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Address : 33 Saunders St Pyrmont, New South Wales, Australia 2009
Telephone :+61 2-9564-9999
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They’re making a comeback led by Jeffrey Willis. This is the last set. We win this one, we’re even. Charlie, we lost our ass all summer. I want better than even. Hey, Phil, what do you say we double the stakes? Double the stakes? Yeah, sure. Come on. It will be a pleasure. You like cards? Yeah. My favorite are birthday and Valentine’s Day. Gin. Hey, what do you know? Gin. All right. Gin. Add them up. Yeah. This is catching. You know you got a big space in between your teeth? You know you have a big nose? We’re done, Jeffrey. It’s up to you now. If Jeffrey wins this hand, it’s all over. How do you play gin? What are you looking for? Big Sid isn’t here anymore, Phil. It’s just you and me. Come on. What did he say? Don’t get your hopes up, kid. No one’s ever blanked me. Throw a card. Sweet Ginger Brown. All right! Come on, Mr. Brody, it’s only a game. You know, Gloria… I taught the kid everything he knows. Hey, Phil, it was a good game. Yeah, yeah, yeah. What the hell? It’s a few bucks. The kid got lucky, that’s all. Did we show him? Right in the gut! Mario, I stopped coughing. Partner? If you ever need a piece of used furniture… Enough said. How much do we make the checks out for? Write them all. Could I get cash? Sure. Let me go show him the damage. Jeffrey, you’re a real artist, a genius with numbers. You got a great card sense. Well, it’s just a game. It’s not just a game. It’s a way of life. We came back against a better team. Not really. Mr. Cooper, I have to tell you something. Gentlemen, we’ll be waiting for our cash over here. So mad, Teddy’s neck is red. It’s like this. He’s going crazy. Hey, don’t worry. Your cash is coming, Jeffrey. Ok. I’m going to go get changed. I’ll come by and pick it up. Right here, all right? What’s the matter, Charlie? You look like you’ve seen a ghost. Hey! Oh, Jeffrey, thank you for being our cabana boy. Ok. See you next summer. Maybe. So long, Peter. Hey, Jeffrey. You played all right. Yeah, I like your style. Hey, what the hell. It’s a game, right? Look, I’ll tell you what. I want you to forget about that Yonkers thing. You know, stock boy. Come work for me. With me. And maybe I’ll send you out to my new place, Newport. The beach. California. You’d be near my niece Carla with the pretty face. You’d like that, wouldn’t you? I told them. What are you talking about? You told them what? Well, I had to. About you and Big Sid. Your scam. You can’t go around screwing your friends, Mr. Brody. Phil. Hey, Phil! Relax. Relax. Will you relax? You’d listen to a kid that cleans toilets? You cheated? Jeffrey, sit. Sit. At the El Flamingo… the king does not get his own car… even if the car is mine. Here you go, Mr. Willis. Steve, thank you for letting me use your car. I’ll get it back to you tomorrow. I’ll be at the University of Las Vegas if you need me. Jeffrey, you are a better card player than I am… but I’m still better at horses. Steve, you’re breathing on my neck. Your chariot, sir. I think I’m gonna be sick. Well, don’t do it on my shirt. It’s your shirt that’s making me sick. Fortune, thanks a lot. It’s been good working with you. Mandy! I mean it. Mandy, get over here, quick! All right, Steve. Mandy’s coming. Hey, Fortune, come here for a minute. He’s breaking my neck. What’s wrong with him? This is for you. Oh, he’s just drunk! What’s this? It’s your tip. Good luck at Notre Dame. Stay away from Yonkers Raceway, will you? My tip. Hi, Dad. I got to get a fresh toothpick. Hey, pull up a chair. Jeffrey. You play great accordion. Come back later. Hey, Jeffrey. How you doing, kid? I can’t believe it! Could we get another chair? Good to see you. He looks good, huh? Should we have them bring your food over here? How’s your Mr. Brophy? Summer’s over. Summer’s over? I’m just standing here watching another ship… boxing its compass and venturing out to sea. It’s nice to know that it can go home if it needs to. If he talks nice to the lighthouse keeper… he can always come home. Yeah, well, maybe if the lighthouse keeper… didn’t yell so much… Well, the reason the lighthouse keeper yells…

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