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or a bankroll in your pocket. That’s an edge, brother. Without an edge, he ain’t no tough guy. You hear that, Black Irish? It’s true. Well, bear it in mind. But what makes him sing prettier than you? Naturally, someone had to take Mr. Bannister home. I told myself I couldn’t leave a helpless man lying unconscious in a saloon. Well, it was me that was unconscious Radio and he was exactly as helpless as a sleeping rattlesnake. Say, it’s nice of you, Michael, to be so nice to me while I’m so drunk. Lover! I wasn’t sure you’d come. I’m not staying. You’ve got to stay. Lover! Gonna be a real nice cruise. First, the Panama Canal, then up the Mexican coast. We need a bosun, Danny-boy. Ever done any sailing? A bit of it. I saw you last night at the garage, it was. Somebody else, Danny-boy, not me. Don’t go. She needs you bad. You stay. Mike, if you play your cards right, we can get a job for us both. I think we’ll take it. And what was I, Mike O’Hara, doing on a luxury yacht Radio pleasure cruising in the sunny Caribbean Sea? But it’s clear now, I was chasing a married woman. But that’s not the way I wanted to look at it. No. To be a real prize fathead like Mike O’Hara Radio you’ve got to swallow whole all the lies you can think up to tell yourself. Our little expedition spent some weeks in the West Indies Radio dawdling around, seeing the sights, laying in supplies Radio and getting into more trouble. Hi, on board the Cercie! You there Radio why don’t you go swimming? I beg your pardon? I said, why don’t you go swimming? I didn’t bring a swimming suit along on the job, sir. You ought to the next time. There won’t be a next time, sir. I’m quitting. My trunks will fit you. You’ll find them in the locker in the cabin. I suppose you’re wondering who I am, fella. I think I saw you in New York. I flew in this morning, by way of Havana. I’m George Grisby, you know. Grisby and Bannister. Where is everybody? Gone ashore? Almost everybody. My partner, too, Mr. Bannister? That’s right. And the lady? Mr. Bannister tells me you once killed a man. You are Michael, aren’t you? That’s right. I’m very interested in murders. Forgive me if I seem inquisitive, but where’d it happen? At Murcia. How’d you do it? Now, let me guess. You did it with your hands, didn’t you? Does it ever bother you when you think about it? What’d he do to you? Nothing. You just killed him for the fun of it? He was a Franco spy. There was a war on at the time. Then it wasn’t murder, I suppose? Tell me, would you do it again? Would you mind killing another man? I’d kill another Franco spy. I was on a pro-Franco committee, fella Radio during the Spanish War. Would you kill me if I gave you the chance? I may give you the chance. Michael! Before Li went ashore did he make up some lunch for me? Yes, ma’am. Is there enough for two? I’m sure I don’t know. Ask Mrs. Bannister. You ask her. Would you like a good paste in the eye, sir? I wish she’d ask me to go swimming. She’ll ask you. You wait and see. Will you help me? Give me a cigarette. I’m learning to smoke now. Ever since that night in the park Radio I’ve been getting the habit. Do all rich women play games like this? Call me Rosalie. I didn’t think you would do that. I didn’t either. You’re scared, aren’t you? You’re scared. I’m scared, too. You think you needed me to help you? You’re not that kind. If you need anything, you help yourself. I’m not what you think I am. I just try to be like that. Keep on trying. You might make it. What are we scared of? So long, kiddies! Now he knows about us. I wish I did. Bye-bye. Michael. Yes, sir. Mr. Grisby has told me something I’m very sorry to hear. “But if you kiss me” Lover, this really concerns you more than anyone else. “Don’t take your arms away” According to George here, Michael is anxious to quit. Did you know about that, Lover? No, I didn’t. Shut up, George. What’s the matter, hours too long? No, sir. How about the money? I don’t care about that. Money doesn’t interest you? Are you independently wealthy? I’m independent. Of money? Before you write that novel, you’d better learn something. You’ve been travelling the world too much to find out about it. That’s good, Arthur. Well, sir Radio I’ve always found it very sanitary to be broke. That’s good, too, Arthur. Shut up, George. Money cannot bring you health and happiness, etcetera. Is that it? Without money, I’d be flat on my back in the ward of a county hospital. Look at this yacht. It once belonged to Jules Bachrach. The great Bachrach, who kept me out of his club Radio because my mother was a Manchester Greek. I got him on perjury. He died bankrupt. And here I am. Each man has his own idea of happiness, of course. But money is what all of us have in common. Take Bessie here. She used to work for Bachrach. I pay her more, don’t I, Bessie? Yes, Mr. Bannister. Her salary means happiness. It means a home Radio three rooms for two families. Bessie’s a grandmother, a widow. Only one of the boys works. Right, Bessie? Yes, sir. Yes, of course it is. So Bessie goes to church every Sunday she gets off Radio and prays to God she’ll never be too old to earn the salary I pay her. You call yourself independent. Come around and see me five years from now. Aye, aye, sir. Sing it for us again, Lover. Why do you stand for that, Bessie? I’m quitting. Why don’t you? You heard him, Mr. Poet. I need the money. Talk of money and murder. I must be insane. Or else all these people are lunatics. That’s why I can’t leave. That poor little child he married. Somebody’s got to take care of her. “Don’t hold me “But if you hold me “Don’t take your arms away “Comes a change of heart “Please don’t love me “But, if you love me “Then don’t take your lips “Or your arms, or your love “away” So remember, ladies, use Glosso Lusto. It pleases your hair, pleases the man you love. Will you help me? Love. Do you believe in love at all, Mrs. Bannister? Give me the wheel. I was taught to think about love in Chinese. The way a Frenchman thinks about “laughter” in French? The Chinese say, “It is difficult for love to last long. “Therefore, one who loves passionately is cured of

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