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From Norio Matsukawa. I’m his daughter. He’s dead. In the tsunami last year. What did he do? He was a fisherman. He was in the Volunteer Fire Department. They were evacuating people, and the truck couldn’t get away. The house was fine. My parents divorced when I was . I never lived with him after that. He was living alone. When I was small, I remember him writing those New Year’s cards. But he never mailed them. One Ball, One Spirit Cards for years. From when he dropped out of Kawagoe Academy until last year. Who are they to? People from our year on our baseball team. I knew it! But why didn’t he mail them? People had new addresses? But he knew yours. For some time I didn’t live here. This was my parents’ house. I moved back after my mom died and my dad got sick. So you live with him now? He died a long time ago. Now it’s just me. Is ‘Sanami’ your daughter? She’s not with you now? I’m divorced, too. You, too?! Don’t look so happy. I’m not. Anyway… We were talking about why my father knew your address. Nori was here a lot before he quit school. He boarded at the school. We’d all invite players from out of town over for dinner. That’s probably why he knew this address. Then it’s natural he’d send a New Year’s card. But why keep on writing them year after year? I wouldn’t know. Do you know why my father quit high school? All right. Thanks. Where are you going? Like you said, to the school. Sorry to bother you. Just a minute… I’ll come and introduce you. Third! Hello. Last one! Sprints. Hi. Busy? No. Hello. This is the woman from the Masters Koshien. I’m Oide. Mie Tozawa. He’s a coach now. And he runs the alumni group. I’m the guy who takes all the phone calls. Mr. Sakamachi told me about this. Great idea. Let’s do it. Really?! Wait a minute! I was already interested in Masters Koshien. You didn’t say that on the phone. You said you were coming. Just hear her out, that’s all. Wait! Why are you trying to stop him? I’m just making sure if he’s really serious. You’re not playing? Not me! Are you crazy? Mr. Sakamachi! Do you knowwho won in this region last year? No. Tokorozawa! They have a team? Yes! How does that make you feel? They had a class reunion at the stadium in Osaka! They were your biggest rivals! You’re supposed to be neutral. That’s just between us. Oide, how do you know all this? From the Masters website. Thank you! We do that site. Yeah? I’ve never set foot on the soil of Koshien. I’ve always wanted to. You must feel that even more. Forget that now. My father was on his team. Yeah? Let’s talk about that later. Why? OK. I can’t be part of it, but you go ahead. Huh? OK, we’ll get the captains from the different years… to contact their players. How’s that? Will you do that much? I can’t be part of it, I said. But you were the captain. You were? Hey! Sakamachi? Hello! How have you been? I’ll get back. Sorry to interrupt. Thank you! No problem. Sorry. Coach? Where’s the meeting? In the classroom. After everyone gets changed Faster! Captain! What’s going on? I don’t knowyet. The coach is over at the school. Maybe the alumni are giving us a barbecue before the final! We’re going to kill Tokorozawa tomorrow! Damn right! We’ve waited three years for this. Right? Let’s stop standing around and swing some bats! Assemble! I want you all to stay calm and listen. Something’s happened. A rd-year team member has been arrested in a personal-injury case. The school has had to contact the High School Baseball Association. This is not yourfault. As head coach, I am responsible. As for tomorrow’s final… we have withdrawn. I am truly sorry. Who was it?! It was my father? He kept you out of the nationals at Koshien Stadium? It was a long time ago. We still hadn’t won the Prefectural final. Why did my father do it? That… I don’t know. I’ll bet all of you hated him. I’d like to help you… but you see how it is. I can’t apologize for it, but… That’s right. You can’t. This may sound harsh, but it doesn’t concem you. I kept quiet so you wouldn’t get worked up over it. That makes me want to see you at Koshien all the more. No. I’ll be back. Forget it. I can’t forget it now. Nice hit. I’m glad we came to Grandpa’s. Here I can practice with you every day. I can’t do it everyday. It’s too farfrom work. Here goes. Get ready… Good. Victory Good! Captain, have you seen Nori? No. He’s not going to leave without saying a thing, is he? Like what, Takahashi? I’ve got things to say! He can’t just run out on us. He’s from up north, isn’t he? Find out his address. Forget it. You want to play pro. Concentrate on baseball. Didn’t you hear about Yuko? What about her? When it happened… she was there. He did it… to Yuko. Nori wrote those every year and put them away unsent. Every yearfor years without fail. I’m not asking you to forgive what my father did. I just wanted to deliver them. Fine. Here, Natsuko. You know the story, don’t you? This is more like encouragement than an apology. That’s what Nori was like. He was a fun guy. He set the mood for the team. A clown, in a word. He wasn’t a clown! That’s all right. It’s a relief to hear that.

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