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You never heard of the place where she comes from. Would Her Highness care to gamble? Gamble? She’s done it for a living. I’ll bet you a dollar I’ve been to the place of your birth. Zhifu. It’s on the China coast, Zhifu. The second wickedest city in the world. The first? Macau. Wouldn’t you say? I would. I worked there. You worked in Macau? Here’s your dollar. How do you rate Shanghai? I worked there, too. Yeah, as a gambler? Well Radio I hope you were luckier than tonight. You need more than luck in Shanghai. Do you know what? What? I bet I could drive the car from down there inside with you. There’s a police car on the other road. Let’s get out of the park. The horse and cart will make it easy for the cops to find us. You don’t like them very much. They can struggle without our doing their work for them. Watch where you’re going, Mac! Get that nag out of here! Now the cops are bound to pick us up. We’d best leave the cab here and walk. You certainly don’t like the police. I do not. My car’s right there in the garage, anyway. Tell me, Michael Radio is there a reason why the police don’t like you? Well, they’ve never put me in jail in America. You know, the nicest jails are in Australia. The worst are in Spain. What law did you break in Spain? I killed a man. Just now, you almost killed a girl. Is there a law against that? Try it. You won’t like the jails here. They put you in jail for murder here? I didn’t think so. A man killed his wife in Frisco last week. She’d gone to the icebox for a bit of supper. He thought she was a burglar, he said. He shot her five times in the head. Number ! He had a good lawyer. I saw his picture in the paper. Bainbridge or something. Bannister. Arthur Bannister. It said he was the greatest criminal lawyer, the greatest criminal. Some people think he is. Here’s your car, ma’am. Send the bill to my husband. If you’re a sailor, Michael, there’s a job for you. Would you like to work for me? I’d like it. I’m shipping out tomorrow. So are we. To the West Coast, by way of the Canal. We’re short a man on the crew. I’ll make it worth your while. Could it be this you’re looking for? You were smart to carry a gun, travelling alone in the park, but Radio if you knew you had the gun in your bag Radio why throw away the bag? I meant for you to find it. I don’t know how to shoot. It’s easy. You just pull the trigger. Some dame, ain’t she? Yeah, and some car. Evening, Mr. Grisby. Mr. Bannister sent it all the way from San Francisco Radio just so she could have it here. Bannister? Arthur Bannister himself. Some guys have all the luck. Personally, I don’t like a girlfriend to have a husband. If she’ll fool her husband, I figure she’ll fool me. Now, New York is not as big a city as it pretends to be Radio so I spent the next day in the hiring hall, waiting for a ship. That way, big boob that I am, I thought I could escape her. Don’t eat that cigarette. It’ll stunt your growth. Come here. Excuse me. I wonder if you could help me locate a Mr. O’Hara. Michael O’Hara. Mike O’Hara? You mean, Black Irish, the big harp that talks fancy? I don’t know him myself Radio Black Irish? Yeah, I know him. Joe. Call Mike O’Hara. A guy here wants to see him. Michael O’Hara! Please step to the bulletin board. A man wants to see you. Shipmates? We was in Spain together. They called him Black Irish after what he did Radio to them finks back in ‘. Mike’s got a lot of blarney in him Radio but he knows how to hurt a man when he gets mad. You were asking for me? O’Hara? O’Hara. You’re what they call an able-bodied seaman? Well, that’s what they call it. You ever work on a yacht? No. I presume you can handle a speedboat? Well, I presume so. Do you drink? I beg your pardon? I asked you if you drink? Whatever’s set in front of me. Doesn’t have to be wholesome Radio just as long as it’s strong. Do you drink habitually? May I ask, mister, if you’re extending an invitation? Well, I guess it might as well be. Now, Mr. O’Hara, if you’ll show me to the nearest bar Radio we’ll sit down together and discuss your coming to work for me. My name is Bannister. Bannister. Boys, may I present Mr. Arthur Bannister, the world’s greatest criminal lawyer. He’ll get you out of anything. Jake Björnson and Goldie, right? Goldfish is the name. Glad to know you. Mr. Bannister’s wife sent him to get me. Isn’t that right, Mr. Bannister? Now Mr. Bannister’s going to buy us all a few drinks Radio while I entertain myself by refusing to go to work for him. You know, Mike saved my wife’s life. Here. Would you mind inserting these coins? Number four. That’s all we like to hear. Mike’s quite a hero, quite a tough guy. Mister, there ain’t no such thing. No such thing as a tough guy? What’s a tough guy? I don’t know. A guy with an edge. What makes him sing better than me? Something in here. What makes it loud? A microphone. That’s his edge. Edge? A gun or a knife, a nightstick or a razor, something the other guy ain’t got. A little extra reach on a punch, a set of brass knuckles Radio a stripe on the sleeve, a badge that says cop on it, a rock Radio in your hand,

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