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Yeah, that thing. It was supposed to figure out And solve all of the world’s problems. The only thing they hadn’t thought about Was that they were the problem. Took kronos less than a heartbeat To figure that one out. Destroy mankind preserve the planet. I thought you put walls around your villages. We did. This one must be really old. Keep an eye out. Wait, wait, wait. Don’t you think I should have a weapon or something? Gotta make sure we’re alone. All clear. What do you think happened here? What do you mean? Everything here, it looks so normal. They probably just left in time. Before the machines got here. Yeah. I haven’t seen one of those in a long time. You know what the thing is? Yeah. Here, let me show you. What did you do? I took your picture. That’s amazing. Let me try. So, what? All right, put your and then you press here, like that. Okay. And then you And then i You press this button right I do what? I’m pressing? Yeah. I can’t believe that this thing still works. I remember these from back home. So so, you’re the last one from where you’re from? Yeah. So, where are you from? Nexus it’s where I grew up. It was, um, one of the last human strongholds. We’d been getting ready to leave for once. My sister, she she went outside by herself And got hit by a drone. There was no way she was gonna make the journey to Aurora. But my dad, he said He said if we stayed with her, we were all gonna die. Then they just left. I knew she wasn’t gonna make it, but I couldn’t just leave her. And I know I did the right thing. I know she needed me there Up until her last breaths. I’m so sorry. I never talked about this to anyone, so thanks. Did you ever see your dad again? No. But he gave me this. He attached both our amulets with a GPS tracker. They send out a signal that only this device can pick up on. See? That’s the one from my amulet and this one was my dad’s. This is the last place i received before it died out. He always said Aurora was up around there somewhere. Calia. Calia, I just saw two guys. Are they people? Yeah. Thank god they haven’t noticed us. Why? Trust me, you do not want to see other people. We’re leaving, and not that way. It’s too dangerous. Maybe they could help us. I really doubt that. They’re probably also headed to Aurora. They could help us. We can’t risk it. You risked it with me. Calia human survivors were always trouble. I wanted to believe there were still good ones out there Like Andrew. No. This way! Come on! Hey! Hey! Come back! Hold it right there! Get ’em! Find ’em! Over there! I got him! She’s abandoned him. She’ll return. How are you so certain? Watch. You believe? Yes, I believe. Psst. Be quiet, I’m gonna cut you loose. Calia, what are you doing? You have to get out of here. Quiet, I’m getting you out of here. Hey, hey, hey, what have we got here? No! No! Back off! Well, aren’t you going to help them? There’s no need. No! He’s stronger than the others. Evolution has run its course. Andrew! Andrew! Andrew! Andrew, are you okay? Let me see, let me see, let me see. It’s okay.

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