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you’re %. You should get some rest. I think I’m going to have to. I’ll walk you to your cabin. No, it’s okay. I’ll be alright. Okay. Good night, Aurora. More than a year. I can’t imagine. It must have been so hard for you. It was. Good night, Jim. Please buckle up and secure any loose items. Whiskey. Neat. Sure thing. How’s your day been? Aurora’s awake. Congratulations. You don’t look happy. Arthur, can you keep a secret? Jim, I’m not just a bartender, I’m a gentleman. Don’t tell Aurora that I woke her up. She thinks it was an accident. Let me tell her. Of course. How can there be no way to put someone back into hibernation? What if a pod breaks down? No hibernation pod has malfunctioned in thousands of interstellar flights. Well, I’m awake. Hibernation pods are fail-safe. Good morning. Have you eaten? No, I’m starving. And this is the dumbest machine. Happy to help! Gold-class breakfast. Well, you’re a man of simple tastes. I’m not a gold-class passenger. French Breakfast Puff is above my pay grade. What? This whole time? Yeah. What can I get you? No, I’m fine, Stop it. really Radio Okay. Here you go. Yeah. So, I was thinking. Maybe there’s another way to go to sleep. What about the infirmary? I’ve checked it out. It’s just scanners and an autodoc. There could be another hibernation machine in the cargo hold. I’ve had that thought too. And I read the manifests. It’s mostly farming stuff, machines. replacement parts for computers in Engineering. We’re not going to find a hibernation facility in a box. We can build our own. We can’t. Jim, you’re not even trying! I’ve tried everything. For over a year. I’ve tried everything. Oh well, I’m not ready to give up. Infirmary. What about research articles, any kind of technical documents? Hibernation technology is proprietary. The following articles deal with the subject on a theoretical level. New file. My Voyage. I boarded the Avalon with an idea, a destiny. But now, out of reach. I’ve been awake for days, awake far too soon Radio and I may well spend the rest of my life here Radio Radio in a steel world a , meters long. There’s another passenger awake. A mechanic named Jim Preston. He seems to have accepted our fate. But I’m scared. I’m fighting to stay calm. All the other passengers will sleep for another years. While I roam about my life on this ship Radio traveling forever Radio never arriving. My only companion, a total stranger. Why did you do it? Do what? Emigrate. Leave Earth. I’m interviewing you. You’re what? You’re the first hibernation failure in the history of space travel. That makes you a story. Who are you going to tell? Posterity. So why did you give up your life on Earth? A years space hibernation means you never see your family or friends again. You’ll wake up in a new century, on a new planet. It’s the ultimate geographical suicide. Well, I could ask you the same thing. But it’s my interview. Were you running away from something? No. Everything is okay. So? I guess I just wanted a new world. I don’t know, a fresh start. That’s HomeStead Company advertising. Is it? Jim. I Radio I know. I guess, you’re right. Back on Earth, when something breaks, you don’t fix it, you replace it. In the colonies, they have problems to solve. My kind of problems. The mechanic is similar. It’s a new world still being built. I can build a house and live in it. Open country, room to grow. Now you’re back to slogans. Can’t slogans be true? Do you know how much Homestead Company’s made off its first planet? quadrillion dollars. That’s million billions. Colony planets are the biggest business now. Did you pay full price for your ticket? No, I’m in a desirable trade. So they fill your head with dreams, discount your ticket, and you fly off to populate their planet and give HomeStead % of everything you made for the rest of your life. Not to mention the debt you’re going to owe on this fancy starship. So all you see here is , suckers? I see zeroes on the HomeStead Company’s bottom line. I see , men and women changing their lives. , different reasons. You don’t know these people. I’m a journalist. I know how people. Really? This one. Is he a banker, a teacher or a gardener? Banker. He’s a gardener. And her, is she a Maddison, Donna or Lola? Donna’s too serious for that hair. Lola. Maddison. . Alright. Chef, accountant or midwife? She has to be a midwife. There’s no way you just made that one up. She is a midwife. Good to know they still have midwives. I liked her. We would be friends. You think you can see that? Don’t you? I do. A round trip ticket. That’s right. I was going to fly to Homestead II, live for a year and right back to Earth. I don’t get it. I left Earth for a new life. But you end up back where you started. I end up in the future. years in the future. On Earth, which is still the center of civilization, like it or not. And I would be the only writer that ever travel to the colony world and come back. I’ll have a story no one else can tell. What story? Humanity’s flight to the stars. The greatest migration in human history. It’s the biggest story there is. But

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