jeez, those uncles. I worry they might get detected outside. You just worry about yourself. Stretch arms out. And back. No way I am your real grandson. You would never treat your real grandson like this. I’m going to take revenge. As you already know, this is the building I got for my th birthday. I do know. What did you get for your th birthday? I received dislike. But that was all in the past. And now as I grew to be an adult Games – You are still being disliked, I’m sure you know. Since you use the card a lot without consideration. So you stopped it. So I’m telling you this. I’m trying to find out how to cash out on this building. So start with vacating this place. Make it costless and tidy. First, start with that chicken shop that’s folded. There’s something you need to know first. First, that chicken shop has a sign that says “closed” which means it’s closed, not folded. Second, we didn’t come together. I tailed you, by the order of the chairman, right? What kind of a tailing is so open . . . well I thought we came together. Let’s do this then. Soon, a phone call will come to the secretary’s office. A woman will ask this. If I work there. Then you can just tell her I do work there. That’s it. But you don’t. Secretary Kim is seriously . . . working so upright. My grandpa must feel so sturdy. I need to get a new card. Please? Just once? Where are you going? Supermarket. – Supermarket? Your repertoire is getting more and more insincere. You don’t see that I’m carrying a shopping tote? I didn’t know it was a shopping tote. How can you actually follow me? You don’t trust me? Have you made yourself trustworthy? You were going to go to her but since I was going to follow you, you came to the supermarket. Last time at the cafe too. You brought her there but you got caught by me. I’m not going to take her away. I’m totally rooting for her now. Why are you rooting for her? I’m really on the same team as her. They say the bride will die if she pulls the sword. Going forever is better than going abroad, right? She can’t see the sword right this moment, but I want to believe in the miracle that one day she might. I’m wagered my life on that day. There are lots of people watching here. Alright. Just promise me one thing. What, suddenly? What promise? That you won’t touch that kid if I leave. Really? You’re really leaving?

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