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right on time! EERIE MUSIC FADES UP SOFT MUSIC PLAYING Softly softly hear the rustle of the angels airy wings They are coming down to meet you once again With earthly saints With their rapping and their tapping Rap tap tap to wake our napping Rap tap tap lost friends are near you Rap tap tap they see and hear you With their rapping and their tapping Rap tap tap to wake our napping Rap tap tap lost friends are near you Rap tap tap they see and hear you They declare good spirits happy they declare It is destroying planets and yet they do nothing. Do you have proof? Admiral Satterle contacted me Games I finally have the proof, Pavel Games The Council knows that Borrada is responsible but they’re keeping it quiet. And there’s more Games Someone is helping him. We can’t trust anyone. Preliminary Reports indicate a faulty plasma conduit. I don’t believe it for a moment I fear the Federation is on the verge of collapse Games Games and I can’t let that happen Games Games Council orders and Prime Directive notwithstanding. Then we have to find other means. Yes. You will assemble a new crew Games quietly. We can not go through the usual channels. Our salvation may rest with rogues and outcasts I know of such a crew. Captain Alvarez Games Games beam the cargo over immediately or I will be forced to destroy your pitiful little ship. I prefer to see who I’m dealing with first. Are you not seeing my pulchritudinous face? Why don’t you uncloak your ship, alright? I don’t have all day. Share this glorious new design with the Federation? Klingon ship uncloaking It’s about time. The coordinates are different. They’re early. Doc, did you get it? No, need more time. Greetings, Captain Alvarez Games I trust we haven’t kept you waiting. Waiting? We were jus Games Captain Gedlock, we may have an issue. Go to red alert. Shields up! Incompetent Slug! Pulchritudinous? It was working! Mr. Lu, I want you to lock photons on that cloaked ship Games fire a warning shot on my command. Yes, Sir. Photons locked on our coordinates. Give them everything. Fire! The Icarus. Let’s give ’em hell! Return fire! Why do we delay? You think you have the brains to beam through their shields in the middle of a battle? You’re nothing more than a failure. Why else would Federation banish you? Two more? Where? Direct hit on the deflector shield Games Games cloaking device is fried, man! Deliver on your promise, Doctor Lucien Games Games or I finish you. Ronara! One zero nine mark two one. But that will Games Exactly! Shields holding at %, Sir. Fire at will! Got it. Why aren’t we pursuing? We can’t, Sir. The warp engines just went off-line. Bucket of bolts! They won’t be following us anytime soon. Beamed these off their warp drive Games Games pinged off Doc’s signal. What the Hell where you thinking firing on them? You wail like a sludge rat, Ragnar. Our opponents were weak, so our mission was a success. Success? Now the Federation and the Klingons will be hunting us. You just made it nearly impossible to operate in this quadrant. Lexxa would never do anything stupid like that. Lexxa? Probably lives in a hovel with ten mewling brats crawling around her feet. Mwahahahah! Come on! Get him! Fifty on the Cardassian. You fool One hundred on the female. Lineage gives you the strength Games but it will always be your undoing. Leave him out of this! Your anger and your aggression are your weakness Games Games but one would one expect from the bastard daughter of a megalomaniac? I am nothing like him! Enough talk! My turn! No, no, you’re nothing like him Games Games unlike you, Khan Noonien Singh was a great warrior. You are nothing but a failed genetic experiment Games Games a motherless Games Damn you, Tuvok! I could have eaten two meals tomorrow with my winnings. We have urgent matters to discuss. We have nothing to discuss Games your Section hung me out to dry. Their methods left much to be desired I have always believed you to be innocent. That save me from any beatings or helped me avoid the rape gangs? Something big’s coming down Games Games you’re desperate Games Games why else would you be here? I need you back on the Icarus. I’d rather end up the bitch of every filthy, disgusting inmate in this place Games Games than walk out of here with you. There may be evidence Games that she’s still alive. Tell me! Do this mission and I will. Tell me or your next breath will be your last. Then you will never find her. Stay here. Don’t leave me! I have to, or they’ll get you too. Fine! But you cross me Games The thought never entered my mind. He comes with me. He just tried to kill you. We rig the fights; then split the winnings Games He’s always got my back. Agreed. We can’t trust anyone! Come. There’s my Solnychamoya. Let me look at you Games Games first day at the Academy Games Games and the youngest cadet ever admitted! I’m so nervous! Oh! This is my roommate, Cadet Madison. It’s an honour, Admiral I still can’t believe he’s your grandfather. Great-great-grandfather! I’ve heard so many things about you Sir! Don’t believe a word about it! I’m worried about you, Poppy. You should have retired years ago. I’m only a hundred and forty three. But I want you to be around for my graduation. With all the new medical advances, I’ll be around when you become Captain. Come in. Owen Games Games I wasn’t expecting you. Now go, you can’t be late for your first class. Interesting information you presented to the Council this morning, Pavel. Disturbing might be a better term. You know the Council’s position on the Syphon is very clear. Who am I to argue with them? My friend, you’ve been in security too long! You see a conspiracy behind every door. That’s because there usually is one. Be careful, Pavel Games Games this could get out of hand very easily. Grant was a good friend and he will be missed by all of us. It was just a tragic accident Games nothing more. Maybe. I know you too well Pavel Games Games I think you’re up to something. And I think you and the Council are too flippant about this Games and the Syphon situation.

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