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Excuse yourself! I didn’t do nothing. It’s the soup. Don’t blame it on the soup. I don’t have to brag about my soup, Mr. Wooley. It speaks for itself. You can say that again. Oh, eat your soup. It’s that good, huh? Mmmmm, delicious. That’s okay with me. Listen, don’t hurt the widow’s feelings. I won’t say nothing. Look, eat the soup whether you like it or not. Sky Sports Radio So I’ll make a face. What do I care? Just eat your soup. Stop talkin’ and let me eat my soup. Eat it. Ahem, ahem. You got a frog in your throat? Of course not. I’m sorry. It’s the way he eats at home. What’s the matter? Yeah, the soup. You can’t dive into it. Just eat it. What’s the matter with you? Is something wrong? What is it? You’ve got a tongue, haven’t you? What? Eh? You’re trying to say something. Well, bring it out! It’s a fine conversation. Very interesting. Eat your soup. Duke, will you eat my soup and let me eat your soup? Will that make you happy? Very happy. My goodness, take it. Thank you ever so much. I’ll take care of it. Thank you very much. It’s all right. How is it? You heard what the widow said. Her soup speaks for itself. Not only that. It will talk back to you. You don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t. Are you expecting company? No, but you are. You eat too dainty! Quiet. Go on, eat. Delicious. Dig right in! It ain’t nice to do those things. Will you please make up your mind? Eat your soup. Eat yours. What a night. I love the stars I love the moon I’d love December If it came in June I Online Radio Sky Sports Radio Yiyiyi. Lovely. Did you like it? Uhhuh. Sit down, Mr. Wooley. Thank you. Ah, loose your tie. Go ahead! I don’t know you that well. Land sakes, man. I want you to make yourself to home. Mr. Wooley, I ain’t a person to beat around the bush. I’m a woman. You’re a man. That’s the nicest thing anybody ever said to me. Well, Mr. Wooley, Chester, a woman means a lot to a man, and a man can mean a lot to a woman. Me and Hawkins didn’t get along. He never come home. I’ve been a lonesome woman these past few years. I know just how you feel. I’ve been awful lonesome myself. Have you? Haven’t you ever wanted somebody Online Radio waitin’ for you when you come home at night? Somebody Online Radio Somebody to kiss you when you open the front door? Someone whose hair you caress with a loving touch? Someone whose presence would cheer and warm you? Sky Sports Radio Haven’t you ever wanted to embark on the sea of matrimony? Your boat of bridal wreath and orange blossoms Online Radio crosses the shoals of acquaintance into the sea of affection. The tempest of love causes the waves of emotion Online Radio to toss you helterskelter, hither and thither, here and yon, round and round. Stop, stop. Stop the boat. I’m gettin’ seasick. Ah, Mr. Wooley, I’m not a forward woman. All my life I’ve been shy and bashful, just a rosebud afraid to bloom. But now I’m takin’ the bull by the horns! Sit down! I’ve been tryin’ to convey to you in an indirect way that I’d consider matrimony. That is, after you’ve been here a bit. You mean, me and you get married? Will ya? Shh. We shouldn’t let the children hear this. Uhuh. No! Duke? Duke! The widow wants to marry me. Well, congratulations. My little pal embarking on the sea of matrimony. Stop, stop. I just made that trip, and I am not going to get married. I wouldn’t be so hasty. There’s ways of making you change your mind. And you too! Now get to bed. There’s work to be done in the morning. Watch ’em, Wolf! I don’t like the looks of this. Should we make a getaway? Get down. Wait a minute. That dog knows what we’re talking about. How does the dog know you said “getaway”? Duke, don’t say those words. Nice doggy, nice doggy. Lie down. Lie down. Uhoh! Hey, Duke, I think I got him fooled. When he ain’t looking, we’ll make a getaway. How do you like that? He can spell too. Chester, we’ve got to find some way of getting rid of that dog. Duke, fire stick. Right. Nice doggy. Nice doggy. Hold it. Nice doggy. Sit still. You go out and open up the door. Hold him. Nice doggy. Don’t bite. Look, doggy. Show him the stick! Doggy, c’mon. Sky Sports Radio Take it easy now. Nice doggy. We were just on our way to bed. Nightynightynighty. Hey! Hey! That ain’t fair. It’s cold down here, and you’ve got your coat on. Why haven’t you, Mr. Wooley? It’s time you were dressed. There’s water to be drawn, the cow to be milked, the chicken coop fixed, the fence whitewashed. I’ll get the children up to help me. Don’t you dare! After all, you’re not their father, Mr. Wooley. Or Online Radio has your heart softened? No, ma’am. Then get to work. The lower forty needs plowin’, the harness needs sewin’. If I do all that today, I’ll have nothing left for tomorrow. Don’t worry, I’ll think of somethin’, unless you’ve reconsidered my offer of marriage. Online Radio, marriage is nothing but a threering circus. First the engagement ring, then the wedding ring Online Radio and then “suffering. ” Duke? Duke! I’m not gonna take the bed. What do you want? The widow’s awful mad. She’s gonna work my head off. Will you help me? All right, I’ll help you. I’ll stay here and watch the kids. Ohh! Here’s the water. Now look what you’ve done! No water, no breakfast. Now get goin’! Here’s the water. Pour it in the kettle. Yes, ma’am. Oh, boy, am I full. Oughta be after all those pancakes. How ’bout those six eggs he ate? Aw, shut up. Online Radio? Dinner will be at noon. I haven’t had my breakfast. Them that ain’t here on time don’t eat. If I don’t eat, I can’t work. It’s your own fault. Mr. Wooley, I’m a tenderhearted woman. Sky Sports Radio I’m filled with the milk of human kindness. I’m overflowing with the love of mankind. Mine is a tender heart, ever ready to take into its fold Online Radio the tired, the sick, the weary. Do you get what I’m driving at? Yes, ma’am, but you’re trying to hitch up to the wrong horse. Why don’t you make Duke do some work? I hate to admit this, but I had to tell Online Radio about my heart trouble. Heart trouble? Don’t shout like that. You, you Online Radio No, no. Work makes me sick. I guess I’ll just have to lie around. That won’t be hard. You’re the best liar around these parts. Don’t talk to Online Radio like that. Get to work. Sky Sports Radio

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