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You all knew him better than I did. I’m getting all choked up. Mr. Takahashi, would you like to try for Koshien again? Do you know the Masters Koshien? She volunteers for the organizers. ‘Masters Koshien’? A national toumament for former high-school players. The regional winners play at Koshien Stadium. That’s wonderful! Your dream could come true. Don’t be silly! You don’t want to? Are you going to play? Me? No way for that. Me neither. Not interested. That’s all we need to hear. She just wanted to ask you in person. They only play on Sundays or holidays. It won’t interfere with work. That’s enough. It’s only one game at Koshien, but at least you get to play there. We want you to have that chance. It’s not that simple! Nao… It’s not an old story. I can just laugh about now. It still bothers me. I’m not saying forgive my father… And I wouldn’t! I might have made the pros. My life would be different! I don’t want to go to Koshien just forfun. That’s not the attitude we had when we were trying to get there. There’s no getting that back! Nao… I know. I’m sorry about Nori. I don’t hate him any more. Go away. I’m sorry. That was an epic fail. I told you. I guess I just wouldn’t understand. I’ve never been really into a sport. From the outside, it probably looks crazy. What my father did, and why he didn’t send those cards… I just wouldn’t understand, would I. Mr. Sakamachi… I’m sorry. Huh? I was headed for… You’d never have made pro! the bath. No company team wanted you. You’d never have made pro baseball! Look… You had no reason to talk to his daughter that way! If you’re still so hot on Koshien, then go! Masters orwhatever. Do it! Get lost. Hey! Get out there and play! Youget out there and play! Hey! It’s easy for you. You dumped yourfamily. What did you say?! Yourfamily’s all you’ve got. Get out and play! Even if you weren’t any good. Look who’s talking! What?! Don’t ‘captain’ me! I’m not! I grew up, and so should you. Big talk! It’s not big talk. Think for a change! It just gets worse and worse. That’s not true. At least I met you. And I found how quickly ballplayers get into fights. Sorry. I shouldn’t joke about that. Don’t tum your jokes serious. The last time I saw my father… was the spring I finished elementary school. Mie… when you lose, lose with all you’ve got. Lose, then move on! I didn’t really understand what he meant… but it made me feel sad, and I started crying in the train. ‘Accept the divorce. ‘Accept that I won’t be there and move on. ‘ That’s how I took it. I started to feel that seeing me was a nuisance for him. I felt he’d abandoned me completely. I stopped going to see him. Take care. It’s been a long time. Since Mom’s funeral, right? I guess so. Thank you for coming. Have you been well? Yes. You seem well, too. Amazing! What is? How awkward this is. Is your roommate a student? Yes. He wants to be a comedian. A comedian? He’s taking Art, but he wants to be a performer. Like in a duo? Solo stand-up. When did you get into comedy? When life stopped being funny. That line was funny! I’m not laughing. You wouldn’t, would you. I’m fine. I’m used to living with strangers. Is he here? Sorry! I had to flush or it would stink up the place. And I couldn’t hear anyone. Is he hiding in there? Just a minute! He’s leaving. Sanami… You don’t need to meet him. Just go. Please. Goodbye. Bye. Has he gone? Hello? It’s Oide. Got a minute? If it’s quick. Just a second. Mr. Yanagida of the Alumni Club is interested. He’s sure he can get players. How aboutyouryear? That’s not going to be so easy. If we’re going to do this, I’d like some of you guys as well. I’d like you to keep your mouth shut in front of that girl. Is there a problem? Not so much a ‘problem’. It’s delicate. Allright. I’ll call when I hear something. Yeah… yeah… All right. Goodbye. Get to Koshien! Get a comment today. Hi. Hello. I’m back. Hi. What’s that for? Mind your own business! What? Why did you put that glove there? If you want a divorce, I’ll move out. What glove? Do you want a divorce? Why would you say that? Yuki! What? When I was a kid you’d get mad if I kicked my glove. Remember what you said? Anyone who kicks their glove is a loser! Not for losing a game, but for running away from losing. I didn’t understand that then, but now I finally do. What? Yuki! Come and play catch with me. What’s with her? Isn’t that enough? We can’t see the ball. Are you ashamed? Of what? Being unemployed and playing catch. I never said that. You don’t want the neighbors taking pity on you, right? What are you talking about? You worry about the neighbors. But not about Mom? Huh? That’s why you won’t play baseball! Hey! Yuki! Sorry. Hi. What’s up? I’ll play. In the Masters Koshien. Really? It’s only on holidays, right? So they say. The Unemployment Office is closed those days, too. I’m unemployed. That’s not good. No, it isn’t! I hate my family seeing me like this. I see… Baseball won’t help much. But for my own sake, I need to do something. There’s one condition. What? You play, too. Why? We missed out on going to Koshien. Remember how that felt.

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