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I was doubled over, like this. It was very painful. Perhaps he hypnotized you. Well, I know a bit more abou hypnosis than you do, Dean, and I can assure you I was not hypnotized Then, how do you explain it? Very simple. Appendicitis I shall enter the hospital the first thing in the morning. No, no. Of course not, my boy. It’s simply that I think you need a rest. Sir, I’m in perfect health. Go away for a few days. A week. Please, sir, if you’d only listen to me Go someplace to relax. Take a trip. A trip? Yes. A trip. Well, I think you’d better try Lieutenant Stefanski, sir. He may be able to help you. You don’t understand I don’t want him to help m I want to help him. Yes, sir. But you’d better see the lieutenant anyway. You’ll find him in C-L–S-. Three C . It’s very simple, sir. You see, this building has five sides, A, B, C, D and E. Now C means the third floor of side C. That way. That way. The next number tells you what corridor to take. Four. That’s right over there. Over there. The second three means the third court, then, S- is the th stanchion on your left. You can’t miss it, sir. Thank you. What was that floor again? Third floor, sir. Third floor. You see, Lieutenant Stefanski, they sent me in to see you, but . Professor Jones, I’m afraid the army isn’t interested. There are many such suggestions that come across my desk every day, and we are not interested. Now you listen to me . Oh, now be reasonable, Henry. I handled the last one. That screwball with the steam-operated machine gun. It’s your turn now. What do you mean, you’ve got a stomach ache? What about Lieutenant Stefanski? Captain Byron? Major Foulger? They’ve all got stomach aches? I tell you, it’s that lousy food they serve in the cafeteria. All right. All right, send him over. Yes? General Bullivar. Yes. There’s a Professor Jones who wishes to see you. I know. I know. Tell him to wheel it in. Wheel what in, sir? A death ray, or whatever it is he thinks he’s invented. He doesn’t have anything with him, sir. Not even a briefcase. Oh, one of those quiet ones, huh? Well, I guess there’s no use delaying it. Send him in. Yes, sir Professor Jones, sir Hello there, how are you? So you’re the fellow that’s come all the way from California just to talk to us. Yes, sir. I’m delighted to meet you, Professor. Thank you, General. Sit down. Sit down. Make yourself comfortable. Well, thank you very much. Well, did you have a pleasant trip? Most pleasant, thanks. And how are you enjoying your visit to the capital? Well, I only arrived this morning . Now, take my advice, don’t miss the Lincoln Memorial. It’s a very moving experience. It brings tears to my eyes every time I see it. Well, I’m sure it’s most impressive. Have a cigar. What? No, thank you. Do you mind if I get right to the point? Oh, yes, of course. The colonel mentioned something about a new weapon. Well, it’s not exactly a weapon Oh? Well, what is it? A gun, a bomb? Would you be interested in a method to immobilize, even destroy, as you choose, every living thing within range of vision? Ships, tanks, planes How do you intend to go about this? Light rays?

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