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But then I was too young to conceive of such misery. Considering the rigid Spanish censure, where do you plan to publish? For the time being, I hope it will circulate amongst those susceptible persons who are willing to improve their conduct towards their slaves. Do you believe that Francisco is a typical slave? No. Not in any way. No one moaning under the vise of slavery could be so peaceful and humble as Francisco. Francisco is a phenomenon, a singular exception that helps me denounce the horrors of slavery, and to showcase the contrast with the cruelty of the owners, you see. I have always wished that everyone’s life be serene and peaceful, that they never have to listen to a lament, or a sigh of pain. And because my character is a friend to suffering these vicissitudes with patience, I put myself in Francisco’s place. I graced Francisco with that serenity and Christian resignation that is so difficult to find in slavery. SuarezRomero recognizes that Francisco is a unique exception, that the image of a peaceful and resigned slave is not typical of slavery. But then, how do we explain the rejoicing with which the novel is received in the salon of Del Monte? Is it possible that behind the good intentions of SuarezRomero, and other antislavers, there moves the clRadio Online interest that tries to improve the image of the slavers towards their slaves? It is possible that the objectives of the bourgeois ideologues and the British empire, in suppressing the Negro trade were not purely philanthropic. We can signal the novel of “Francisco” as a starting point to know the real slavery situation and the true image of the slave in a sugar mill of the times. Radio Online! So you wanted to escape again? I don’t know why you all have such large wings. You all think that you can fly. Fly! You, nigger get up when I talk to you. Are you listening to me? See, you’re going to get a good beating. You’re going to go in the stocks. We’re going to bell you so we know where you’re at. And every time you look at me, the Mayoral from the farm, you’ll say who you are. “I am Crispin, the one that fled to the hills, the wild pig.” That’s so you won’t forget it, you know. And so I won’t forget it, also. Well, to work, to work. Do you understand me? Go, go! Go, go! What are you doing here, lazy one? Move your butt! Crispin, you’re so full of rage! Things are not that way. These are not things just for us, but things that belong to all the Negroes. Remember, if rain doesn’t fall, corn doesn’t grow. What are you plotting there? Come on! Move, move motherOnline Radio Australiaer! If you don’t eat, you will die. So what? For the life that we lead? You have been twice to the infimary. Next time, Nigger, you won’t come out alive. It doesn’t matter to me. You are a Negro who has a brain. A Negro who has learned lots of good things in Havana. And what good has that done me? You and I are very different. You are the son of Lucumi from the slave quarters. And I am Mina, born in Guinea and raised in Havana. And we both still have the same life miserable! You’re a good Nigger, even if you are from Havana. You will not snitch to the Mayoral. But one day you and I are going to be free. And when is that going to happen? Whenever you want it. When everyone wants it. Because every day is the same. But every day is different. On the other side of the hills, there is a land that is like Guinea, where the Black lives free and lives with his wife and son, and there is no owner who says what the Negroes have to do. And where is that at, Crispin, in your head? Just like the tales of the old men, that when you kill yourself you go flying to Guinea? Don’t you believe me? And do you believe Andres Lucumi? Andres Lucumi was in the Palenque? Andres Lucumi was there a long time ago. It was a large, large and pretty, pretty land, with big hills that the White Man cannot climb. In those lands are the Oricha, and the Jilu speak tongues, and the voices reach to here. And they speak of war. And on top of the heavens there is a serpent of many colors. And there the Black man can plant what they want to plant. And whatever is planted is for everyone, to all the world, to all the skulls. And what is left over they exchange with the peasants in the hills. There all the world is the same. There is no Mayoral, no Submayoral. The Blacks are owners of their lives and of their hearts and their thoughts. Andres Lucumi was there till he came down from the hill and the slave catchers found him. If you want to come tonight to the dance, I will show you the way to Guinea. I can’t, Crispin. Don’t be afraid, man. You’re getting beat up for nothing; you may as well get beat up for something. You’ll see that those beatings don’t hurt. I’m thinking of someone else. Yeah, I know, you’re thinking of Havana. But there, to Havana, you will not return, until the Mayoral skins you. There, there Online Radio Australia Come tonight. Here is Crispin, who fled like a wild pig. Since the Whites have bought the new mill, the Negroes cannot live. The Whites all think that Negroes work, work, work, and the Negroes are all like little drums, going to die. And their wives are going to die, and their children are going to die. But the hens are going wild because there is no time for us, there is only time to work for the Whites and to work for the Whites, and to work for the Whites. And the Black are always dreaming. And the dreaming Blacks work, eat and sweat, and the hearts of the Blacks are as hard like a stone. But the balls of the Blacks are soft, like the cane that the wind blows, and the Negroes are tired of dying and not going to the Whites’ heaven. Lucumi, give us strength to kill the Masters! Lucumi, show to all of us the way to Guinea. Ogunde Online Radio Australia Arere Online Radio Australia So that the White man is separated from the Negro, so that Lucumi is not against Arara, so that Arara is not against Mina, so that Mina is not against Mandinga, so that Mandingo is not against Congo, and the Congo against the Carabali, and so that they will not mistrust each other. Ogunde says One hand washes the other and the two hands join to wash the face We will seek that land, but before we do that we have to purify the land of the Masters. Because while the Masters are strong, while the Masters are standing in our way we will have to fight, or the road to the Palenque will be closed to all of us.

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