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Lord, guard me from the hands of the wicked. From the violent keep me safe. They plan to make me stumble. The proud have hidden a trap. They’ve spread out lines of a net. Set snares across my path. If a good man strikes or reproves me Games It is kindness, but Games Let the oil of the wicked not anoint my head. Let my prayer be ever against their malice. Their princes were thrown down by the side of a rock. Then they understood Games that my words were kind. As a millstone I shattered the pieces on the ground, so their bones were strewn at the mouth of the grave. To you, Lord God, my eyes are turned. In you I take refuge. Spare my soul Games from the trap they laid for me. Keep me safe. Keep me from the snares of those who do evil. In you I take refuge. Spare my soul. Glory be to the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. A miracle. A blessed miracle. May the Lord bless you and keep you safe. Dio mio. You are no longer welcome Games in this abbey. Speak. Father John. Enter. Father John, I’m so happy you came. I am deeply concerned. I was hoping that I could confide in you. If you like. There is a dark secret in this abbey Games that I shared only with Brother Orsini. Now that he’s gone I think you should know about it. Why me? Why not Brother Agostino or Brother Timothy? They don’t have your daring. Come. Come with me, Father John. What’s so important? Hurry! Come. Let me show you. Four hundred years ago Games A man touched by the Devil was sealed in this cave. A sacred Vatican seal was placed over the doors by the Inquisition to contain him, and to protect the holy monstrance. That seal has been taken. Father John, I am convinced Games Evil has been unleashed, and is running loose in these catacombs. Brother Marinus, from all that I’ve read, the Inquisition was entirely capable of taking a man they thought possessed and- I would like to perform the ancient ritual that was practiced in this abbey by the Inquisition some four hundred years ago. Brother Marinus- You could help me. Oh, yes, you need help. Not the kind I can give you. Father John. I was wrong about you. You are a frightened man. Like all the others in this abbey. Brother Terrell? Brother William, where is he? Who? Brother Terrell, where is he? He’s in the cavern. Brother Marinus had him taken to the cavern. You thought I was a goner, didn’t you? Are you dead? I don’t know. I don’t feel dead. But then who knows how that feels? I have never been dead before. Listen to me. This place is going all to hell. Brother Orsini was the voice of sanity around here. But Brother Marinus Games has gone out of control. Satan is like a bully. He’s only strong for someone weaker than he is. Trust me. He will crumble under your light. You have the power of God on your side. And he can be one tough bastard. I’m going to go now, John. Maybe I will have . Maybe not. It’s up to Him. Bathe in the light of God, John. Bathe in the light of God. And the Lord said, “Cut out the tongue of Lucifer! He shall not tell me his way!” Father John. Come quick. It’s Brother Terrell. Good friend. Elizabeth. Hello? Oh, no. We don’t allow women here. Brother Marinus! That’s enough. I’m glad you came, John. Do I frighten you? No. All men of God are afraid of Satan. You’re not Satan! You’re Elizabeth. How could I do that if I weren’t Satan? I don’t know and I don’t care. Elizabeth. Don’t give in to him. Do not let him take you. You? I am a servant of God Games and the tormentor of Satan. Big deal. It’s the loud ones like him that are the weakest. Did I hurt you? I’m sorry. I’ll make it better. Elizabeth, no. BIO- There, now. Doesn’t that feel better? That’s one of my favorite tricks. That’s another. By any chance Games Would you have any American gum to spare, Father? Is the Devil wagging thy tongue? Come to hell with me, John. There’s no room in the church for you anyway. How would you know? Your precious God has deserted you. No, he hasn’t. Where’s your strength, John? Where’s your all-powerful God when you need him most? Your spiritual voice has gone feeble. God will never hear you now. Have you had enough? Yes. You never had a chance. No, no, no, John. I have a few tricks of my own. Bathe in this. Bathe in the Lord’s light. But I am fond- The Devil can touch you and leave his mark Games just so long as he doesn’t steal your soul. Quite true, don’t you think?

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